What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Looks Like Another Purge Is In Order

(Eris POV)

"Greetings! I am Cusmons, a new believer of our most glorious Master," the girl in front of me curtsied.

She had bright blue eyes, a mass of dark brown hair that reached her waist and a cute, round face.

Lian Li and Diao Chan had called me to meet with them just so I could be introduced to someone they had met.

Why did we get called back specifically to see this new girl? [Eris]

I dunno, but she looks kinda cute though, don't 'cha think? [Bait]

Boring [Laverna]

This one thinks she's nothing special too. Why did sister Lian Li specifically introduce her to us? [Denna]

Perhaps she has potential as a High Priestess as well? Though I don't think that's the case. [Eris]

"Hey," I pointed my finger at her while looking at Lian Li. "Wats' special 'bout her anyway? I didna' think you brought 'er here just ta show her off eh?"

The girl stiffened up and kept her line of sight to the ground, her body quivering slightly.

"Ehehehe Well, she's a rare talent that I managed to find. She's reaaaally obedient~" Lian Li giggled, turning to face her. "Aren't you, little Cusmons? You're our good little girl aren't you?"

She nodded her dainty little head, "Ye Yes I'm your good little Girl"

Lian Li frowned, "What was that, Cusmons? Did you stutter? Tsk Tsk. Even after we spent so much time to help you with your introduction? Should we go back to the training room?"

The girl paled even more, "No! No! I am Mistress Lian Li's good little girl! I will sweep, clean and do anything any of the High Priestesses ask of me! Master is the one true God of the Universe! My miserable life exists only to further Master's glory!"

Ohhhh, she's good! I like her! Can we keep her? [Bait]

She is not a pet you can just take along. [Eris]

Boo~ Didna' Manami have that little wee bitch back at the Sect? [Bait]

Butch [Laverna]

Whatever, same thing. [Bait]

This and that are two different things. Besides, this one humbly thinks our sisters have more things in stall for her. [Denna]

Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Kukuku~ Very well said Cusmos," Diao Chan clapped her hands slowly. "You are indeed taking to your role well."

"I I thank High Priestess Diao chan for your praise."

"Oh deary me" Diao Chan's smile faded quickly. "Was that another stutter I heard? This simply will not do. Lian Li, I shall be borrowing her to refresh her training after all. Do you mind?"

"Oh not at all," Lian Li gestured a go ahead. "She's all yours~"

"Kukuku~ Why thank you, shall we get going now, Cusmons?"

The girl looked up at me with panic clear in her eyes before Diao Chan dragged her away, no doubt to the Re-education Chambers.

She's afraid [Laverna]

Well, what was she even thinkin' we woulda do? She ain't any concern of ours. [Bait]

This one humbly thinks she was a past enemy brought to heel. [Denna]

Doesn't hurt to ask. [Eris]

"So what was that about?" I asked, turning to Lian Li.

She chuckled into her sleeve, "A past regret that I fixed."

"I see," I nodded, not inquiring any further. "So did you call me here to tell me about her or?"

"Not at all, I recently found something that may help us uncover the true face of the Dark Sect that we have been fighting with thus far."

I raised an eyebrow at her, "Oh? And? Do we finally know where to hit them where it hurts?"

She dug through her pocket, depositing something metallic wrapped in a piece of paper in my hands.

"We managed to catch someone that had a rather personal contact with the Dark Sect. According to him, the Sect Seal inside there would reveal who they are. But neither Diao Chan nor I knew which Sect it belongs to. I was hoping that maybe you might have an idea?"

I carefully unwrapped the paper, revealing the palm sized, oval shaped disk that was inside it. On the disk itself was etched with what looked like a man who was holding a severed head in his palms and offering it up to someone unseen.

The moment my eyes laid upon such a visage, memories of my time back in the orphanage immediately came flooding back to me.

This crest It's those bastards ain't it? [Eris]

No doubt [Laverna]

This one humbly affirms that this is the case. [Denna]

Those bunch of useless dirtbags! So they really were behind all tis' all along! I damn knew it! [Bait]

They will pay for everything that they have done, now that we know it was them all along. [Eris]

I looked back up at Lian Li, rage still boiling within me. "Yes I know who these people are, as unfortunate as it is."

She got my underlying tone and nodded, "I see Is it a grudge?"

"Tis' more than just a bloody grudge!" I spat. "This one reports that while this humble one was in the orphanage Members of that Sect frequently came back to take away people while torturing the rest. It was one of the reasons this one fled that place."

Lian Li frowned, "All the more reason to make sure they are gone for good... What can you tell me?"

"The orphanage we stayed at was in a town near the Death Mountains. It would be where people traversing the Death Mountains would enter and leave from since it was closest to the safest path. Once a month a few of these people will show up, grab some of the oldest kids and torture some of the younger ones." I shivered at the memory, my hands massaging my arms.

Before Master had healed me, my body was full of ugly scars and scabs that I had to hide with long sleeved clothings. Master had thought it might have been the bandits who inflicted those on me but I never got the chance to correct him.

I knew that those men always took away children who have reached the age of thirteen, that was why I had escaped a year before they would have taken me.

And it was also because of them that I had to learn how to adopt so many different faces of myself, just so that I could make my life a tad little easier.

Now, I am just grateful that all of me could come together as one to work together, serving our most beloved Master to the fullest.

But with the resurfacing of this damnable Sect and revealing themselves as what has been causing Master anguish all this while I feel so foolish to have not gone and brought them down earlier.

But to think that the small Sect in that town was actually the masterminds behind the Dark Sect I never would have thought so in a thousand years.

"Who are they?" Lian Li asked.

"They are a Minor Sect located in a town I used to grow up in, Revenant Daemons Sect."

Lian Li saw the look in my eyes, "I suppose you want to go daemon hunting?"


She turned and walked away, giving me a backwards wave, "Come back by the day after tomorrow k? Master did say we should use this week to enjoy ourselves after all, so don't waste the vacation on work~"

Kekeke Let's make the rivers flow with blood! [Bait]

Heads will roll and debts will be paid! [Eris]

This one shall be the instrument of their doom. [Denna]

Annihilation [Laverna]