What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Sounds Like Another Purge Is In Order

(Manami POV)

I dragged the half dead piece of trash behind me to the second floor of the inn, stopping at one of the doors.

"Ufufufu~ Is it this one?"

The trash glared at me, opting to spit on the floor instead.

"Ara, ara? It seems like you haven't had enough yet?"

Kiyomi tilted her head at me, "Dear sister Is that really necessary?

I gave her an innocent smile, "Oh, my dear sweet little Kiyomi, whatever do you mean?"

"I meant leaving something like him alive. If we wanted an incentive to get that trash to talk, the threat of torture would be enough."

"Ufufufu~ My darling little Kiyomi~ You are still new to this, let your big sister take care of it ok?"

She sighed but did not rebut my comments.

I nodded to the currently headless body she was dragging behind her, "Mmhmm, just remember what to do with that ok?"

"Yes, dear sister"

I returned my attention to the piece of trash that was in my hands, "So, that little guy named Finch is here, right?"

The little trash just glared at me again. Not like he can do much when all his limbs are severed and his tongue had already been cut off.

A little annoyed at his non-compliance, I let one of my tails stab him in his eye, muffling his scream by strangling him with another tail.

I let my tail twist within his eye socket for a few more times before releasing him.

I smiled at him, "Now do you feel like being a bit more cooperative?"

He groaned and made no other movements.

Satisfied, I proceeded to kick down the door, holding the trash in front of me.

I didn't actually needed him to confirm if the room was the correct one since we already knew it was. I only wanted to see if he was a little bit more cooperative to decide if I would allow his suffering to end earlier or not.

Since we already did a check around the inn earlier, we noted that there were a lack of windows at the rooms' side of the building, so we didn't need to worry about him sneaking off while we came in from the front.

Once the door was broken in I felt the dull thud of something hitting against the body that I had been using as a shield.

I tossed the still groaning trash forward, using it as an improvised projectile to knock over the guy inside the room, his crossbow clattering to the ground noisily.

I flicked my tail to block the throwing knife he tossed at me, deflecting it back to stab into his shoulder.

Who I assume to be Finch barely reacted to his injury as he tossed the body aside, his hand reaching up to point his palm at me.

There was a soft 'zwip' as some kind of miniature crossbow popped out from under his wrist, shooting an even smaller needle at me.

I caught the needle in between my fingers, careful to only touch the non-poisoned end before flinging it to the side.

Taking advantage of the time I was throwing the needle away, he had already leapt up to his feet to throw a black coloured ball at the ground.

The ball exploded into a cloud of smoke, hiding him from our view.

Unfortunately for him, I could sense the heat of his body running towards the side of the room very clearly.

Just as he was stepping into the wardrobe, my tail had snagged him up from the ankle, lifting him up to throw him back into the middle of the room.

I swept my arm in an arc, dispersing the smoke cloud away through the door behind me.

Finch groaned as he clutched at his obviously broken ankle, writhing on the ground in pain.

I stepped towards him, my hand stretched out to the side at an angle.

When I was halfway towards him, he rolled to his back and flung another knife at me, aiming for my throat.

The hand that I had held at the side flew up, catching the dagger at the handle before twirling it in my fingers to hold it by the blade.

In one smooth motion, the dagger was tossed back at Finch, imbedding itself into his thigh.

He grunted in pain while he glared at me, though he made no more movements after that.

I smiled and tilted my head slightly, taunting him to try again.

"Dear sister I do advise you not to play with your victims," Kiyomi muttered from behind me, breaking the atmosphere.

I turned to smile at her, "Ara, ara~ It's quite fun to see the little rodents scurrying around sometimes. The face they make when you let them think they have a chance of escaping before you thoroughly crush their hopes is quite refreshing to see~"

"It is much more efficient to crush them first so they won't struggle so much," Kiyomi protested, pointing her palm at Finch.

The man who had been in the midst of lunging towards me had his legs frozen to the ground, causing him to stumble and fall just short of me.

I pouted at her while I relaxed the tail I had prepared to impale his leg with, "You're no fun, Kiyomi."

"We are not here to have fun, dear sister," She admonished me, snapping her fingers.

The man's legs broke apart inside the ice, disintegrating into diamond dust.

To his credit, he neither screamed nor begged for mercy, his glare only intensifying when he lost half his limbs.

"Ufufufu~ You are quite interesting Finch right? We are here just to ask a few questions that we would like you to answer for us."

He clenched his jaw and glared straight at me, showing no sign of cooperating.

"See? I doubt using this headless body as a threat will work on someone like him either," Kiyomi sighed.

She tossed the corpse she brought with her into the room, the body landing beside the other limbless trash that was in the midst of bleeding out.

for visiting.

I crouched down in front of him, "Let me start, we would like to know who gave you the order to hunt our beloved Master?"

The little rat continued to glare at me.

"Ara What a stubborn little boy. If you don't answer me, I will do bad things to you, you know?"

Kiyomi sighed from behind me, "Dear sister I would very much like to leave this dump of a place as soon as possible. Could we just take his memories, kill him and leave?"

"Ufufufu~ I suppose you are right. This place really is quite full of trash. But for some piece of trash like him to have a swift death? I don't think so."

I picked him up by the neck before focusing my Technique of ripping his memories out of his head.

The images were projected outside his body in a sort of translucent screen, showing me the memory we needed to track down the insolent pieces of trash we needed to purge.

The scene showed him meeting up with a cloaked man in the corner of an alley, the man passing him a poster of our dear Master painted on it.

He then stabbed his finger at the poster, "Our Sect wants him captured. He's at his most vulnerable right now so it will be the best time to do it."

He shifted his head upwards and I frowned when I saw the face under the hood.

It was Elder Tisi, the one that Master had personally busted the balls of way back at the Sect Showcase Festival.

It seems the Fiery Flames Sect really wants to be burned into the ground.