What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 7

Chapter 7: First Victims

(Lian Li POV)

Master had not only accepted me as a disciple, he healed this useless body of mine with a divine pill he had made. No doubt that pill costs a fortune and he had not even hesitated before making me swallow it.

All my scars and injuries were gone in an instant, even my hair was restored to its former beauty. But the one thing I feared to be lost forever was also returned to me.

The trembling deep within my womanhood told me my most precious place had been restored, I was unsullied again. All the wounds those filthy men had inflicted on me were gone.

Master truly is my everything.

I swore to myself then, I will definitely protect my Master from anything that sought to harm him. I must train hard to repay this new life Master has given to me!

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After getting her to clean up and change into a robe for student Practitioners, I healed her of her scars and cuts using a healing pill I mixed. I knew about its effectiveness first hand since I had to make tons of them back when I was still being tortured by that psycho Practitioner.

It was not really that hard to make the pill, the problem was that the recipe required immense concentration and understanding to make which I both fortunately excel at. That was also putting the fact that I was speaking as a crippled Practitioner, it's an entirely different case now.

With my previous life's experience and restored Quark Veins, I can now make them effortlessly as long as I have the materials. If something wasn't completely destroyed like my previous Quark Veins, this pill would restore it to mint condition.

Yes, this pill was the one I had tried to create back then. The ingredient that could only be found in the Cloud Plane could actually be easily substituted with Energy quarks that I could easily materialise now. The other materials needed to create this pill are actually quite common around the Earthen Plane.

Huh, I can actually make a killing off selling this, can't I?

No wait, if people knew I could make these pills, a lot of problems would come up. I definitely don't want to be stuck making pills forever.

Hmmm… I'll need to think more on it.

My new disciple started crying again after she ate it and her hair grew out into long golden locks.

I had thought she hated her hair or there was some kind of side effect but she started thanking me profusely to the point of kneeling down and kow-towing. I guess her hair meant more than I thought to her.

On another note, I was quite surprised to see that she was actually quite a beauty. Without all the scars and cuts, her face held an otherworldly charm like a fairy's.

Her eyes seemed to glow with a golden yellow hue while her full kissable lips shined brightly under the sun.

The breasts that she had binded with cloth before were let free to reveal bountiful D-cup bosoms and her curvaceous hips joined with snowy white legs that seemed to go on forever.

Whoever catches her eye in the future will be an extremely lucky man indeed.

Too bad in my other life she was a known man-hater and always wore a veil to cover her face..

For starters, I taught her how to circulate her Elemental Quark through her body to manifest her Divine Lightning. That should keep her occupied for awhile.

"Master? Is it normal to have sparks on my fingers when I do this?"

Huh… Not even five minutes and she's already materializing her Elemental Quark. Alright then, I'll teach her a Basic Cultivation Techniques for Divine Lightning.

"Master? Umm… I managed to cast the technique you gave me…"

Just a day and she's already casting techniques flawlessly. The Practitioners who spent months trying to do this are crying. Then again, I shouldn't be too much of a hypocrite since I was similar in my youth.

Wait, I'm young again, I should stop thinking like a middle aged man.

"Master? I fulfilled the conditions to summon and manipulate my lightning."

Just a month and she's already at Basic Tier for Divine Lightning. Apologize to the Practitioners who spend years training their asses off you cheater.

During this time I had not been idle either. Using my knowledge gained from the other two Planes, I managed to advance all of my four common Elemental Quarks to Master tier while similarly regaining my Basic tier for Darkness and Energy without the drawbacks. Give me a while more and I could probably get them to Journeyman soon.


I'm a hypocrite aren't I?


Reaching this stage, I figured it might be high time for Lian Li and I to leave the Sect for a 'training journey'. If the other Elders and Masters caught wind of her godlike cultivation speed, they would assume that I was the cause and dump more disciples on me to train.

Nope, I don't want to spend so much of my free time on training after all.

Lian Li is a smart girl, I can just teach her the basics and she will figure out the rest on her own, leaving me ample time to laze around whenever I want.

I've seen our other disciples and they were definitely not as talented as her. I'll be damned if I'm going to spend every waking moment teaching them all the things Lian Li figured out on her own.

Now if I were to take her to travel the world with me, I could just explain that we had a very fortunate encounter outside which would explain her rapid progression easily.

With that in mind, I told Lian Li to pack her things and sent an extended leave of absence to the Sect, stepping foot into the outside world.

Our first stop would be the deep forests behind the Sect, hunting a few monsters should get us better acquainted with our new strength.

Monsters are essentially animals that have lost their minds due to being corrupted by Elemental Quarks, they're a rather serious menace to the environment so quelling their numbers is essential.

They should serve as the best practice targets for both Lian Li and I.

But of course, asking for things to be smooth sailing seems to be too much…


(Lian Li POV)

"This is a robbery! Males on the left! Females on the right! Hurry up!"

How dare they.

How dare they interrupt my lovely trip with my Master?

Master took the effort to bring me together with him on his mystical journey and this is what we get barely half a day out of the Sect.

These insects dare to disrupt my precious alone time with my Master.

I was tempted to just vaporise them where they stood, but I was afraid that Master may not like bloodshed. I gazed at Master a little teary eyed, prompting him to stroke my head with a smile.


Some people may call me weird for acting cute when I'm already in my twenties, but they don't know how much joy it brings me when Master calls me his 'cute disciple'.

It's really wonderful you know?



Master, you're really just giving them money like that?

They're normal mortals you know? They're not even skilled Adventurers. We could have just killed them with a wave of our hand, why are we acquiescing to their demands?


Master is too kind.

He has lived for too long within the Heaven Sect and has forgotten how cruel the non-Practitioner world could be.

While I, on the other hand, knew exactly how cruel and heartless this world is.

Even if you show others kindness, they may not reciprocate back the same kindness you have shown. Even if you choose to spare them, they will just come back with more people to hurt you.

But Master probably believes that people are inherently good, that must be why he chose to take me under his wing.

Ahhhh~~ Master I've fallen more deeply in love with you!

You don't need to change Master, you are the Light of salvation for me.

I shall be your shadow and protect you against the filthiness of this wretched world!

Yes! I will defend my Master's purity with my life!

Once I'm able to confidently walk beside Master as his equal, I'll confess my love for him! Then we'll spend the rest of our day in each others' arms doing this and that and... Kyaaaa!

What am I thinking?! How indecent! I should think about how to make Master happy first!

Yes, that comes first!

That night when we made camp, I made sure Master was asleep before I snuck out into the forest to find those wretched insects.

I could've killed them in their sleep, but I wanted them to know who they had offended.

I strung every one of them up by their manhood and tortured them slowly with my Lightning, starting with their leader of course.

They thought they could threaten my beloved Master and get away with it?

How laughable.

It is too late to beg for mercy now, so stop crying while wetting your pants, it's disgusting.

I don't even care if you are willing to give me all your money. You disturbed my lovely time with Master and even pointed your weapons at him, I'll make sure none of you will live to see the next sunrise.

Oh, but I'll take the money anyway since I want the best for Master. There's no way I'll let Master sleep in some low class inn and eat low class food.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, your left hand first or your right hand? I have all night to do this.


You ask me why am I doing this? Didn't I already tell you? You dare, dare, DARE threaten my Master. Even offering your life is not enough to compensate for this travesty!

You were just trying to survive?

Why should I care?

Everyone else but Master is insignificant. All of you should just perish.

Did anyone care when I was in the slums? Or when I was being raped?

No. Master was the only one who took me out of that hell.

Your fate was sealed the moment you threatened my beloved Master.

Now, don't make me repeat myself again, your left hand, or your right hand first? And don't scream so much, you might wake my Master and that would trouble Master greatly.

I do not like things that trouble Master you know?