What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 33

Chapter 33: In the Fire and Flames

(Bian Tai POV)

As soon as the bell rang, I turned to my Sect brother, intending to ask him to cover me with his trademark Virtuous Flames enhancement Technique.

He was supposedly the best enhancement Practitioner in our Sect, his enhancements two to three times stronger than most other Practitioners.

The Virtuous Flames Cultivation Technique would clad the target in Spirit Flames for a set duration which would burn anything that came close. The flames are so hot that it instantly boils water a meter away, a truly powerful defense Technique.

Normally this Technique would require at least ten to fifteen seconds to cast amongst the Elites.

For brother Se Lang to cast such a strong Technique, five seconds was more than enough.

But who knew that even before I could relay that thought to him, something hard had hit me in my abdomen and sent me sprawling on the ground.

I groaned as I tried to sit up, only for a foot to step on my chest, pushing me back down on the ground.

I looked up to see that Master Lin's fox disciple smiling down at me.

It was not a kind smile.

"Ara, ara What should big sister do to you? This arena forces a person out the moment they receive a fatal wound and negates said wound, but non fatal wounds will stay on you even after being forced out For Master to create such a Technique is nothing short of divine."

What is this woman on about? I quickly circulated Fire quarks within my body, directing it towards my hand in preparation to cast a Technique.

Pain erupted from my palm, a scream slipping past my lips.

"Ara, ara. That won't do. You're being punished right now so be a good little thing won't you?"

She withdrew the tail that had impaled my hand, I had always thought fox youkai's tails were only mounds of fluff, but it seems I was wrong.

Whoever told me that fluff was justice should go have their heads checked.

"Now, you'll be a good little thing, right?" She asked.

I gritted my teeth, focusing the quarks towards my mouth this time.

I will pretend to answer her before blowing a gout of Spirit Flames at her.

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What I didn't expect was for her to lift up her foot before slamming it down on my face, her sadistic smile never wavering in the least.

She grinded her foot against my face, "Fufufu I think you didn't hear this big sister's words. I asked if you would be a good little thing?"

I tried to struggle out from under her, raising my hands to push against her foot.

"Ara, ara? Do you still not understand?"

My limbs were pierced by a tail each, my screams muffled by her foot against my face.

"I see A stubborn one. I guess this big sister will work extra hard then."

The foot was lifted from my face before ruthlessly descending between my legs.

I could somehow still hear her voice through the red haze of pain, "Fufufu I had intended to heal you up completely after playing a bit with you. But I think I'll just leave this part broken Ufufufu"


(Se Lang POV)

I watched slack jawed as Sect brother Bian Tai was sent flying by that fox youkai's tail.

I never knew their tails could stretch like that, much less used as a weapon

"Bian Tai! Why you--"

My words were cut off abruptly after something shocking exploded against my chest.

The pain made me black out for a few moments before my sight returned again, only to see the incarnation of death standing above me, her face impassive.

I leapt up to my feet, gaining distance from her.

It was then that I noticed the entire arena was surrounded with a flame wall, isolating us from the outside.

"Wha What are you Planning?" I asked shakily.

She tilted her head, a smile materialising on her face.

"Hmmm I wonder" She murmured, lifting a finger as electricity started to gather around said appendage. "Just a little play session."

Play session? Does that mean we weren't even worth their trouble in their eyes?!

"Don't look down on me!" I yelled, more to gather my courage than anything else.

I circulated my Fire quarks, casting my famed Virtuous Flames Cultivation Technique on myself.

Flames began gathering around my body, I was sure that this would at least prevent her from getting close to me.

Her smile got wider as she began walking towards me, "Are you afraid of a mere Inner Core Practitioner? Some Elite you are."

Why is she not afraid of the fire?

I gulped, "You're actually coming closer? Instead of running away from my flames, you're approaching me?"

She lowered her finger to her side, "I can't beat the hell out of you without coming closer, after all. Actually, I can, but it's not as satisfying."

Before I could comprehend what she said, she had already appeared in front of me with her finger embedded within my abdomen.

Immense pain overloaded my insides, a burning sensation that I had never felt before exploded from the wound. My Virtuous Flames was immediately canceled, the flames not even leaving a mark on her.

It was like being burned from the inside out while you were drowning at the same time. The shock had made me forget how to breathe while her lightning fried my insides.

She retracted the finger slowly from the wound, agonizingly slowly.

"What How?" I blurted out, collapsing on my knees. How was it possible for someone to not get burned by this heat?

Her smile widened, "I could say that my passion for Master burns fiercer than your flames, but I know some people who won't be satisfied by that answer."

What is this person smoking?

"Your fire is colder than my lightning," She shrugged, as though that answered everything.

Her finger was then stabbed into my shoulder and the pain came back alongside my screams.

My vision began to darken but she retracted her hand before I blacked out.

I grasped at my shoulder with trembling fingers while she laughed maniacally.

"Ahahaha! Yes! Scream! Scream more for me you little shit!"

Gritting my teeth, I punched my fist towards her, blasting out a gout of Spirit Flames from my fist. She didn't even have time to react before the flames entirely engulfed her entire figure.

Looks like I managed to catch her off guard.

"Hmph! You got cocky!" I laughed.

"Cocky? Ahahaha!" A laughter emanated from within my fire. "You think I actually care about your pitiful attack? You really are a pitiful shitstain!"

My flames were blasted apart to reveal her lightning clad finger lifted in front of her. My flames were stopped by a single finger?!

No, this must be an illusion! The real her must be-- ARRRGHHHH!

She stabbed her finger into my other shoulder.

"It's such a shame I can't keep you up like I did the rest~~ Their screams really were quite soothing to my ears! To have other people screaming and crying for help instead of me like in the past, how addicting~~"

What What is She talking About?

I gasped as she pulled out her finger again.

"Why Are you Like this?" I tried to ask.

"Hmmm~~ Why? Are you interested in little old me? I've been sullied before you know? Treated as nothing but a thing. Does that turn you off?"

I grimaced, shuffling away from her.

"Ahahaha! You actually are repulsed by that fact! I'm pretty sure someone like you had his share of raping and bullying others too?

I spluttered, "No No! I never--"

"Hahahaha! You're lying! I can tell you know? I always have the best time torturing little trash like you~~ Ahhh~ The feeling of power I get" She stabbed her finger into my chest, making me scream again.


To think Master Lin had disciples like this He must be as equally crazy as these--

Death gripped me by the neck, hoisting me high up into the air.

The smile that she had was gone, replaced with a face of pure unbridled rage.

"You Just thought of something rude against Master didn't you? Yes, you did How dare you HOW DARE YOU!"

I was slammed back into the ground, her knee pinning against my chest while she stabbed her finger repeatedly against my sides, all the while still gripping on my neck tightly.


I saw my life flashing before my eyes.

"How dare you have such filthy thoughts about Master?! The very being of absolute power?! The Divine Being who gave back everything I thought lost?! You piece of TRASH!!"

She clenched her fist before slamming back down between my legs.

"ARRGGHH! You crazy monster!" I roared back, trying to appear defiant.

My words seemed to stun her for a moment, the pressure on my chest lessening a little.

I had thought my words had hit the nail on the coffin, only for her full-face smile to return.

"You're funny," she giggled, her fist descending again. "I will have fun with you."