White Robed Chief Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Slaying

Hai Qingshan's expression gradually changed. He no longer struggled.

Six of the elders were dealing with the six grandmasters, while the others flew towards the carriage.

Chu Li's expression has changed. Hai Qingshan began to struggle once more in order to charge towards him.

While Chu Li disappeared in a flash, Hai Qingshan staggered but quickly grounded himself back with balance. He then tried his best to levitate towards the carriage in an attempt to stop the elder.

Siao Shi was not acquainted with martial arts and her physique was weak and fragile. However, she must not be idle or frozen by shock. Elder Mulin may have already reached the innate master's boundary, but that only reflected his boundary level. He was never trained in any martial skills. If he were to fight, he would not be able to withstand a hit.

The moment any elders in grey got to them, Siao Shi was as good as dead!

However, Hai Qingshan's began to feel worried. His body felt as if it was burning from the inside due to surpassing his speed limit. Like a charged arrow, he dashed towards the carriage. Determined to stop the elder even if it was the last thing he'll do. He did not have time to barter the chances he had against a Grandmaster.

A green silhouette zoomed past his eyes and Chu Li appeared right in front of the carriage. He went into the carriage.


Spontaneously, the wagon broke into pieces which caused debris to fly and shot around the area. Chu Li was holding onto Siao Shi with one hand and the other to Mulin. They stood on the carriage.

"That was a good one, young man!" The elder in grey exclaimed while he struck his fist into the air.

Chu Li flashed and disappeared from where he was standing, reappearing twenty feet away. He then called out, "Brother Hai Qingshan, I shall take my leave! There's no need sacrifice for them!"

He vanished right after exclaiming those words. From where he stood, he left a clear palm print.

With bewildered eyes, Hai Qingshan stopped and simply stared. He could not believe what he just saw. He then let out a heavy sigh and almost fell to the ground.

Chu Li held onto the two people and disappeared from their sight.

The elder in grey scorned and chased them.

If Chu Li had escaped, it would be such a devastating humiliation to all of them! Seven Grandmasters were dispatched and failed to take down a weak woman! If that were to happen, how were they to keep their pride as the revered figures in the Ren Public House!

A short and sturdy pine tree was present. Its swaying branches welcomed the wind.

Suddenly, Chu Li and the two others appeared below the empty tree.

Chu Li let out a heavy breath and released both of them to the ground.

Siao Shi looked very deathly pale. Colour was absent from her face.

Mulin did not look too good either. He then pushed Chu Li aside and shouted, "Young man! Look at how clumsy you are! If anything were to befall on Young Siao Shi, it would be your fault!"

Chu Li felt that something was off.

Siao Shi was really light. It was as if he was carrying nothing. She was fragile to the point where it was like she had no bones. She was far weaker than he had initially thought. With the few flashes he made that broke the void, normal people would not have been able to withstand it. Even airplane pilots find it uncomfortable to break the sound barrier. This effect was even more furious than being in space but worse!

Siao Shi bent down and retched. She waved him off with her hand.

Mulin carefully massaged her back, afraid that he may have scared her.

"Are you alright? It must've been very uncomfortable," He gently asked.

Siao Shi took out a silk handkerchief from her sleeves and wiped the corner of her mouth. Yet, she put up a smile on her pale face, looking extremely weak. "It was nothing, Chu Li saved us."

"Hmph! I'm not sure if he actually saved us or if he wanted us to die!" Mulin stared at Chu Li with anger.

Chu Li smiled in slight embarrassment. He actually did not think this through.

Mulin scoffed, "If you that one more time, Young Siao Shi will die!"

Chu Li felt helpless, "Elder Mulin, we can't just idly stand and wait for death either. Can we?"

Mulin scoffed and turned around, trying to ignore him. He gently inquired,"How are you now, Young Siao Shi?"

Siao Shi coughed twice and forced out another smile, "I feel much better now."

Much like the limpid autumn waters, her gaze laid on Chu Li's face. She smiled, "Thanks to you, Chu Li."

"You flatter me. It was after all under my responsibility. Nonetheless, we are better off not staying here for too long. They might still be after us!" Chu Li said.

"You're so fast. Is it possible for them to catch up?"Mulin said in disbelief.

"They don't really have dog noses!" Chu Li shook his head.

"The five senses of a Grandmaster exceed those of an average person. Thus, it's actually entirely possible for them to track us down by smell. Lady and Elder Mulin, do change your clothes. I'm heading somewhere for a bit."

He intended to leave right after he finished.

"Wait!" Mulin quickly stopped him. "Where are you going?"

Chu Li said, "I am going back to see how the situation fairs. Besides that, I want to see if I can bait them back."

"How?" Mulin asked.

"Killing one of them will definitely cause them to retreat."

"What a confident tone. Can you actually kill a Grandmaster?"

"It depends all on one's actions. I shall try and see how it goes," Chu Li looked at Siao Shi and felt helpless with her current state.

This initially would be an easy task. All he had to do was retrieve Siao Shi and prevent the enemies from catching up to them. However, with Siao Shi's fragile state, she was unable to bear the stress of levitation from the rush. Even if he did not use Narrowed World, she would still be unable to withstand the normal levitation.

He predicted that the Grandmaster would be able to catch up to them and it would be hard to even escape. The only way was to return to the Grandmaster. He still had a chance of winning since the Grandmaster was unprepared.

Only attracting the one elder away would not have been enough either. It will not have solved anything. As long as the Elder ignored him, he would be unable to do anything. He was incapable of fighting one-on-one as well. An ambush would have done nothing as well. If he wanted to ambush, he may have stood a chance if he ambushed the six Grandmasters engaged in battle, rather than that one.

As long as he kills one of them with a surprise attack, he would have attracted the separated elder back to his group. As soon as the Grandmasters from the Ren Public House saw no hope in the operation, they would give up. Grandmasters cherished their lives very much.

"Hold it!" Mulin tossed a black porcelain bottle towards him.

Chu Li held out his hand and caught the bottle. He then looked at Mulin.

"It's the Seven Miles Collaption!" Mulin scoffed, "Open this out at the air. It can take down anyone, no matter how great you are!"

Chu Li was surprised, "It can even take down the Grandmasters?"

"What's so special about a Grandmaster!?" Mulin scoffed. "As long as you're made out of flesh, you won't live forever. There's always a weakness in mortals!"

Chu Li doubted Mulin's claims.

Regardless, if this is true, then the Grandmasters did not seem that scary anymore.

Siao Shi shook her head, "Elder Mulin, tell him the truth. Don't put him in unnecessary danger."

Mulin lightly scoffed, "Fine. The Grandmasters won't exactly collapse that easily because their reaction time is faster than a monkey! The moment you remove the cap, they would smell the threat it poses and stopbreathing."

Chu Li nodded and kept it on his sleeves. He decided to use it only for suitable circumstances. It may still be incredibly useful even when he knew nothing of it.

His expression changed. He told himself that it was not going to end well.

That elder appeared in his Omniscient Mirror. He was three miles away from his position. He will have reached in a few blocks. He already had a picture in mind on the location of the three people in hiding. He stood on a treetop and went in a straight line.

His thoughts were frantic like lightning; his body flashed and reappeared a hundred meters away. After two flashes he was already only one mile away. Chu Li let out a long whistle.

The elder in grey heard the long whistle. He stopped for a moment in thought and put up a smile. He continued to move forward, ignoring Chu Li.

Chu Li saw the scene in his Omniscient Mirror and sighed to himself. He was disappointed that the plan did not go as expected. He had to face the Grandmaster.

The elder quickly sped up. He was like a phantom with a shadow splitting the ground before him; able to move one whole mile in under a split second. He struck his fist towards Siao Shi from a hundred feet away.

Chu Li felt antagonized, but he had no choice. He flashed away and appeared in front of Siao Shi, taking in the full force of the strike.


The golden light on his face flashed. He swung his hand and fired a cold light.


The cold light streaked through the air as if it were splitting a silk cloth with a clean cut.

The elder flashed away in an attempt to avoid it, but he was a little too slow. His body trembled a little right after and he flew away in a straight line.

Chu Li fell limp to the ground. The light from his face faded away. He turned ghostly pale, his complexion turned the color lime.

The elder flew for ten meters and there was a flying blade on his chest. The blade could not even be seen. It was completely embedded inside his body, only the handle was left outside of his body.

He struggled to sit up. He lowered his head and looked at the blood rushing out of his heart. He raised his head and stared at Chu Li.

There was blood on the corner of Chu Li's mouth, but he was smiling.

Siao Shi expression slightly changed. She looked at Chu Li, startled.

It was not that easy, blocking a Grandmaster's hit!

Mulin quickly walked towards Chu Li to check on his wound. Chu Li waved off his hand and slowly climbed up. He moved towards the elder, slowly drawing his sword from its scabbard. He wielded the sword with all of his strength.

A cold light flashed and the elder's body and head were separated. His blood spread more than ten steps away.

"Ching Ching"

The longsword fell to the ground from his hands. Chu Li then fell onto the floor, his body stiffened and him facing upwards.