What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Face Slapping Is Crucial for Plot


Night fell and the event soon became the hottest of news throughout the Sect.

It wasn't often that you heard one of the students turned into a giant, mythical, cannibalistic monster and your Sect Master and several other Elders had to go burn it to death after all.

Except they didn't actually burn it to death.

As Sylphy had predicted, just when they thought the monster was dead when it had gone quiet, the Wendigo destroyed the ground and used a piece of earth as a barrier from the flames. With the improvised shield in place, the Wendigo then leapt away from them with inhuman speed and disappeared outside the Sect.

Apparently it had curled itself up when it was being burnt to protect its face from the flames, indicating it might be it's only weak point.

Now that we know Tekiteh was actually a monster, it kind of explained why he was acting like that.

Since he seemed to have a rather bad memory with names as he had trouble remembering both mine and Brendan's, that might be an indication to the monster's simple mind not being able to recognise or remember this kind of information.

Ah But then again, he had no trouble remembering Sylphy's name didn't he?

Maybe the fact that he was acting like an arrogant prick to everyone else shows his lack of empathy as a monster?

Scratch that, it actually doesn't explain his prior attitude at all. He probably was a rather horrible human being even before his possession.

I suppose the only thing that sort of hinted at his true identity was his rather scruffy clothing that didn't match his attitude at all. Most likely Tekiteh really was an arrogant young master in the past but got possessed by it on the way to Heaven Sect.

The monster itself probably didn't care much about clothing itself probably and continued its host initial goal of coming here to find more victims.

Something tells me that if we hadn't tied him up that night, he might have tried to eat all of us in our sleep.

Not that that would've happened while I was there anyway.

Speaking of which, I'm currently heading towards the Grand Hall since Elder I mean Sect Master Qing had called for a meeting.

I really need to get used to remembering him as Sect Master.

It was rather late at night already, so I had to sneak out of the students' room while they were asleep.

Remembering that Sylphy had said the Wendigo would come back for us, I had left an alarm inscription inside the room that would tip me off in case it chose to come back tonight.

Just as the Grand Hall came into view, I heard the voice of someone shouting in the distance, "Hey! Student! Where do you think you're going at this hour?!"

Hmm, seems like a Student Practitioner was caught wandering outside by an Enforcer. Although we don't actually have a curfew in place normally, it doesn't mean one can just be wandering around the Sect in the dead of the night.

But with this Wendigo problem on the loose right now, Sect Master Qing had imposed a curfew in place until the monster is dealt with for their own safety.

I guess there's always the group of people who still think they know better and just go against the regulations for the sake of going against it, even if it means they die a horrible death because of that.

Well, it's none of my business, pretty sure they don't need me to get involved in something as trivial as this anyway.

Wuxiaworld for visiting.

And honestly, we can do with a few less self-absorbed people around here.

"Hey! Did you not hear me?! Where are you going?!"

Huh, the student's pretending not to hear the call to try and run away? A classic move but futile nevertheless.

I know for a fact that our Enforcers are quite stubborn. If I didn't know better, I would even think they each had a stick up their ass for how bitchy they were about everything.

Why, I remember that time when I was still a student I--

"Are you deaf?! I'm talking to you!"

My shoulder was violently jerked back, causing me to spin around and face the Enforcer.

He looked rather young, probably in his late thirties or early forties with a rather clean shaven face. He was dressed in the uniform of an Elite Practitioner while the black coloured armband of an Enforcer was tied neatly on his left arm.

I blinked at him, only realising now that he had been calling out to me all this while.

Hey, can't blame me ok? I thought all the important Sect Members were informed of my condition by now.

Sect Master Qing even claimed that news of me travels exceptionally fast within the Sect, I didn't even have time to relax on my bed after coming back before he intruded in my courtyard you know?!

Ah Maybe this guy isn't an 'important Sect Member'?

"What do you think you're doing wandering around at this time of the night? You're a new student aren't you?" He interrogated.

"Er No. I'm Master Lin."

The Enforcer raised an eyebrow at me, "What kind of drugs have you been taking? Who are you?"

"I'm telling you, I am Master Lin. I got transformed into my younger form so I look like this right now."

"Yes, a very likely story indeed. Now stop with the jokes. Who's your group mentor?"

"It was Elder Qing but now--"

"That's Sect Master Qing to you. Have a little respect for your betters, would you? Also, I don't believe Sect Master Qing is taking any more students at this time so nice try. Who is your mentor?"

Oh no, I can already see where this is going.

I sighed, "Elder Gong."

"That means you're part of the special class? Well young man, you're in big trouble now. Don't you know there's a curfew in place because some student in your class turned into a monster that's still stalking about?"

I tried my best not to roll my eyes, "Yes, I am aware of such a thing since I was there."

"Then this makes it even worse! Were you not aware that we had issued a curfew out? To be blatantly breaking it like that I hope you're ready for the consequences!"

I sucked in a deep breath before sighing slowly, "Listen, buddy"

He scowled, "I am not your buddy! You will call me sir! The lack of respect you have is genuinely appalling! Do you think just because you are admitted into the special class gives you special privileges?!"

Ignoring his words, I grabbed him by his shoulders, "Listen! Everything I told you about me being Master Lin is true. I'm on my way right now to meet with Elder I mean Sect Master Qing. What do I need to do to prove to you that I am Master Lin so you can stop bothering me?"

"Nothing at all," He scoffed. "I already know you're just full of crap."

Did I mention how the Enforcers all act like they have a stick up their ass? What I meant was they have a giant wooden rod filled with spikes stuffed so far up that it probably reached all the way to their throats.

Since I wasn't sure when the stupid Wendigo would come back and Sect Master Qing was waiting for me to join their little meeting, I did the next best thing I could do right now.

I pulled my right arm behind me, making sure my fingers were straight and my palm was as flat as it could be before swinging it forward.

I slapped his face.