What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Throwing Smoke


"Multi… Casting?" Someone whispered.

"Master Lin? What… What was that?" Elder Gong asked shakily.

"That? Which one?" I asked, genuinely confused.

"Did you just… Materialise four different elements at once?"

I raised an eyebrow, "Er… Yes? It's just manifesting the elements though?"

"Manifesting… The elements?" Elder Qing parroted. "Master Lin… You can materialise more than one element at once?"

Oh shit.

I forgot that most Practitioners can't actually do that.

Hell, even Manami and Lian Li are still having trouble doing it with two elements and I just did it with four.

Multicasting isn't supposed to be a thing here in the Earthen Plane, heck it's not even a thing in the Spiritual Plane either.

I was so used to teaching my own disciples that I forgot who I was talking to!

How do I get out of this one?! They're definitely going to ask me to teach them at this rate! They're also going to think that I'm some heaven blessed genius too!

Think, think, think!

Ah! That's right!

"Huhuhu, did it look like that? Does anyone think otherwise?" I smiled, pointedly asking the Student Practitioners.

All of them began whispering among themselves but all of them shook their heads.

"Was that not it? Master Lin?" Elder Qing asked.

I laughed once more before my body shimmered and disappeared.

"That's right," I said, appearing behind them smugly.

"Eh? Master Lin? How?"

"A neat little trick I learnt from the fox youkai village using Space quarks. Altering the perception of others in a particular space."

Elder Qing glanced at where I had been standing at earlier before looking back at me.

"So then… All that time that was?"

"An illusion, yes, quite convincing no? That's another advice from me, do not blindly believe whatever you see in front of you. Possessing an inquisitive mind paves the way for more possibilities."

Everyone nodded along like I just imparted a profound piece of wisdom to them.

Phew, managed to smoke my way out of that one! I need to thank Manami for this, I'll probably brush her tails with extra care tonight.

Using the Space quarks, I left an illusion at where I had been standing and snuck my way behind them the moment they got distracted by my question. Misdirection is a powerful tool.

"Ah, but the method I said about materialising your quarks is true though, you can believe that."

Elder Qing stroked his beard, "Umu, but still… I didn't know you were already proficient in Space quarks, Master Lin."

Yes! I've been waiting for that!

"Indeed, my disciples and I have quite a few fortuitous encounters outside. The Request at the fox youkai village had one such encounter."

Haha! Now that would explain away all the sudden growth in strength and direct away all suspicions from me!

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"Oh? That sounds like a very interesting tale! Would you mind sharing it with us?"

When did Elder Qing become so inquisitive?!

I thought they would just nod along at this point and mutter 'I see, I see'!

"Hmm, I would like to, but…" I turned my sight towards Elder Gong standing beside the gathered students. "I don't think it is good for me to take up Elder Gong's time with his class."

Elder Gong waved his hand, "Nonsense! I'm sure these young ones are all interested in knowing what you have encountered Master Lin! They won't be able to concentrate on their lessons until you satisfy their curiosity!"

Goddamnit, would it kill you to cooperate here?

Whatever, let's just rely on my bullshitting skills I honed to perfection in the higher Planes.

I feigned a defeated smile, "Alright then, when my disciple and I reached the fox village, we were greeted by…"


(Cai Hong POV)

"That's the Laundry area," Lian Li big sis pointed to the big, white building by the river.

"If you plan to… Appropriate Master's robes for yourself, I suggest only taking the inner robes and nothing else. Only take one and switch them every laundry day, undergarments are a no go as he seems to notice their disappearance quite easily."

Cai Hong hugged the robe Papa gave Cai Hong tighter.

"First hand experience?" Manami big sis asked with a weird smile.

"Just take my advice. And if you would promise not to try tempting Master to lay with you until I get my turn, I'll tell you where he bathes."

"Ara? You're assuming I can't find it myself?"

"Master bathes separately from us, I can save you a lot of time by telling you this."

"Fufufu, no deal. A week is the best this big sister can promise you. I can find all that myself within a few days."

Lian Li big sis clicked her tongue, "Tch, half a year and I'll tell you the best spots to watch from."

"One month and no more. Or this big sister won't tempt Master to brush your hair anymore."

"... Fine."

Lian Li big sis turned around and continued walking, Cai Hong followed behind her with Manami big sis and Eris big sis.

Cai Hong looked at Eris big sis, she only smiled at Cai Hong without saying anything.

Muuu… Why is Lian Li big sis and Manami big sis saying all these weird things? Cai Hong misses Papa already…

Cai Hong sniffed Papa's shirt, Papa's smell is nice~~

It gives Cai Hong a warm, fuzzy feeling~~

Papa had asked Cai Hong to give Papa's shirt back before, but Cai Hong cried and said it was Papa's first gift to Cai Hong.

Papa let Cai Hong keep the shirt after that.

Papa is the best!

"So where are the baths?" Manami big sis asked, a little impatiently.

Lian Li big sis smiled, "Wouldn't it be better to go there when Master is actually bathing inside?"

Cai Hong wants to bathe with Papa… Cai Hong likes it when Papa washes Cai Hong's hair.

But Papa said it was better for Cai Hong's big sisters to wash Cai Hong instead. Even when Cai Hong cried, Papa didn't budge…

Papa said something about being called a 'loly kon'?

Cai Hong doesn't know what a 'loly kon' is but they sound yummy!

Mmmm? Cai Hong can smell Papa? Smell is not coming from shirt?

"Find Papa?" Cai Hong said.

Lian Li big sis turned her head around, "Mmm… Master is busy isn't he? We shouldn't disturb him."

Cai Hong puffed up cheeks, pointing at the big building to Cai Hong's left, "Find Papa!"

Manami big sis also sniffed at that direction, "Hmmm… Cai Hong is right. I smell Master there. What is that place, Lian Li?"

"That's the Grand Hall, beyond that is the Grand Courtyard. I know from Master that it's where the other students will practice but we've never used there for our own training before."

Eris tilted her head, "Could Master be teaching someone else?"

"Very likely, Master did say he would not be free the entire day today," Manami nodded.

"This one humbly suggests not to disturb Master," Eris big sis suggested.

Right after she said that, Eris big sis frowned, "Screw that! I say we go watch! I want to watch! It's fine if we don't disturb Master and watch from afar ain't it?"

Cai Hong wants to watch Papa as well, Cai Hong likes to watch Papa show his strength!

"To think you had so many encounters from a single trip, I don't know if you are lucky or unlucky, Master Lin."

"Haha, I wonder about that myself, Elder Qing."

"Ahaha! Would it be too much for this humble Elder to ask Master Lin to provide some benefits too?"

Muu? Papa's voice?

Cai Hong turned to see Papa walking out of the big building with a weird old man trying to take advantage of him.

Cai Hong ran forward to hug Papa.