White Robed Chief Chapter 102

Chapter 102: First Meeting

"It's too little?" Su Ru asked while staring at him.

"The Hu Ren Public House has been very powerful the past few years. They have ten Grandmasters while our Public House only has eight! I'm worried that the other Public Houses have less than ten as well" explained Chu Li with a frown on his face.

"How about the martial art world's sects?"

"The Four main sects have one or two Grandmasters every century. If it were any other sectors, they would probably not even have one Grandmaster, not even in a hundred years" said Chu Li.

Su Ru shook her head.

"Do you really think that the Grandmaster's boundary was easy to achieve? Even Lady Siao who was born with such great conditions is still stuck there"

"Is it really that hard to reach the Grandmaster's boundary?" asked Chu Li.

"Of course it is!" Su Ru said with a smile on her face.

"You can stop dreaming. Your martial art skills are already enough for you to use. You're not even a Protector, there is no need for you to be so powerful in martial arts"

Chu Li shook his head.

"The main key to achieving the Grandmaster's boundary will always be based on someone's opportunity or destiny. Reaching this boundary requires strong comprehension and a small flash of intuition. When you have achieved both of that, then your chance has come" explained Su Ru.

Chu Li furrowed his brows and kept quiet.

Su Ru shook her delicate hand and said, "We're going off topic. Let's get back on track and talk about the Second Lady. The main purpose of this trip you're going to take is to gain experience. Do not go and create a stir because that would offend the Second Lady and that would only cause trouble you do not want"

"I've already offended Master Siao, the last thing I want to do is offend the Second Lady too. This may lower my chances of being successful" Chu Li said with a sigh.

"You still have Lady Siao. Of course, you can still be successful. However, you will not be able to achieve success without gaining experience through about twenty years of hard work first" Su Ru said with rolled eyes.

Chu Li slowly nodded as realized that he really needed to focus on being stable and passive.

Su Ru picked up a crystal-like rib with the pair of chopstick and put it in her mouth elegantly. She slowly chewed it and swallowed it as she continued.

"The Second Lady has six Grandmasters protecting her. If Lu Yurong had really lost her mind and taken the initiative, she would have already sent out at least seven Grandmasters. You will not be able to defeat the Grandmasters no matter how good you are. So, be act smart and do not give yourself a death sentence"

Chu Li blankly looked at her.

Su Ru looked around and rolled her eyes and reminded Chu Li, "Safety first! You as an Innate Master tackling Grandmasters is suicide!"

"Thank you, Chief!" Chu Li said while smiling.

He felt mildly touched because of the relationship he felt he had with Su Ru. Without this relationship, she would not have bothered telling him all the information she did because it would have violated a taboo.

Su Ru put down her silver chopsticks, picked up her white jade cup, and finished the wine in a single gulp.

"I'm already full. You can slowly enjoy the food that has been prepared, I will leave now" Su Ru said.

After she finished, she waved her hand and left the pagoda. And just like how she usually came, she left like the wind.

Chu Li hurriedly chased her.

Before Su Ru left the courtyard, she reminded him of something:

"I'm coming over tomorrow morning to bring you overto the meet the Second Lady. Remember to wake up early!"


The sun started to rise and Chu Li and Xue were cultivating. Su Ru who was wearing a green gown pushed the door open and entered.

Chu Li immediately ended his forms while Xue went into the room to take his bundle.

"Let's go." Su Ru said, turned around and walked away.

Xue sent them away at the courtyard gate. She stood outside the gate and did not leave until she lost sight of them as they disappeared into the woods.

Su Ru turned and looked at him with gentle and light steps and asked, "So how's Xue? Is she serving you well?"

"It's much better now." Chu Li answered.

"She's proud and obstinate but you're good with training people. She's finally gotten better, hasn't she?"

"Don't tell me you're going to replace her, Chief?" Chu Li asked as he turned his head to look at Su Ru.

"Well, do you want to?" Su Ru said with a spurious smile.

"I've just gotten used to her! Why would I want to replace her? Plus, her cooking is delicious and very my taste" Chu Li said.

"This young girl is short tempered. If I really replaced her, she'd definitely create more trouble than it's worth!" Su Ru sighed and shook her head.

Chu Li smiled and kept quiet.

The two of them got onto a small boat and sailed through a lake. After about fifteen minutes, they faintly spotted a Gaily-Painted Pleasure-Boat in the distance. It looked like it was going slow but was actually moving rather quickly and after another fifteen minutes, they had reached their destination.

A good looking teenage boy stood at the prow of the boat in a blur rode. He looked handsome and his face was like jade.

"Chief Su Ru!" he said with a salute and a faint laugh.

"Hai Qingshan, is Second Lady on the boat?" Su Ru asked.

"Yes. The Second Lady is resting on the boat" Hai Qingshan replied with the nod of his head.

"Chu Li, get on the boat." Su Ru said while turning to him.

"This is Protector Hai Qingshan. You just need to follow him."

Chu Li nodded, went on the boat gently and fist saluted Hai Qingshan.

Hai Qingshan had a large frame and was tall. He looked dashing. He fist saluted and smiled again.

"I'm Hai Qingshan! Your name is very famous and it is my pleasure to finally be able to meet you today"

Chu Li fist saluted, smiled and said, "I'm not that great. I'm still expecting you to help me out."

"You're welcome. We'll be working together now, for better or for worse."

Hai Qingshan smiled.

"I'll bring you up to meet the Second Lady!"

Chu Li nodded.

Su Ru's boat had already departed.

Chu Li followed Hai Qingshan to the cabin of the boat where Hai Qingshan stood in front of the cabin as he saluted and reported.

"Second Lady, Chu Li has arrived," he said softly as to not disturb the people sleeping inside.

"Okay, boost the speed." said a smooth and rich gentle voice.

"Understood." Hai Qingshan politely replied.

Chu Li activated the Omniscient Mirror.

The cabin of the Gaily-Painted Pleasure-Boat had two entrances. At the first entrance sat seven elders who had hair white as a crane's feather and their faces were as red as a baby's. Chu LI could tell from their appearances that the six of them were Grandmasters and there was an Innate Master.

The second entrance was delicate, elegantly decorated. There was a beautiful lady lying on the couch with beautiful eyebrows and almost glass-like eyes. She was so incredibly gorgeous to where it felt as if her beauty could take down cities and states. She supported her head with one of her heads while she read a scroll of a book with the other. Her alluring eyebrows showed a hint of tiredness and she looked lazy.

She replied Hai Qingshan very briefly and yawned, put down the book and got off the couch. She opened the window and took a deep breath of fresh air which caused her proud standing chest to rise.

Chu Li secretly sighed to himself as he thought about how the first beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty definitely deserved her reputation. Every move she made was one of grace and beauty.

She must have known that the trip was dangerous because she did not bring along any maids.

Chu Li shifted his attention very quickly towards the Elder Innate Master. He was the one who Su Ru mentioned, Guo Mulin.

The six Grandmasters were playing chess while Mulin was sitting far aside, meditating. He hated the feeling of annoyance surrounding him and could not cope with the six Grandmasters.

"Brother Chu, you need to be prepared. We will be working as guards the entire trip and we need to serve the people" said Hai Qingshan.

"I am a guard myself," Chu Li said while he smiled and nodded.

"You are indeed the youngest top master of our Public House!" said Hai Qingshan with a little laugh.

Chu Li waved his hand.

"Those are just baseless rumours. Me? A Top Master? That has got to be a joke!"

"I must admit that Zhuo Feiyang Zhao is amazing though. I have fought him before" claimed Hai Qingshan.

Chu Li activated the Omniscient Mirror to find out what Hai Qingshan was really thinking and found out that everything he was saying was sincere and not out of pure courtesy.

"I'd like to practice with you if we have the time" suggested Hai Qingshan

"Alright," Chu Li agreed.

Hai Qingshan was not a crooked or dishonest person. His main concentration was on his cultivations and external trivialities did not matter to him because he was only interested in his books. He could even have been considered a genius because he had achieved the innate mastery boundary so with such ease. The Second Lady thought very highly of him and he had never gotten into any treachery or despicable tricks. He had a very innocent mind and was open and frank about his thoughts.