White Robed Chief Chapter 110

Chapter 110: The Appearance


Mulin climbed to the entrance of the cave and carefully looked outside. He saw the red clouds rising like a spiral in the air. His expression changed.

"This is bad! That group earlier called even more people!"

Chu Li's complexion was very pale, but he started laughing.

Mulin touched his wrist.

"And you still have your breath! .You're really tough, young man. You can really withstand this torture!"

He helplessly said.

Chu Li forcefully smiled.

"It's all thanks to Elder Mulin's drugs!"

"Hah., that was the only one I had. I don't have anymore of that. If you intend to fight once more, I don't think even God can save you this time!"

Mulin felt pain and furrowed his brows.

"Don't force yourself!"

He scoffed as he said.

"If I died, it'd still better than killing the others."

Chu Li said.

"You're right."

Mulin nodded.

He turned to Siao Shi.

"Young Siao Shi, seems like we'll be dying here!"

He said.

Siao Shi calmly smiled.

"Then we'll just die, then."

Death was a kind of blessing in disguise. If being alive was painful and hopeless, there would have been no difference.

"Elder Mulin, there'll always be a way."

Chu Li said.

"We already have our backs to the wall. Do we still have a chance of surviving?"

Mulin impolitely scoffed.

"Damn Elder Zhao Qingshan and those useless men!"

"We'd already have been dead if it weren't for Elder Zhao Qingshan and the others!"

Chu Li said.

Only Grandmasters were able to defeat Grandmasters. If they did not have Zhao Qingshan and the others by their side, maybe they can kill one, but not two, they would have died for sure.


A noise rang in the sky, like a striking thunder.

Mulin hurriedly looked up.

"It's our signal! But why is it our signal?"

"Hai Qingshan couldn't have been that fast!?"

Siao Shi said.

Chu Li smiled.

"It's the Third Lady!"

Siao Shi was very clever. She understood the point immediately. She gazed deeply at Chu Li.

"Seems like you guys have already prepared for this much earlier!"

If Hai Qingshan had returned to look for Siao Qi, it would have been impossible for them to arrive so quickly. If they rushed back at that moment, they would have probably met Hai Qingshan halfway.

"I've left some marks during the trip. Lady Siao would've found us."

Chu Li said.

"I bet third younger sister was already avoiding Lu Yurong."

Siao Shi nodded.

"Both of them have fought a few times beforehand. They knew each other quite well. Elder Mulin, are you okay over there?"

She slowly said.

"I won't die, at least. Not doing very well at living either."

Mulin stared at Chu Li.

Chu Li did not need others to worry about him. He had the Scripture of Life and Death. He was still able to manage.

He suddenly smiled.

"The Third Lady has arrived!"

Mulin leaned at the cave mouth and looked around.

"Where is she?"

A clear sound rang, like a crane in the sky. A white shadow flew over.

Mulin smiled.

"It really is the Third Lady!"

He said.

Chu Li let out a long breath. His whole body suddenly weakened and stuck on the cave's wall.

Mulin pushed the ivy aside and waved his hand.

A white shadow flashed and the cave mouth suddenly turned dark. A delicate fragrant flow,Siao Qi was wearing a white gown, walking to them.

"Elder Mulin, second elder sister!"

Siao Qi's cold face showed the smallest signs of a smile.

"Are you guys okay?"

Siao Shi gently nodded.

"I'm fine."

Siao Qi's bright and fluid glance fell on Chu Li. It was like it almost brightened the entire cave. Her thin and long eyebrows gently furrowed."

"Young Chu was hurt pretty bad. He needs to rest, but his martial arts...its gone."

Mulin said.

"As long as he's alive."

Siao Qi said.

Chu Li fist saluted as he forced a smile.

"Lady Siao."

"Let's go."

Siao Qi said.

Mulin carried Chu Li on his back and Siao Qi held Siao Shi. The four of them descended from the cave. They went to front of the Grandmasters.

Hai Qingshan hurriedly went up to welcome Siao Shi.

"Lady Siao Shi!"

Siao Shi gently nodded.

Chu Li took a look at the twenty innate masters there. Everyone's eyes were shining. They looked fierce. All of them had been through many fights; They were the true elites.

"Hai Qingshan, go and bring the carriage over!"

Siao Qi said.

Hai Qingshan fist saluted and replied. He went out immediately.

The carriage arrived very quickly. It was the same cabin-less carriage.

Siao Qi assisted Siao Shi as she entered. As Siao Shi sat down, she said:

"Let Chu Li sit with me."

Chu Li did not reject the order.

Mulin let Chu Li enter the carriage and hopped onto the coachman's seat.

"I'll go and see how Elder Zhao Qingshan and the others are doing!"

Siao Qi said.

"Lady Siao, you don't need to go over."

Chu Li hurriedly suggested.

The battlefield of a Grandmaster could be likened to that of the recent World Wars. Bullets were flying all over. If one was not careful, they would be hurt. Siao Qi's martial arts may have been at a very high level, but she was still at the Innate Mastery's Boundary. It would have been dangerous if she went over.

Angle stared at him and left.

Chu Li helplessly shook his head.

He activated the Omniscient Mirror and saw Siao Qi going up the mountain. She did not even hesitate to enter the battlefield of the twelve men. She took out her longsword, drawing it out like lightning and piercing an elder with red hair. He was Zhao Qingshan's opponent.

Zhao Qingshan was shocked.

"Third Lady!"

He hurriedly exclaimed.

He was shocked. This was fight of Grandmasters. Innate Masters joining was the same as sending themselves to the grasp of death. If anything happened to the Third Lady, a hundred deaths from him would have still been not enough as a price.

His opponent showed a disdainful smile, pointing out into the air with his finger.


With a soft noise, a strike of energy from his finger shot towards Siao Qi through the air.

Siao Qi used an uncanny step and leaned forward to avoid the force coming out from her finger. The sharp end of her sword lunged towards the elder.

The elder was shocked. Siao Qi's step technique was a little uncanny, but he did not care that much. They were not worried about an Innate Master. He sent out a palm. The fierce palm clashed with the longsword. He guessed that the longsword would be blown away.

The sharp end of the sword faced the force of the palm. It was like a fish swimming upstream. The force of the palm made the sword even faster. The elder had no time to respond.


The sword had pierced through his palm. She quickly drew back and hid behind Zhao Qingshan.

Zhao Qingshan saw the beneficial situation before him. He immediately attacked to prevent the red-haired elder from staunching the blood and healing.

It mattered not how good a Grandmaster was. If he kept bleeding, he would have fallen sooner or later. He will have to retreat and look for help. The form of the battlefield would have been disrupted.

"Let's go!"

The red haired elderly shouted. The other six of them went over like a tornado and disappeared right in front of everyone's eyes.

Siao Qi was afraid that they went to attack Chu Li and the others.

"Let's go back, quickly!"

She said.

Zhao Qingshan and the other six hurriedly returned to check on everyone. They saw everyone doing fine and let out a long and heavy breath. If Siao Qi had not come over with other subordinates to help, they could not have imagined the end result.

Everyone continued the journey. Shortly after, they arrived at a small town. They got two carriages; One for Siao Shi and another for Chu Li.

Chu Li was resting on the carriage. The carriage shook as it moved. Spiritual energy from the surroundings entered his body in a constant ebb, nourishing his body and mitigating damage to his body. His internal injuries were quite serious. He felt very pain even with a slight twitch.

The Scripture of Life and Death was very useful. He clearly saw how his wound was recovering rapidly. The meridian was slowly getting stronger.

While he was bored, he suddenly came across a thought. Two birds with one stone. While he was receiving spiritual energy that nourished his body, he visualized the Art of White Tiger. An invisible force entered and strengthened his body.

The spiritual energy of the Scripture of Life and Death was like wine and the Art of White Tiger's force was like medicine. The two of them merged, and the effect was multiplied.

His energy was used up surprisingly fast. When he felt tired, he stopped visualizing. He realized that his wound had recovered a lot. The effect was far stronger than what he expected.

With a method like that, he was confident that he just needed six to seven days to completely recover his wound.

He suddenly had another bright idea. He activated the Sentient Menace.