What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Foxhunting

(Kiyomi POV)

"You know him?" I asked, seeing the sense of familiarity cross Manami's face when the hooded man was revealed.

Manami nodded, "Indeed. He was an idiot that dared to try and provoke Master and got his manhood crushed in turn."

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"Let me guess Cai Hong?"

"Ufufufu~ You would think so wouldn't you? Nope. It was Master himself that kicked him in between the legs~ That was where our dear little Cai Hong picked up the skill from~"

I jolted a little, "Master did? That is quite... Interesting"

"This just proves that this world is just choked full of trash that needs to be purged," Manami chuckled, dropping the weakling to the ground.

I raised an eyebrow at the trash that was still alive, "Are you not going to kill him?"

"Ara? , ara? Is my cute little Kiyomi afraid that the little rat will come back and take revenge? Ufufufu~ I do intend to burn this whole place down you know? Or perhaps you wish to take him back and have some more fun with him?"

I sniffed, "No, I do not intend to do something as pointless as that. But little Cai Hong might want to have a go at him."

Ufufufu! That is true~ Alright then" Manami waved her hand over the bug, creating a circular glow underneath his prone form that teleported him away.

I looked down at the trash left inside the room, "I suppose now we make it look like an accident?"

"Oh, my darling little Kiyomi learns so fast!"

Manami pulled me into her embrace, hugging my head to her chest.

"Dear sister We are not little girls anymore. Please stop"

"Ufufufu~ Don't need to be so reserved Kiyomi~ I know you did this with Master too~"

"This and that are two different things."

My sister stroked me tenderly on the cheek, "Oh? How so? Should we have some fun of our own when we get back?"

"Without Master in between us? I will have to pass," I scoffed.

"Ara, ara? What a wonderful idea~ I shall request that with Master when we get back!"

I tried my best to hide the smile that creeped on to my face.

"Now, let's do a clean up and head back, hmmm?" Manami booped me on the nose.

I scowled at her,rubbing my nose with the back of my hand. As much as I love my sister, I do hate it when she does that.

Both of us set to work around the inn, dragging bodies around to make it look like a fight had occurred within.

That means taking their weapons and stabbing into each others' corpses and breaking apart a few of the furniture around the room.

Even though we were planning to burn this place down anyway, we can't be too careful that someone might be able to investigate this scene and discover our involvement. After all, we have yet to infiltrate our members into any of the positions of authority yet.

That will change as soon as Elaria starts her business here of course.

After everything was set up, Manami lit a candle with a flick of her finger before dropping it near a barrel of alcohol.

We moved to the entrance of the inn, stopping there to let Manami toss a dagger she had swiped from one of the men, the blade burying itself in the barrel's side to cause a leak.

Soon, that puddle will catch fire and eventually spread to the rest of the building, destroying everything.

Oh don't worry, we made sure the barrel's alcohol were one of the strongest ones, so it will definitely burn.

I sighed as we stepped out into the night air within the slums. I never imagined that I would do such things after leaving my acting career behind.

Not that I regretted a single moment of it though, just that I never expected it.

"What a nice night, should we go out for a stroll?" My dear sister asked me with a mischievous smile.

Before I could answer her, I felt a presence step out from the shadows of an alley nearby.

The unmistakable form of Master stood at the alley's entrance, staring at the currently burning building behind us in horror.

"Mas Master? What are you doing here?" I gasped.

He ignored me, opting to gape at the scene behind us instead, "What What have you girls done?"

Manami held up her hands in a placating gesture, "Mas I can explain! Please wait!"

He furrowed his brows at us, "Did you girls just burn down a building with people still inside?! What is wrong with you?!"

"It's not what it looks like!" I protested, joining my sister's side.

He stormed towards us, anger clear on his face, "I am disappointed in both of you! Come here so I can punish you!"

I watched him step within our tail's reach of us before both mine and my sister's tail pierced through his body, stopping him dead in his tracks.

"Wha Why" He gasped, coughing up blood.

Manami's face was filled with rage, "Do you think we do not know our Master's scent?! You smell absolutely disgusting as compared to Master!"

My previously panic-stricken face smoothed out to my normal emotionless one, "And the acting too Master will never behave with such inelegance like you have done. Now spill, who are you?"

The imposter's face that had originally been filled with pain turned to one of mocking laughter.

"Kekeke! It seems my acting is still too poor to pass, even though Master Lin had so helpfully pointed it out for me not so long ago."

Both my sister and I frowned at his words.

"You are that guy who killed Sect Master Long," I recalled

"Kekeke~ I am honored that you have remembered me!"

"What did you do to Master?" Manami demanded.

He smirked at us, "Nothing, really. I learnt my lesson that I can't touch him. His reputation is not unfounded, after all~"

"I suppose you're here to take revenge on us burning down one of your hideouts?" I asked, jerking my head in the direction of the burning building.

"Oh that? Kekeke~ Not at all! They can be easily replaced. I'm more interested in you two! When I first saw the both of you, I could already sense the sealed beasts within you! That raw energy within If we can control them we will be able to destroy even Master Lin witho--"

I channeled Ice Quarks through my tail, freezing his entire body in an instant.

Manami then channeled Fire Quarks through her own tail, blowing up the ice statue from within.

"That trash was really annoying," I sighed.

"Fufufu~ Well, at least he's done now. Let's go back Nooow?"

I noticed Manami's words were rather slurred at the end.

I turned to see her stumbling on her feet before she collapsed, my arms barely thrusting out in time to catch her.

"Kekeke~ It looks like your ice actually slowed the poison in your body~" The annoying voice echoed from around me. "No matter, it will hit you soon enough."

As if on cue, my entire body began to feel heavy as well, prompting me to drop my sister before I collapsed right on top of her, the darkness claiming my vision moments later.

The last thing I remembered was hearing that piece of trash's laughter getting closer and closer to me.