White Robed Chief Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Letters

He took a brutal hit from a Grandmaster who stacked five stages of the Infinite Sea of Azure for his violent blow. His meridians were all ruined and all his organs were displaced. Chu Li spat out a mouthful of blood with his breathing turning weak.

Guo Mulin rushed towards him and pressed on his wrists. He took out a jade porcelain jar from his sleeve and poured out all the drugs inside. He stuffed five green looking drugs into Chu Li's mouth.

Chu Li suddenly trembled. A mouthful of blood gushed out and pushed the contents out of his mouth.

Guo Mulin panicked. He quickly pressed a few spots on Chu Li's chest and picked up the drugs on the ground, ignoring they have been soiled. He quickly stuffed them back into Chu Li's mouth.

"Swallow it!" He said desperately.

Chu Li drew back the corner of his mouth and tried his best to swallow the drug. All the spiritual energy from the surrounding area rushed into his body, nourishing him and maintained his vitals.

If it were not for the Scripture of Life and Death, he would not dare to engage the Grandmaster. It did not matter how badly his wounds were. As long as he was breathing, the scripture is able to save him.

"Young fellow, you're quite a hardy man!" Sir Guo sighed in relief as he watched Chu Li finally swallowing the drugs. He shook his head and sighed.

"You're playing with your life here!" Siao Shi noticed the decapitated elder and tried to keep her composure. She gently walked towards Chu Li.

"Elder Guo Mulin, will he be fine?" She asked Guo Mulin.

"Probably not!" Elden Guo Mulin held onto Chu Li's wrist as he shook his head.

"He's badly hurt. This guy here treats himself too recklessly!"

Chu Li tilted his head and looked towards Siao Shi.

Siao Shi squatted down and sighed, "Chu Li, you give yourself a hard time."

Chu Li smiled. He did utter a word. He was afraid that he would not be able to stop the blood from gushing out as he widened his mouth.

"Lady! Lady!" Hai Qingshan shouted from afar.

Guo Mulin was channeling for Chu Li as he heard the call. "Young Hai Qingshan, we're here!"

Hai Qingshan quickly ran over towards them. However, he was startled to see Chu Li on the ground. He was equally shocked to see the gory scene of the decapitated elder.

"Lady, are you alright?" Hai Qingshan quickly asked.

Siao Shi nodded, "I'm fine."

Hai Qingshan looked over to Chu Li who lied on the ground, "Brother Chu, are you badly hurt?"

Chu Li smiled. Blood dripped at the corner of his mouth, making him look distressed as he smiled.

Guo Mulin waved him off with his hand. "Alright, don't talk to him anymore. You guys stay over there. I need to treat his wounds with acupuncture. I can't afford to be distracted right now!"

Siao Shi lowered her head and looked at Chu Li. She then turned around and walked towards a tree. She leaned on the trunk and proceeded to sit down. Before doing so, Hai Qingshan quickly stopped her and took off his own outer garment, placing it on the ground to have Siao Shi sit on it.

Guo Mulin produced a small box from his sleeves. Two rows of silver needles were neatly arranged inside the box. It shone under the moonlight, glistening like water.

He lifted Chu Li up and used thirty-six needles on him. There were quite a lot needles used for the front and the back of his body. He looked like a porcupine at this point.

"Don't channel your inner energy!" Guo Mulin said. "I will help to spread out the effects of the medication!"

Chu Li sounded like his throat had been busted. His voice was hoarse and made speaking was hard for him.

"Thank you, Elder Guo Mulin."

"Haaa.." Guo Mulin shook his head, "Don't speak anymore!"

He turned silent. Sir Guo analyzed Chu Li in was continually surprised.

Logically, his wound should have worsened at this point. Chu Li should have fainted with the wounds that were inflicted. It was impossible for him to be awake.

He touched Chu Li's wrist to feel his pulse again. It was not getting any weaker; that was a good thing. In fact, it seems like the effects of the drug were already working on him.

Hai Qingshan ran towards him, "Elder Guo Mulin, is Brother Chu stable?"

"Seems like death won't claim him, for now." Elder Guo Mulin put down Chu Li's wrist and nodded. "If he lives, it must be God's will!"

"Then" Hai Qingshan stopped as if he wanted to ask something. He looked towards Chu Li.

Guo Mulin looked at him and asked angrily, "You wanted to ask if he still has his martial art skill?"

Hai Qingshan smiled in embarrassment.

Guo Mulin sneered, "Can't you read the situation right now? How could you still think about martial arts at the time like this!? Martial arts this, martial arts thatwhat's so great about it!?"

Hai Qingshan knew that he had stepped on dangerous territory with Sir Guo's temper. "You're right, you're right! There's nothing good about martial arts!" He quickly rephrased his statement.

"All of you that have learned martial arts..." Guo Mulin stared at them and waved his hand impatiently. "Go! Go away! Move to the side!"

Hai Qingshan was embarrassed and scratched the back of his own head. He then returned to Lady Siao Shi's side.

Lady Siao Shi stared at him sideways.

Hai Qingshan knew what she meant with her bright eyes. He invited the humiliation onto himself.

Chu Li gave a bitter smile. There were five layers of inner energy channeling through his meridians. It felt like a flood rushing over a narrow riverbank; anywhere the floods proceeds, it claims it with destruction. If not for the five layers of inner energy, it would be impossible to kill a Grandmaster.

He felt lucky to have the Scripture of Life and Death, the Minute Pulse Cleansing technique,

Sentient Menace, and the Torse Refiner. This gave him the strength of courage and afforded him to be reckless.

Sir Guo took his wrists again and sensed his meridians were slowly getting stronger. The drugs were working. However, he was recovering at a slow pace.

He stood up and went to Siao Shi's side. "Young Siao Shi, let me check."

Siao Shi held out her pale wrists that were almost white as snow. Guo Mulin checked on her meridian signs and let out a long sigh.

"Thankfully there isn't much of a problem. You'll need to be cared for and rested for some time. Your body can't take too much more stress."

"Is Chu Li fine?" Siao Shi muttered.

"Hah." Guo Mulin shook his head.

"He planned to create a stalemate between him and the Grandmaster. Regardless, he still is incredibly blessed to still be alive, but his martial arts is definitely not coming back."

Siao Shi brows furrowed.

"His meridians are badly injured. He's now no different from a handicap," Guo Mulin said.

Siao Shi shook her head.

Guo Mulin smiled, "But all is not lost to not have his martial arts. Young Siao Shi is going to take care of him from now on. He is incredibly fortunate to live the rest of his life in peace."

Siao Shi turned her bright eyes and her gaze fell upon Chu Li, who resembled a porcupine from a distance. She sighed heavily, "While he is young, I'm sure he has the mindset of all the other youths. They think that martial arts are something worth more important than their lives. With being said, I'm afraid that he may not recover from the psychological wounds."

"It probably won't go that far," Guo Mulin smiled.

"If he can afford to be this reckless to himself, then he won't be kicking the bucket that easily. You don't have to be so worried, Lady."

Siao Shi looked at Chu Li and slightly nodded.

After an hour, Zhao Qingshan and six others flew towards them. Their clothes were all torn and tattered. Their mannerism indicated low spirits and they looked absolutely dreadful.

"Lady!" When they saw that Siao Shi was safe in their company, their spirits lifted.

Siao Shi put on a smile, "Thank you, elders."

Zhao Qingshan and the six men rushed towards her. They noticed her complexion was paler than usual, but nothing out of the ordinary. They let out a sigh of relief; they felt incredibly lucky.

The seven masters ambushed and rendered them, unable to fend for themselves. There was nothing else they could have done.

At this point, they could only look around. They saw a man in grey, decapitated and Chu Li completely covered with needles. They were taken aback.

"Young Chu Li manage to kill him?"

Guo Mulin rolled his eyes, "While waiting for you guys to arrive? Yeah! We'd probably have become cold meat by then!"

"Young Chu Li, he"

The six of them looked at Chu Li with surprise.

As Grandmasters, they knew very well how large the gap was between an innate master's and a Grandmaster's level. It did not matter how great an innate master was, there was no possible way that an innate master could take down a Grandmaster!

"Chu Li planned on killing himself along with the man. His martial arts may not be as great as that Grandmaster but by God, his will to live was definitely much stronger than that man's." Guo Mulin shook his head.

Zhao Qingshan and the rest continued to look at Chu Li in surprise.

He must have cultivated a strong and dangerous martial art for him to kill a Grandmaster.

Even though there was a huge difference between the two them, in the end, it still boiled down to one's level in martial arts. In the most extreme situations, it is not impossible for one to surpass his or her boundaries.

It was probably due to Chu Li and his affection towards the Lady Siao Shi. He wanted to risk his life to protect her, allowing him to tap into a surprising amount of energy. Just enough energy to kill a Grandmaster.

"Lady, shall we continue our journey?" Zhao Qingshan furrowed his brows.

"The Hu Ren's Public House will definitely return. When they find out, they will flip their tables!"

Chu Li gave a small cough.

Guo Mulin went next to him. "What is it? You're already completely battered and you're still worried?"

"We should report this to the Public House, immediately," Chu Li said.

"Look at how worried you are! You're a mess! Just forget everything and set your mind on taking care of your wounds!" Guo Mulin responded with slight annoyance. "Don't care about the others for now!"

"I'd like to have Brother Hai Qingshan send this letter to the Third Lady," Chu Li said.

"Not a problem!" Hai Qingshan quickly replied.

Siao Shi looked at Chu Li. She smiled as she shook her head. It seemed like he was still very loyal to her younger sister!