What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 80

Chapter 80: My Little Brother Can't Be This Cute?!


I looked around what used to be my room.

There were tons of pictures everywhere. They were on the walls, the floors, the furniture and even the ceiling.

I glanced at one that was particularly large near me, it was a drawing of a younger version of myself pushing my brother down on the couch, my face scandalously close to his.

I shivered, tearing my eyes away from the frightful sight.

My sisters were still doing their little skit, neither of them having noticed my entrance.

The two of them were in their exaggerated poses and facing each other. My younger sister had both her arms raised in a 'V' shape above her head while my older sister had her arms pointed diagonally upwards in the same direction in what you would call a 'dab'.

"Be ready for my magic, Dark Mistress of Ebony Night! For I shall use my special 'Love, Love, Rainbow Beam' on you!"

"Ohohoho! I shall counter that with my 'Eternal Torment, Blackest Night' spell!"

"What?! Oh no! My 'Love, Love, Rainbow Beam' was actually deflected? This cannot be!"

"You cannot defeat me, Magical Girl Sarah! Ohohoho!"

Is this a good time to mention both of these girls are in their twenties?

Yeah I have no idea what happened to them. According to my brother and father, I caused my little sister to turn into a chunnibyou, then lost my prior memories after she turned into one.

Received a lot of flak for doing that so I decided to pack up my bags and leave when I discovered my potential as a Practitioner.

Really, if your own family isn't treating you well in your own home, why bother staying? I know a few people who are treated like dirt because they have crippled meridians or have no talent in what the family is good at, but if that's the case, why stay in such a cancerous environment?

Crippled meridians? Go find another thing you're good at for crying out loud. Painting, singing, writing or even blood suck I mean practicing law, find something else to do with your life.

You don't need people who will only put you down at your lowest. Ditch the dead weights!

Scorned because you have no talent in cultivation? Well screw that too! Start your own damn business with blackjack and hookers!

Then milk those naysayers dry of their hard-earned Spirit Stones I mean coins. No that's not right either, it's cash. Yeah, I meant cash.

Life's already hard enough, no need to make it harder than it has to be you know?

Just look at me, spent so much of my time seeking power and I still end up dead as a nobody.

And even now when I decide to live an easier life, I still got to deal with things like this.

Anyway, back to the thing about my little sister.

After she got er Enlightened? Yeah, Enlightened.

After she got enlightened by the past me, she began coming up with all sorts of ideas to improve and fast forward our town's technology.

Back before I got constantly sent to the other worlds, especially with that psycho's 'truck-kun' stick, I hadn't understood my little sister's thinking either and thought something had infected her.

That made me stay far, far away from my family since I had been convinced she had turned into something quite out of this world. That, and I honestly didn't really care much about human interaction back then.

But it's obvious to me now what's going on with her so I thought I could at least talk to her. But seeing my elder sister being influenced to start embracing gothic Lolita fashion in addition to being a chuuni as well was a shock to me.

She was supposed to be the cool-headed one last I remembered? The prim and proper lady types you know?

Or is this her rebellious phase?

And what I hadn't expected at all was the fact that these two had also been creating all these Do I dare say Art? I think there's one pasted on the ceiling that was a depiction of a semi-naked stranger hugging an equally semi-naked version of myself from behind with roses drawn around the edges.

I stopped my line of thought before I end up crossing the point of no return.

I cleared my throat.

The two of them finally noticed me standing by the doorway and stopped mid-pose.

"Yeah, it's me," I answered, already anticipating their questions. "Got caught up in something and got shrunk. My place got wrecked so I'm here to crash for some time. Good to see you little sis, elder sis."

It took them all but a second to register my words.

"Ahhhh~ What is this?! What is this?!" My little sister rushed up to me, lifting me up to her face so she can rub her face on mine. "My Onii-sama has become my otouto?! This is a dream come true!!"

I pushed myself away from her, "Ok, who taught you the weeb speak?!"

Ignoring my question, she started patting my head, "Onii No, Otouto-kun! Call me Onee-chan! Hurry, hurry! Haiyakuuuuu!"




What the hell has gotten into her?!

"Ohohoho~ My little brother can't be this cute, can he?" Elder sis strutted up to me, twirling her umbrella behind her.

She stepped beside my little sister, pinching my cheek with her hand, "Ah, but he really is cute! Mmm I need to draw the next set of art pieces! 'My cute Shota brother and the devilish CEO', it's definitely going to be a hit!"

No, no, no. Please don't. I'm starting to regret coming back already, they're worse than I thought.

"Wait, wait. I need to know what the hell happened to you girls when I was gone?!"

My little sister tilted her head at me, "Eh? Does that mean that Onii-sama has yet to regain his memories? But That can't be true! You promised me your memories will return if I spread the knowledge of 'An Ney May' far enough! Does that mean a town is not enough? Does it have to be the world?!"

I held up a hand to stop her rambling, "What are you talking about?"

Little sis pulled me into her embrace, "No need to worry Onii-sama! This imouto will spread your teachings far and wide to recover your memories! The Gods of 'An Ney May' will watch over us!"

Deciding my little sister was probably a lost cause, I switched my gaze to my elder sister.

My mouth was in the midst of opening to speak before I saw her drawing on a stack of papers at inhuman speeds, the pieces of paper flying off to land on the floor after she was done with each one.

My eyes managed to catch sight of one of the pages, the drawing depicting my current younger form looking up at a half-dressed man with a bashful look, my character's hand lifting up the hem of my shirt to reveal a hint of flesh.

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"NOOOOO!!" I screamed, reaching out a hand to try and stop her.

"Let it happen Onii-sama!" My little sis pulled me back. "Onee-sama is already an established 'Man gack kar'! She has already pulled in all of this town's Fujoshi to be her loyal followers! We will use the power of BL to influence the entire world!"

"That is exactly what I don't want you stupid sister!"

"Iyaaa~~ Onii-sama baka! We're doing this for your own good, you know?! Everything will be daijobu!"

"Let go of me right this instance you pervert sister! Stop pinching me!"

"Ehehehe~ Onii-sama Kawaiii~~"

"I said let go of me you damn chuuni!"

I'm seriously regretting coming back here now.

Seriously, what did I do twelve years ago that resulted in them being like this?!