What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Today, We Dine In Hell


All of them had their heads bowed low, not even daring to meet my gaze. The lich seems much more subdued than before, even after I told her it was fine she still executed a perfect dogeza in front of me, apologizing for her earlier rudeness.

Right now, all of them were on their feet, ready to take their revenge on those that locked them in here in the first place.

Well the pressure's on me now, it will be utterly embarrassing if I actually fail to do it.

Right, let's recap.

I've got an assortment of various beast monsters; a lich with her group of undead minions; some squid face monster who is also a psychic; a floating eyeball that had even more eyes on its eyestalks that I still don't know the capabilities of; a giant bear owl or owl bear, no idea what to call it; a group of orcs and kobolds that seem to have became one big family somehow; then there's the hydra and behemoth just chilling at the back.

Last but not least, there's the hundred tailed giant foxes to go with them as well. I won't say much, but if I was standing on the other side of this group, I would probably not be sticking around.

Ok, that's not true. If they were threatening my disciples' safety, I would probably just wipe them all out without a second thought. But right now, even if I can take on the army of Dark Sect members waiting just outside by myself, having someone watching my back still gives a reassuring feling.

"Ok, just to make sure, I don't think the hall is big enough to accommodate either of you two," I pointed to the two foxes. "Got anything you can do about that?"

The white fox nodded, "We can shrink ourselves to a certain extent. It will still be larger than our behemoth and hydra friend but I think it should be fine"

Right Well, worse comes to worse, it's just the ceiling coming down on top of us, not really a big deal.

Focusing my senses back within myself, I drew in the energy of the stars again to fuel my powers.

I felt the breath of everything around me, how their muscles squeezed and relaxed with every movement they made. The sound of them gulping down their saliva was as loud as a boulder dropping into a pond, drowning out their already deafening heartbeats.

At the height of it all, I felt their very being as though everyone was connected to me somehow. It felt so full of Life.

This was something I never felt before this.

I'm starting to think that Sylphy might be right somehow but there's still that little nagging feeling that this might not be the full story.

Honestly, it didn't really matter to me as long as I get to continue my simple life and spend the days getting pampered by my disciples.

Oh right, shouldn't get too distracted now. This is a crucial point where I have to direct the accumulated energy towards a single point to hopefully get us out of here.

It's actually not that hard to break a sealing orb actually, all you need to do is to punch a hole through it and the entire thing will shatter. Even if it's a pinprick sized hole, that will be enough.

Unleashing the energy as a beam, it hit something invisible in the air and created a crack.

Behind me, I heard the audible sounds of a few hundred beings gasping all at once.

"So easily?!"

"All of us couldn't even do it together"

"Isn't it true that trying to create a pinprick hole on a normal sealing orb from within is like destroying an entire world?"

"He's the real deal"

I managed to ignore all the whisperings to concentrate on widening the crack before finally delivering the blast that should punch a hole through it.

The last thing I actually expected was that the hole was much, much bigger than the pin prick size I was going for.

An entire section of it exploded into minute shards and we could even see the face of the person holding the orb lighting up in surprise, right before all of us were surrounded by an aura of blinding light.

The guy who was carrying the orb probably wanted to move out of the hall when he got me in it, moving all the way to the front of the crowd.

That meant when we were freed, all of us now occupied one side of the hall while the Dark Sect Members occupied the other side, a nice line dividing up the two sides. At least the hall was big enough for both the foxes to fit in without destroying the ceiling.

Everything became so silent that you could hear a pin drop.

"Ah The pulse of latent psionics within such weak, fragile minds I've already forgotten how it feels to feast on them" The squid head guy muttered behind me.

"Finally I get to see something new rather than that emptiness of darkness" The eyed monster muttered, almost tearily.

The orc leader sniffed the air, "Heh... ya smell dat Boyz? dat's da smell uv fresh meat!"

The kobold beside him wiped at his mouth with the back of his arm, "Kehihihi! We can finally hunt!"

"Fascinating living specimens" The lich mused. "It's been a while since I got the chance to do some experiments on them"

"The aether It's been so long since I felt its embrace" The giant Behemoth sighed in a high pitched voice I never thought would come from someone that big.

"At lassst We are finally free Thisss isss a debt we will not forget!"

The two biggest beings in the room stretched themselves to their full height, their heads pressed against the ceiling and their tails a mass of writhing fur. Even for a shrunk version of them, they are still huge.

"Ehehehe~ When was the last time we were outside sister?" The red one giggled.

The white one yawned, "Too long I suppose these things will serve as a good way for us to stretch ourselves a bit"

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At that time murmurs began spreading through the Dark Sect members.

"Did he just Unite the monsters"

"Since when can they speak?"

"No wait He broke the sealing orb from the inside? Even when it's inscribed with the strengthening inscription?"

"Should we Should we run?"

I raised my hand and all the whisperings stopped almost instantly.

With a slight smirk on my face, I swung my arm down to my side.

All the monsters behind me roared and charged.