White Robed Chief Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Harvesting

In the evening, Meng Qinlin sent him a seed of the Fairy's Beard. There was only a handful of them and each was the size of a grain of rice. The seeds almost look like they were made of crystal from their clear appearance.

This reminded him of something. In a month's time, whoever manages to grow the flower would win! However, if both of them manage to grow the flowers, the survival rate of the plants would act as the tie-breaker.Everyone would be given an equal of seeds, no more and no less.

Meng Qinlin patted Chu Li's shoulder before leaving, "Young Chu, don't mind about this competition too much."

Chu Li looked at him.

Meng Qinlin said, "This is but a false reputation. If you long for genuine achievements, you should not be dragged down by such a false goal. People like us need to have a calm heart. If we are not calm, we cannot go far!"

Chu Li smiled, "Thanks SirMeng Qinlin."

Conversations with him are very genuine. He was not treated as an outsider at all.

"Young Chu, you are very talented. What you need now is to calm your heart down, and not pursue victory as it is. People who work with plants can never compete for just a temporary advantage, as this will make your mind fickle and impatient. Don't be like Gu Litong!"

"Sir Meng, I am young, full of vum, and like fame too!" Chu Li smiled as he said.

Meng Qinlin shook his head, "Gu Litong loves fame and profit, only by fighting for fame and profit will inspire his strength and efforts. However, you are different. You can't go on the same path."

Chu Li wrapped his fist and solemnly said, "Thank you, Sir Meng."

There was not much difference between what him and Gu Litong felt deep within them. They both thought that they were unique and supreme in their own rights. The difference was that he had been through two lives, he hence could control his desires without showing them.

Gu Litong aimed to acquire fame and profit. On the other hand, Chu Li wanted power and authority; placing fame and profit aside.

Meng Qinlin patted on his shoulder, turned around and left.

Chu Li went to the lake to send Meng Qinlin off. He came back holding a bunch of seeds, trying to feel their vitality. Half of them were still energized, but the other half of them were almost dead.

He sat in the Moonlight Orchid parterre, balancing the aura of this batch of seeds. He waited for them all to be energized, then evenly spread them across the ground, covering them with a layer of soil.

He pressed the soil with his palm. Despite being separated by a thin layer of soil, he could still feel the seeds. He sighed in relief, and then realized that actually, the soil couldn't be separated itself from the plant.

He worked around for a bit and realized that in the radius of ten meters, he could establish a relationship with the seeds with the help of the land. He also tried to use his legs to exchange auras, and realized that it worked the same though he was using his hands. To be exact, the body part does not matter, therefore he could still exchange auras with the land even when he was lying on the floor.

He tried it over and over again, and found that it was the same with the other plants. He can conduct auras ten meters away throughout the land without even touching them.

At night, the moonlight shone clear as water, and the sky was dull.

In the Moonlight Orchid parterre,

Chu Li and Lee Yue sat around the rock table as they drank their tea. There was a small, red soil furnace making noise and releasing white smoke. A pleasant smell of the tea spread into the air.

There was no lantern lighted up, yet they could still see without a problem.

The moonlight surrounded them. Three Moonlight Orchids dispersed like water. That combined with the Snow Orchid in the surrounding produced the gentle lightning in the parterre, as though they were in a dream.

There suddenly came the sound of footsteps. Siao Qi and Su Ru came, walking as steadily and as gracefully as the clouds.

Lee Yue hurriedly stood up. Both the ladies were wearing awhite shirt. It was like they were already standing there for some time in the darkness, and suddenly bringing in a ray of light as they entered.

Chu Li stood up to greet them.

Siao Qi emanated a gentle lusterofffrom her. She was like a fairy that was above the common populace. She waved her hand, "You shall sit."

Lee Yue politely set up two embroideries, and asked the two ladies to be seated. He was worried that the rock chair was too cold, exhibiting how considerate he was.

Su Ru is held a small box in her hand. She opened it and took out the tea set, all made out of suet white jade.

Her beautiful hands and the suet white jade sophistically intersects, it's so beautiful and captivating.
Her beautiful hands and the tea set sophistically intersected, giving an image so beautiful and captivating.

She washed the teapot and the teacups elegantly. She then poured a cup of tea for Siao Qi, and then looked up to Chu Li, "Chu Li, will it really bloom at night?"

Chu Li nodded,"Yes."

"If it won't, I won't forgive you!" Su Ru rolled her eyes.

Chu Li smiled, "Don't worry, it will bloom tonight, it will turn to soil after tonight."

"That's great..."Su Ru nodded her head gently. She let off a 'hmph', "Do you have the confidence to grow the Fairy's Beard?"

"Not a problem."

"Hmph, such a confident tone!" Su Ru glimpsed at him and rolled her eye. He was actually unsure about it! He should at least leave himself a Plan B to fall back on if anything were to happen. He just agreed to it like that, was he not afraid of any unforeseen interventions occurring?

Chu Li said, "The Fairy Beards are already germinating. It will break through the ground after two days."

"Oh?" Su Ru was astonished, "So fast? ...this thing does not germinate that easily."

Chu Li smiled and does not reply.

They needed sufficient aura to germinate, so their requirement of the surrounding was very high. If you let it grow itself, it would take many years to receive the aura required to germinate. Normally it would die before germinating.

"So can we still win over Gu Litong?" asked Su Ru.

Chu Li smiled, "No problem."

"I would like to see what you'd do if you lost!" Su Ru gave another 'hmph', "Gu Litong is not weak after all, be careful! "

Chu Li said, "If he doesn't use any tricks, he won't win!"

Su Ru curled her lip and rolled her eyes.

Lee Yue continuously made eye contact with Chu Li to remind him to look who he was speaking to. It would be bad if Chief Su Ru got offended.

Siao Qi sat quietly and drank her tea.

Chu Li suddenly pointed at a Dream of Pearls about the size of a thumb, "Its starting now! "

The Dreams of Pearls grew very fast. Within one month, it turned to the size of a thumb. There were two buds on top of the branch. The most unique thing was, there were no leaves, only a bald branch, and flower bud.

Chu Li just finished talking, the flower bud shook a little and opened slowly. Siao Qi and Su Ru were surprised.

It could be seen that the bud was blooming really quickly. After ten minutes, it had bloomed completely. The snow white, flawless petals looked like they were shining.

Su Ru uttered, "It's beautiful..."

Chu Li had seen the introduction of Dreams of Pearls. However, this was the first time he saw them bloom right in front of his eyes. Words couldn't describe how beautiful it was. He was touched.

An hour later, the petals started to change their color. It was dyed with a layer of pink, and turned to an elegant dark red an hour later. It changed its color every single hour.

Alas, it would turn colorless, like two ice sculpted peony, brilliantly yet slowly running out.

Chu Li reached out his hand to pinch the flowers. He smoothly tore down two flowers.

Siao Qi, Su Ru, and Lee Yue stared at him fiercely.

Chu Li put both the flowers into a jade box, closed it up gently and gave off a long sigh. He then saw the branches turn yellow in a blink of an eye.

Chu Li blew gently, the branches turned to dust and flew away with the wind.

The three of them regained consciousness. The Dreams of Pearls was like an unfathomable force, making people uncontrollably cherish them.

"Miss, it's ready." Chu Li passed the jade box to Siao Qi.

Siao Qi looked at the jade box and nodded.

Su Ru asked, "Miss, do you want to try the medicine?"

"Hmm, I will have to try." Siao Qi nodded.

"I'll try!" Su Ru wanted to try enthusiastically.

Siao Qi stared at her, Su Ru smiled tenderly to please her.

Su Ru said, "If I'm not mistaken, one flower can maintain one's youth for sixty years, two flowers will maintain for ninety years. Unfortunately we ran out of the seeds."

"We still have one more." Su Ru said.

Siao Qi fell silent for a while, "Su Ru, go retrieve it."

"Sure!" Su Ru agreed excitingly, and swiftly went to take it.

After some time, she came back as gentle as the cloud, grabbing a small box in her hand and she passed it to Siao Qi with both hand.

Siao Qi opened it and pushed it in front of Chu Li.

Chu Li took out the seed and started to frown.

"What happened? "Siao Qi asked.

Chu Li shook his head and said, "This seed is dead. "

"Dead? "Lee Yue is shocked, "It can't be planted anymore? "

Chu Li nodded his head slowly, looking at Siao Qi helplessly, "It totally has no vitality anymore, miss, please forgive my powerlessness! "

Siao Qi smiled mildly, "It's fine, Chu Li, this incident won't be spread out. It will also not be upgrading your rank."

"Yes." Chu Li nodded.

Lee Yue looked at Siao Qi curiously.

Su Ru smiled gently, "Won't you be angry, Chu Li? "

Chu Li smiled, "This is how I should behave as an imperial guardian of the parterre. "

"It's rare for you be aware of such things." Su Ru smiled, "Worry not, Lady Siao won't treat you unfairly."

"I feel grateful for getting such high regards from you miss." Chu Li said.

Su Ru rolled her eyes and said, "Lady Siao is going to prepare a spirit land in the east garden, and I shall leave this to you!"

"Spirit land?!" Chu Li was surprised.

The soil of the spirit herb garden and normal herb garden were different, and required a very expensive cost to make such a spirit soil.

It had been said that the method of producing the spirit land was no longer being passed on. Only the royal family kept them, but it was never told to any outsiders.

The books from the library did not have the complete method. Chu Li went through about ten books, mixing-and-matching all of the different contents and sources, and found the method to make the spirit soil.

He had told Su Ru before that he had found the way of making the spirit soil, but Su Ru did not take it seriously back then. This time, however, it actually came true!

The spirit soil was worth as much as gold, sometimes even more.

Usually, even when some commoner knew the method of making the spirit soil, it was useless because it needed spirit herb to be mixed with humus. This kind of spirit herb was so expensive that not even the typical rich families could afford.

Siao Qi asked mildly, "You don't have the ability to do this?"

Chu Li replied, "You are genuinely bold, miss!"

"The spirit land will not be too large," Siao Qi said, "Try planting some rare spirit herbs."

Chu Li wrapped his fist and said with enthusiasm, "I will not let you down, miss!"

With the spirit soil, he would no longer have to go to the herb garden. Now that he had his own training spot, he could finally train peacefully.

"Someone is already working on the spirit land." Siao Qi lowered her voice, "Make sure no one knows about it."

Chu Li nodded his head slowly.

Siao Qi said, "Usually we should find someone experienced to help you, but..."

"Miss, I'm fine by myself. I can give it a go." Chu Li replied.

"That's great." Siao Qi nodded her head gently and stood up, "It's dark already, you guys can go have a rest. "

Su Ru picked up the jade box, "Chu Li, please behave yourself in these few days. Don't cause any trouble!"

"...I'll surrender with Gu Litong." said Chu Li.

Siao Qi looked at him, then turned away.

Su Ru grinned lightly and rolled her eyes. She waved her hands as a sign that she could leave on her own, and left gracefully.

Lee Yue widened his eyes and looked who was thinking about something.

"Do you really want to surrender?" Lee Yue couldn't help but to ask him about it.

Chu Li nodded.

"Why?" Lee Yue grunted, "I really can't stand Gu Litong's face, I want to slap him so much! "

Chu Li said, "A little impatience spoils great plans. I can do this, you just need to keep it as a secret and don't tell anyone! "

Lee Yue seemed to understand, "Miss wanted to build a herb garden secretly?"

"Don't tell anyone!" Chu Li turned away and left the parterre.