What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Aw Here We Go Again

(Cai Hong POV)

"Ehehehe~ Found you~~"

Muuu? The wall melted and some weird fox lady appeared.

Cai Hong thinks she has seen this weird lady somewhere before?

One of the chefs stepped in front of her, "Guards! Intruder!"

A group of ten big men rushed into the room, stopping in front of the weird fox lady with their swords drawn.

"Ah So those were the guys following me huh?" Papa whispered.

Cai Hong turned around to look at Papa, "Following Papa?"

Papa patted Cai Hong's head, "It's nothing, don't worry about it."

Ehehe~ Papa's hands are warm~

Muuu? The other side of the room got cold?

"Huh? Who are you pieces of trash that dare to stop me from reaching my toy? Get out of the way."

"Tch Hemdall! What does the scanner say about her Quark concentration?!"

One of the big men looked down at his wrist, gasping when he saw what was on it.

"Im Impossible! Her Elemental Quark concentration level is OVER NINE THOUSAND!"

"What?! Damnit! Take them and run! We can't defea--"

The fox lady appeared in front of the guy, her hand stabbing through his chest to appear on the other side of his chest.

"I told you to get out of my way..."

This lady Is dangerous? And she wants to get to Papa?

Cai Hong has to protect Papa But Cai Hong was told not to let Papa know about her other form or else Papa might hate Cai Hong...

Cai Hong doesn't want to be hated by Papa

"Kuh You damn Monster Hemdall Run With..." The big man breathed before the fox lady cut off his head.

Papa covered my eyes with his hand.

"Look away, Cai Hong. You should not see this Let's get out of here."

Yes, Papa should run! Cai Hong will hold her here.

Papa pulled Cai Hong towards the door but the door suddenly burst into flames, blocking the way.

"Ehehehe~ Is it a chase you want little toy? But I'm already here you know? It took me so loooooong to find you too, it wouldn't do for you to run away now!" she laughed. "Now be a good boy and wait for me quietly."

The fox lady waved her hand towards Papa, causing him to fall down suddenly.

Cai Hong managed to catch Papa before Papa hit the ground, but Papa seems to be asleep now?

The big men called Hemdall pointed at the weird fox lady, "Damn it! Just take her down!"

Eight of them leapt at her with their swords slashing at various parts of her body, the fox lady not even moving from where she stood.

But what happened next was really weird.

The eight men who looked like they were aiming to strike at her suddenly switched their swords' direction, stabbing at each other instead.

Their swords pierced each other in the chest, all of them staring at the one they pierced and the one that pierced them in confusion.

All of them fell down and stopped moving Cai Hong wonders why they attacked each other instead?

"What What did you do to them?!" The Remdall man shouted.

The fox lady looked at the men who killed each other like she just noticed them, "Oh? Did you not see for yourself that they killed each other?"

"You fiend! You clearly messed with their heads! Cursed Practitioners! I thought you youkais were better!"

"Better? Now what gave you that idea? Ehehehe~ I did tell you to step aside didn't I? I have something I'm after behind you after all."

Ah! Cai Hong remembers now! It was that disgusting fox lady that tried to take Papa away back when Cai Hong fought that giant bald man!

She tasted disgusting!


The Hemdall guy roared and charged towards her, his sword swinging towards her neck.

The fox lady lowered herself, kicking her leg towards Hemdall's outstretched knee.

Hemdall grunted in pain, falling forward from the sudden impact.

One of her tails stretched forward and wrapped around the wrist that held his sword, pulling him back up.

Hemdall cursed as he tried to punch her face with his other hand.

The fox lady stopped the punch with her left palm before thrusting her other hand into his chest and pulling his still beating heart out.

She let Hemdall's limp body fall onto the ground and turned her attention to the heart she held in her hands, sniffing it.

"Hmmm Disgusting. Not even worth trying," she scoffed, tossing the heart over her shoulders.

"You What do you want?" One of the cooking uncle asked, stepping in front of Cai Hong and Papa.

"Hmmm? Have I already not made myself clear? I'm here for my little toy~"

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"They are just children" Another one came up beside him.

The mean fox tilted her head, "Ehehehe~ So?"

"Damnit!" A third one cursed, standing up to join his friends. "If you want to get to them, you'll have to get through us first!"


"Me too!"

All five of the cooking uncles stood up to block her.


The five uncles' heads suddenly flew off after she did a slashing motion with her hand.

The kitchen became quiet with just the weird fox lady and Cai Hong left.

"So Are you going to stop me too?" She smiled at Cai Hong.

"Is weird lady trying to take Papa away from Cai Hong?"

"Ehehehe~ Well, I'm only interested in my little toy and not you. So yes?"


"Oh? A dragon huh?"

I had transformed into a smaller form of myself to fit into the kitchen, there's no need to spread alarm to the rest of the city with my huge form at the moment.

My mouth opened wide for me to breathe out a gout of fire at her, enveloping the other half of the kitchen in flames.

"Scary, scary," I heard her mutter within my flames.

I shut off my fire to see her standing there with one of her palms stretched out, apparently to stop my fire from reaching her.

Her clothes were completely burned off while her hands and body were a bit singed, but even now I could see all the burns heal rapidly and fading away without leaving a mark.

"If I was any normal fox youkai, I would've already been burnt into nothingness."

It seems like I'll have to kill her with one move or she'll just regenerate.

I rushed forward, my claw thrusting forwards towards her chest.

"Ehehehehe~ How dangerous. Too bad I don't have time to play with you~"

From behind me?

The fox youkai disappeared as soon as my claw reached her, her figure dematerialising into smoke.

I turned my head around to see the fox youkai picking up Father's unconscious form in her arms.

"Ehehe~ You're just as cute as I remembered~ I'm going to have soooo much fun with you~"

I roared as I lunged towards her, my claws grasping smoke as she disappeared from right in front of me.