White Robed Chief Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Spirit Blessing

The curtain of the wagon flourished, and a pleasant fragrance snuck into his senses. Siao Qi had appeared in front of him.

Chu Li stopped channeling and tried to sit up as he was suffering, "Lady Siao."

Siao Qi waved off her hand, signaling him to stay rested. She spoke in monotone, "How great, Chu Li, trying to save the damsel in distress!"

Chu Li put up a bitter smile.

Siao Qi sized him up, "Now that you've lost your martial arts, what do you plan on doing next?"

She had already understood the whole situation through Mulin. Her feelings of the matter were very complicated. Chu Li had oceans of intelligence, and his martial art aptitude was very high. He was even very gifted in dealing with spirit herbs. He was supposed to be her closest assistant in the future, and that was why she put in so much effort in nurturing him, trying to add to his experience and ability.

She never thought that her plan would have lead to such an ending. He unexpectedly sacrificed himself to protect Sister Siao Shi. He left her speechless.

It was actually nothing for him to lose his martial arts. To her, the knowledge and wisdom in Chu Li's head were what mattered the most, martial arts or otherwise. As long as his standing was high enough, there would be a Protector naturally following him at all times so it did not matter as much.

What she was worried about was the possibility that he felt dejected. Martial arts held all meaning in this world, especially to a man. It was like a measurement of their dignity. The moment he lost his martial arts, it was like he lost everything. No matter how much power he held from there, it would all meant nothing.

If that were not the case, her father would have have been in isolation to cultivate the entire time, leaving his position as the Emperor behind just to achieve Enlightened Mastery.

In addition, he had lost his martial arts because of Sister Siao Shi. All things considered, it was her fault, and she felt quite sorry.

Chu Li smiled, "It's not that bad, Lady Siao."

"Elder Mulin has great medical expertise." Siao Qi shook her head. She believed that he was in denial, "Calm down and take care of yourself. Don't dwell on it too much. I still need your help," she said in monotone.

"It's too bad we didn't get to see Lu Yurong." Chu Li said.

"She won't appear that easily. Hiding was the better choice for her." Siao Qi replied.

Public Houses were not allowed to fight each other. This was the rule set by the Royal House. They did not want to lose any unnecessary forces due to infighting, which would have resulted in the Public House being unable to pressure the martial arts world. No matter how they assassinated people, they could have at least covered it up. If Lu Yurong appeared, however, it would have been a different story. Her presence would have been concrete proof of infighting.

Chu Li furrowed his brows. "What about the YI Public House?"

"It should be fine as long as Master Siao doesn't leave the Public House."

"Will Master Siao be able to endure?" Chu Li furrowed his brows and asked, "I'm afraid Lu Yurong might've done all of this to lure us out."

Master Siao was impulsive and emotional. Two traits easily manipulatable traits.

Siao Qi smiled, "Brother Siao Tieying isn't that easily tricked. He can keep his calm when the time calls for it."

Brother Siao Tieying was indeed impulsive, but his actions now would have affected the overall situation in waves. He had responsibility on his shoulders, and he was able to discern what was important and what was not. He would not simply react to the circumstances, she was very sure of that.

Chu Li felt relieved as he saw how assured she was.

Siao Qi took out a white porcelain from her sleeves and handed it to him, "This is the Spirit Blessing Pill. Give it a try and see what happens."

Chu Li took it, "Thank you, Lady Siao."

"After returning, you'll be obediently staying on the island," Siao Qi said, "It isn't actually bad."

Chu Li put up a bitter smile, "It's going to be boring. Life just isn't going to be interesting."

"You'll have your work cut out for you." Siao Qi said.

Chu Li suddenly perked up, refreshed.

Siao Qi saw the change in his expression and shook her head, "You really like positions of power, don't you..?"

Chu Li smiled, "I like power more than I do martial arts. This kind of influence is just more amazing."

"Power is more wonderful than martial arts?" Siao Qi asked.

Chu Li smiled, "I was born lazy! Power is far more suitable for me. There'll always be other people to do things for me. I don't even have to lift a finger."

"You shall be the Chief of the Glory's Will Courtyard, then." Siao Qi appointed.

"The Glory's Will Courtyard?" Chu Li thought for a moment, "There isn't one in the Public House, is there?"

"I'll go and prepare to build one when I get back." Siao Qi said, "It'll be an inner courtyard of the Guardian of Jade Island."

"That small courtyard? Mine?" Chu Li bitterly smiled.

Siao Qi slowly nodded, "Why the long face? Is the position lacking for you?"

Chu Li quickly waved his hand, "But why did Lady Siao think of building the Glory's Will Courtyard..?" He asked.

"Your courtyard is slowly growing and there's nothing in the world that could be hidden forever. Instead of having people snoop around the island, we might as well show it to them, generously." Siao Qi said.

"That's great!" Chu Li gasped in amazement. He then thought about something, "There are a lot of fools in the world and they usually ignore the things around them. If we distracted them well enough, they wouldn't tell of the actual use of the Glory's Will Courtyard!"

The existence of the Tree of Glory's Will made the Glory's Will Courtyard a place to treasure unique spirit plants. Instead of having people question its existence, it was better to distract them with irrelevant things to avert their gazes and the eyes of everyone around. Walls may not have worked, but something else may. The human heart was the easiest to be made ignorant.

"I'm in charge of monitoring the Public House as well as the clearing of spies. I'm planning to make clearing spies the Glory's Will Courtyard's job." Siao Qi said.

Chu Li looked at her in surprise.

Spies were very important as well as the most secretive of all things. In all his time in the Public House, how was he to be in charge of this kind of job..?

"You're very insightful. I'm sure you're the best fit for this job." Siao Qi said.

Chu Li sighed, "I'm afraid that there'll be a huge problem with that."

"You don't have to worry about that. Just do your best." Siao Qi said, "I'm sure Master Siao will agree!"

"Thank you, Lady Siao!" Chu Li had no reason to reject the offer. He fist saluted and declined no longer.

"Think thoroughly if there's anything else that you need. You'll start your new job as soon as you're back." Siao Qi said.

"Understood." Chu Li nodded.

Siao Qi stood up and left.

Chu Li smiled, He was finally connected to real power! It had indeed counted this time, and his misfortune was a blessing in disguise!

He opened the jade porcelain bottle. A total of three pills as white as snow sat inside, each the size of longan. He ate one, and instantly felt the energy within him boiling and circulating within his own body. The condition of his injury recovered by another huge leap. The Spirit Blessing Pill was definitely not something normal!

He took advantage of the moment when his body was still surging with heat and channeled the Sentient Menace.

The threads of heat were flowing in his body furiously, flowing to his shapeless meridians. The firm and thick feeling rose into his heart, as if his meridians became tangible. It was continuously being strengthened, increasing its toughness and weight.

A golden shine appeared on his body, yellowish at first, then changing into a brilliant shade of gold. In the end, it even became purplish gold. His whole body looked as if he had turned into a purplish gold statue, pulsing and glowing every so often.

The curtain moved and Mulin entered the cabin.

The golden light on Chu Li's face immediately faded and disappeared.

Mulin held out his hand as soon as he sat down and checked Chu Li's wrist. He was immediately shocked as he looked at him.

"Lady Siao gave me a bottle of the Spirit Blessing Pill." Chu Li said.

Mulin snatched and opened the jade porcelain bottle to have a look. He took a whiff of it over and over, looking infatuated, "The Spirit Blessing Lady Siao has surely been treating you well!"

Chu Li smiled and did not say a word.

Mulin closed the bottle with the cap and carefully handed it to Chu Li, "Hold it well. The Spirit Blessing Pill is something that saves lives!"

"What're the medical effects of the Spirit Blessing?" Chu Li asked.

"As long as you have a single breath left to you, the pill can extend your life by a whole day!"

Mulin scoffed, "Think about it. To the ones who cultivate martial arts, one pill of Spirit Blessing is equivalent to one human life!"

Chu Li had a sudden realization.

Mulin stared intensely at Chu Li, "Consuming the Spirit Blessing Pill wasn't suitable for you at all. Your meridians are useless now, but your body is still recovering well! You won't die, so eating this was just wasting a very scarce resource!"

"I will refrain from eating it, then."

"Keep it." Mulin scoffed, "You can use it in the future!"

Chu Li smiled.

"Mulin, is my martial arts gone for good?""What's so good about martial arts?"

Mulin stared at him, "All the fighting and killing. You 're going to die to knives and swords one day. Look at you now, it's quite nice, isn't it? Staying in the Public House safe and sound, forever. Now that's the true good fortune!"

Chu Li smiled, "Seems like you have a method to recover my martial arts, Elder Mulin!"

"No!" Mulin scoffed.

"Haha." Chu Li laughed in two beats.

"That's true as well. With my condition, most normal people don't actually have a way."

Mulin clenched his teeth, "Bastard. Such inferior reverse psychology. I won't be tricked!"

Chu Li smiled as he said, "We'll tentatively call it reversed psychology, then."