What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 52

Chapter 52: First Flick


I stared at the girl in sitting in a seiza position in front of me.

Moments ago, she had a very calm and cool expression on her face, but the moment I told her to sit in front of me her expression morphed into one of excited anticipation.

Deciding it's probably her chuuni side acting up, I just ignored the change.

"Before we start, I need to let you know that you are the first Witch that I have ever taught. Most of the things I know are what I've discovered on my own."

Diao Chan nodded attentively.

"I have already explained to you the difference between Cultivation Point and Mana Core to you, now we'll start with how to use your Mana Core."

I stepped behind her, causing her to sit a little straighter.

"Now, as I've mentioned before. You are the first Witch I've taught, anything I'm going to teach you will be applicable only in theory, understand?"

Diao Chan shivered from my words, most likely in fear and I don't blame her for it.

Although I think I did hear her mutter "I'm Masters guinea pig!" under her breath but that's probably my imagination.

I placed a hand on her back, "I'm going to use my Pure Elemental quarks to stimulate your Mana Core, recognise the feeling and remember it. Are you ready?"

Diao Chan nodded after taking a deep breath.

I circulated my quarks, directing it into her body.

She tensed as my quarks filled her body, rushing straight to her core.

The energy filled up her Mana Core, she should be feeling a rush of energy and heat there.

"Did you feel it?" I retracting my hand from her back.

"Ugeh? Ah! Umm I'm sorry! I didn't get a good feel of it! Could Could Master do it again?"

I placed my hand on her back again, the first time probably came as a surprise for her so she could not catch the feelings properly. I've already prepared myself to repeat this multiple times for her to get the feeling down so no surprises there.

My quarks entered her body again, I made sure to send even more of it this time to amplify the feeling.

Diao Chan made a weird voice when the quarks filled her core, but I thought nothing of it.

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"Did you get it this time?"

"Haa Haa Haa Yes! This This feeling Diao Chan will remember it!" Diao Chan turned to me with determination burning in her eyes.

Oh? Only two times? That's quite impressive, honestly.

"Umu, good. You should now be able to feel your Mana Core easily now. Can you?"

Diao Chan wiped her mouth clean of a clear liquid that had escaped the side of her lips, returning her face to the cool beauty type.

"I will try, Master."

She closed her eyes while I focused my senses on her.

I think I should mention at this point that everything I said about me knowing only the theory about Witches is a whole cartload of bull.

Being the personal practice target, oops, I mean practice partner of that Witch Matriarch was a very Enlightening experience.

Ever wondered how I knew exactly how different the Cultivation Points and Mana Cores are? It's because I was 'granted' the opportunity to very closely examine the difference from two very 'willing' subjects.

I also learned a lot of things beside Cultivation Points and Mana Cores that day but I digress.

It wouldn't be wrong for me to claim credit for that Witch Matriarch's eventual rise to be known as the Witch Queen.

Was she grateful for my help? Most definitely not.

Heck, she didn't even care that I was still being treated like trash by everyone else there.

Why else did you think I chose to ascend even further to the Cloud Plane?

But now that I think about it If I had to choose between the Witch Queen and that psycho Practitioner, I think I'll stick with the Witch Queen instead.

What about revenge?

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Why focus my energy on making other people's life miserable when I can think about making my own life comfortable instead?

No, this isn't me believing the saying 'an eye for an eye makes the world go blind'.

This is me dedicating my time to myself.

I don't get people who dedicate their life to seek vengeance. I mean sure, the feeling is good, but after doing it, what then? Your whole life revolved around getting back at someone who pissed you off somehow and probably doesn't even remember you.

Then you kill them off and your vengeance is done.

Yay, roll credits.

Except you probably don't know what else to do now. Congratulations.

I'd rather just make myself comfortable in my little house and let the world sort itself out.

As I've said before, don't make your problems into my problems and we'll get along swimmingly.

But start busting down my house fence and I won't hesitate to give you a good beating before tossing you out.

You want vengeance? Then just go and do it. If it's going to take you a few hundred chapters to do it then you're probably wasting your life.

"Ehehe Master's essence is filling me~~"

I heard something weird coming from Diao Chan's direction.

"What is it, Diao Chan?"

"Eh? Umm I think I got it, Master!" She squeaked.

Oh? That's quite fast, could she also be another genius? Even normal Witches would have to spend at least a few weeks before they could properly sense their Mana Core and use it.

What's with my luck though?

Lian Li is a heaven sent genius with innate Divine Lightning quarks.

Manami could have all her quark proficiency at Advanced or even Master level had she not been crippled.

Cai Hong is a damn Myriad Colours Dragon, albeit a really adorable one. Need to give her more headpats.

And then Eris is turning out to be the next strongest Swordsmaster I've ever met.

I wonder what is keeping these girls together?

From what I witnessed, most Masters and Elders have complained that their disciples constantly bicker and fight amongst themselves.

But my girls seem to have gotten along extremely well despite the rocky start every time someone new came in. Just what methods are they using to make peace with each other?

Oh well, guess it will remain a mystery to me for now.

"Now, I'll demonstrate a Spell. I want you to try to cast this later."

Diao Chan nodded her head quickly.

I took a deep breath, "'Giver of life and maker of waves, this song does request you to behave. Oh formless one, your will is spun; by my right as your Summoner, I bid you to stir! Water Ball!'"

An orb of water the size of a ball formed in front of me. I let it hover in the air for a few moments before letting it splash on the ground.

I passed her a piece of paper with the spell written on it.

"Now try to maintain that feeling within your Mana Core while chanting this. If you lose your concentration for even a second, the Spell will not take effect."

"Is it necessary to memorise the words?" She asked.

"If you wish to cast the desired spell, yes. Once you've learnt all the fundamentals, you can start creating your own Spells to cast. Most of the advanced Witches make their own spells using existing ones as base. Using their own chants will hide the spell they are trying to cast from their opponents who are unfamiliar with them."

Diao Chan's eyes widened, "Spells can be created? I thought there might be some kind of fixed system in place that all Witches have to follow."

I nodded an affirmative, "You'll be surprised at how easy it is when you get proficient enough. Now try casting this spell."

She read the paper once before closing her eyes, her arm stretched out in front of her. A few seconds passed before a rather perverse smile materialised on her face, ruining her cool facade.

Before I could wonder what it was about, she had already begun chanting.

"'Giver of life and maker of waves, this song does request you to behave. Oh formless one, your will is spun; by my right as your Summoner, I bid you to stir! Water Ball!'"

I felt the air shift and the energy level spike, showing that her cast had been successful.

A water ball the size of a boulder appeared in the middle of my courtyard.

Damn, on her first try? This girl is going places.

Before I could praise her, the orb of water began to bubble, its surface expanding in all directions at an alarming speed.

It seems like she had lost her concentration on maintaining the ball's shape.

I flicked my arm, instantly freezing the ball into ice.

Clenching my fist, the ice ball shattered into millions of pieces before disintegrating into diamond dust.

"Very impressive for a first try," I praised.

She smirked at me.

I flicked her forehead, "But don't get cocky, you lost your concentration on the last part. If I hadn't done what I did, this whole courtyard would've been soaked."

Her cool facade shattered again, "Yes Master! Please punish me whenever I make a mistake!"

I flicked her again, "Stop talking nonsense and try again."

"Ehehehe~ Yes!"

What a weird girl...