What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Of Course The Bath Scene Is Mandatory

(Lian Li POV)

It was sunset when we returned to Master's courtyard, having met up with Eris on the way back from our first lessons with the other teachers.

When we entered the courtyard, we were greeted with a rather interesting sight.

Diao Chan was tied up and suspended upside down with a rope under a tree, her face an expression of pure bliss.

Just under her was a hand carved sign board that read 'Take her down when you girls return'.

I looked around the courtyard, finding no traces of Master around.

Manami had went ahead to release Diao Chan from her 'imprisonment', lowering her onto the ground with a soft thud.

"Diao Chan sis bad girl?" Cai Hong asked at the side, watching Eris untie her..

"Guhehehehe~ Master punished me for my mistakes~~" she explained, her face still plastered with a rather perverse expression.

I extended my senses to find that Master was not present in his room, he couldn't have abandoned us because of this person right?

I turned to the still drooling girl, "Where is Master?"

With her hands freed, she took a moment to wipe off her drool with the back of her hand, returning her face to the impassive mask she usually wore.

"Master had gone to the baths.," she explained in a flat tone. "He has been gone for awhile now so he should be returning shortly."

Ah Missed opportunity.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

"So what did you do to Master to end up being tied to a tree? This one is curious..." Eris asked, a hint of longing in her voice.

Her impassive mask cracked and her weird smile resurfaced, "Hehe I almost ruined Master's courtyard six times in a row"

I narrowed my eyes at her, "I don't much care for your fantasies, but could you not bring trouble for Master? If he starts to dislike teaching us, I'll throw you out myself."

Diao Chan turned to direct her perverse smile at me, "Oh no, you misunderstand. This was a self imposed punishment, you see? Master hadn't wanted to punish me at all! I just pleaded Master to do this to me since I've made such mistakes."

Manami chuckled, "Ara ara, only into your first lesson and you're already having Master indulge in your fantasies? How very daring of you."

Diao Chan giggled, "Ehehehe~ I was never someone known for holding back."

At least she's honest.

Cai Hong sniffed the air, "Papa back?"

We turned towards the entrance collectively.

Less than a minute later, Master appeared at the doorway with a towel hanging around his neck.

"Papa! Papa!" Cai Hong immediately ran for him, her arms stretched out.

She hugged Master's thigh before looking up at him, "Papa, huggies?"

Master lifted her up, carrying her back to us in his arms.

"Master just out of the bath Hnng Must save this picture later" Manami muttered beside me.

"How were your lessons?" Master asked.

"It was hella lot of fun!" Eris declared enthusiastically with her fists clenched in front of her.

Master smiled at her, "I take it that Elder Xu was a good teacher?"

Eris frowned, "Actually, not really He made me realise how much better Master was at teaching me. But he did make a great targe-- sparring partner."

"Oh? But he has been training in sword arts longer than I have though?"

Eris tilted her head at that information, "This one thinks with the long amount of time spent lead to his sword arts being more archaic in style. It is just this one's humble opinion however."

"Hmm I guess that is possible. What about you girls?"

"The other students were Interesting," I reported.

"Fufufu~ One of them even confessed to me, Master."

Master raised an eyebrow, "Did you now? Who was it?"

"Ara ara? Master does not need to worry~~" Manami giggled. "The only mate I will ever accept in my life is Master."

Master smiled wryly at her, patting her head, "Oh, I know that. I just wanted to know the hero who tried to pick you up on the first day of your being a transfer student."

"It was a big, big fellow!! Big and tall!" Cai Hong exclaimed, stretching her arms wide to emphasize her point.

"Ah, Butch was it? He was my dorm mate back when I was still an Inner Core Practitioner, he was pretty chill guy. Never talked much. So what did you say to him?"

Manami stepped towards Master, pushing herself against his arm, "I rejected him of course, the only one for me is Master~~"

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The sly fox took the opportunity to plant a kiss on his cheek, wrapping her arms around his and entwining their fingers together.

Cai Hong pouted, "Cai Hong wants kissies too"

Master brushed the loli dragon's bangs aside with a hand, planting a kiss on her brow which made Cai Hong giggle in delight.

"What about you, Lian Li?"

I recalled back our lesson, "Umm The students were interesting enough, but it felt like we were doing more of the teaching than the teachers."

Master raised an eyebrow, "Wasn't Elder Gong supposed to be the one teaching you?"

I nodded, "But when he found out about our skills in Cultivation Techniques, he asked us to give the class a lecture about it."

"That is odd" Master pondered. "Was that a one time thing?"

"I do not believe so Master, he did not seem well-versed in what we had taught the class."

Master pursed his lips, looking towards Diao Chan.

Realising what he was thinking, I quickly added, "Ah! But we're not asking Master to trouble himself again! We know you will be busy with Diao Chan for the following few days and it's also a good chance for us to know the other Sect members! Not to mention that we could use this time to review our skills!"

"I see That puts me at ease, thank you Lian Li," Master patted my head.

Ahhh~ This is the feeling I live for~~ Mmmm~~ Master's hand is so warm~~

I almost dived straight into Master's embrace but I must restrain myself. Maybe if I'm good enough, Master will let me wash his back!

"Alright, you girls have yet to bathe so go ahead, all of you can have free time after this. I will be in my room if you need me."

Master let Cai Hong gently on the ground, giving the dragon loli another head pat.

"Have a good rest, Master," We bowed.

Master nodded to us before disappearing into his room.

The five of us gathered our toiletries from our room and headed towards the communal baths. This would be our first bath time with Diao Chan.

"So Do we always bathe together?" Diao Chan asked, clearly just to strike a conversation.

"Mostly" Eris answered stoically.

Cai Hong's eyes lit up, "Cai Hong likes bathing time!"

"Fufufu~ That is because bathing time is also our sharing time~~" Manami chuckled.

Diao Chan tilted her head, "Sharing time?"

"Indeed, it is the time that we share Master's virtues, where all the believers gather to listen to Master's greatness," I stated proudly.

Diao Chan's expression showed that she did not understand.

"Don't worry ya little head about it," Eris clapped her shoulder. "You'll find out soon enough."

We entered the female side of the bath house, stripping out of our clothes quickly.

As soon as we entered, a small crowd of the Sect's female Practitioners gathered around us.

"They're here!"

"Big sister Manami!"

"Big sister Lian Li!"

"Big sister Eris!"

"Ahh~ Little Cai Hong is here too!"

"What pictures do we get today?"

"What about today's sermons?"

I clapped my hands together, silencing the mob.

"Before we begin, I would like to introduce our newest sister," I gestured behind me. "Sister Diao Chan was accepted by Master as one of his apostles."

"Welcome, big sister Diao Chan!" The crowd greeted.

Diao Chan blinked, glancing at me with confusion clear in her eyes.

"Fufufu~ We shall start with the pictures first today, I have a few of Master fresh out from the bath~"

The girls screeched and immediately surged towards Manami's direction, giving us some breathing space.

"You're Distributing Master's pictures?" Diao Chan asked, a little shaken.

"The flock requires objects of worship, and we provide them with the means to spread his greatness," I explained.

"Does Master know about this?"


"When did you guys gather such a crowd of followers?"

"Last week, while monitoring you. Talked to a few other Student Practitioners and got them to see Master's light."

"He would be angry if he finds out, right?"

I shrugged, "Master does not need to spread the word of his own greatness, it is our duty as his apostles to do it for him. We will make sure Master gets the respect he deserves no matter the method. If Master feels we have done wrong, I will accept his punishment."

"I see I will get punished if Master finds out" She pondered, just before her face revealed a perverted smile. "Guhehehe~ Where do I sign up?!"

"I shall be leading the sermons today which you might do tomorrow, the flock requires the guidance of Master. Come, I will teach you how to preach as one of us."

And thus began our latest sharing session in the women's baths.