What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Honour? Never Cared About That

(Eris POV)

His sword came from my right, the blade aimed to cut at my leg.

The attack was easily deflected with my own blade before I stabbed it towards his chest.

The insect managed to dodge it by taking a step back, countering with a thrust of his own.

A flick of my wrist was enough to divert the blade's trajectory to the side, leaving the man open for an overhead slash that nicked the side of his cheek.

The little trash took another step back, swinging his sword back in an attempt to keep me away.

A smile materialised on my face. At my current state, he might as well be moving in slow motion.

How much do we want to play with him? [Eris]

Kekeke! As much as possible! Make him suffer! [Bait]

Begin [Laverna]

I ducked underneath his hasty swing, my own sword tip pointed at his left shoulder.

Focusing on the Lightning Quarks I gathered into my sword, I stabbed the electrified sword into the trash's shoulder.

To his credit, he did not scream, but merely gritted his teeth in pain as he leapt backwards once more to gain distance from me.

I swiped my sword in an arc to get rid of the blood stains, adopting a relaxed posture while I waited for him to recover his footing.

"Just the first engagement and I already made you step back three times. Some expert swordsman you are," I laughed mockingly.

He furrowed his brows while looking down at the wound on his shoulder, "How did you You're not even a Practitioner?"

I chuckled, "Did you think this one would just tell you? This one humbly suggests that you take this a little more seriously, lest you lose an eye or two. Not that it matters actually."

He pointed his sword at me, a black ball of miasma gathering at its tip.

In my eyes, I could see the Dark Quarks that he had circulated gather on the sword tip, a trajectory lining it towards my chest.

I had already moved even before the projectile was fired. All it took was a slight bend of my waist and the bullet flew past me to explode on the wall behind.

"So much for honour hmm?" I sneered. "I always knew you Dark Sects were full of crap."

Not responding to my taunt, he tried to cast the same Technique again, only to achieve the same result as I moved myself to the other side.

"Got anything else new?"

He leapt into the air above me, his sword raised in preparation for an overhead slash.

This guy is supposed to be a swordmaster? [Eris]

Self-proclaimed [Laverna]

There are so many openings This one suggests to put him in his place quickly. [Denna]

Hey, let's smack him down! [Bait]

I'll do it. [Eris]

I used the Earth Quarks I accumulated to summon forth a sizable piece of stone that materialised on the ground near me. With a quick flick of my wrist, the stone was sent shooting upwards, the improvised projectile hitting him square between the eyes.

Interrupted by the unexpected ranged attack, the insect ended up crashing onto the ground, face-first, a short distance away from me.

I pretended to be surprised, "Oya? What happened to you? Did you trip yourself?"

He growled at me, a red mark prominent on his face where the stone had hit.

"I will kill you, slowly and painfully until you beg for me to end your miserable life."

I grinned, "What a coincidence. I had been planning to do exactly that to you and your friends~"

Not saying another word, he rushed at me with a barrage of slashes and sword thrusts, all of them aiming to disable or maim me.

I avoided or deflected all of them without much effort, his movements were just too slow to be of any threat.

Hey He did say he's a swordmaster right? [Eris]

Positive [Laverna]

Then why is he so [Eris]

Bad? Horrendous? Amatuer? Shitty? Man I'm falling asleep here! Do we even need all of us for this piece of crap?! [Bait]

This one is still holding back the Full Focus This one humbly suggests to speed this up. [Denna]

Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Alright, alright. Let's just get this idiot out of the way. [Eris]

He overextended his right arm in one of his rage-filled slashes, opening it for my sword to cut it off at the wrist.

Before he could even start to comprehend that his hand had been cut, my sword once again flashed out to sever his left foot.

Spinning past him, I kept my sword close to my body to slice his other hand off as well, stopping my movement just a step away from him.

There was silence for two seconds before the sounds of something hitting the ground was heard.

The insect looked at his severed wrists while kneeling on the ground, just as blood began spurting out of the stumps.

His screams were surprisingly high-pitched.

I looked at the Elder who had been hiding behind ever since the fight started, "Hey, is that trash the best ya got? I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed."

The other three trash stepped in front of the old fart, their hands raised up to point their palms at me.

"Heh, I already said I'm fine with all of you attacking me at once you know? Maybe then you'll make me break a sweat!"

The trash standing in the middle furrowed his brows, "Damn arrogant trash! Let's see how you handle not being able to move! Dark Press!"

The air around me felt thicker and heavier suddenly, a weight settling itself on my body in an attempt to push me down.

I let a smirk materialise on my face, "How I'll handle this? Like this of course!"

Fire sprung forth from my hand to snake its way down the tip of my sword, shooting off at blinding speed to crash against that trash's chest and setting him ablaze.

The weight keeping me down immediately vanished as the trash started flailing about with his body on fire. The two insects beside him also began to panic, both of them summoning a jet of water to douse their unfortunate comrade.

The old fart pointed an accusatory finger at me, "You You're not even a Practitioner! How are you able to utilise Techniques?! This doesn't make any sense!"

I brought my sword up and ran my fingers along its flat side, electrifying the blade with the Lightning Quarks I gathered, "Hmm, hmm Didn't you hear me when I first said it? Oh nevermind, I suppose I can enlighten you guys a little. Well then, why don't I start the special lesson just for all of you?"

I like to think I gave the orphans there a really good show~