White Robed Chief Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Stalemate

"Amitabha Buddha!" Fa Yuan stood ten steps away from him, his gray robe flapping in the wind and his face somber.

Chu Li grinned, "Monk Fa Yuan, you still did not give up your evil intention!"

Fa Yuan did the Anjali Mudra again, "Almsgiver Chu Li, your martial arts has improved, congratulations!"

Chu Li waved his hand, "Hypocrite! My martial arts improved, are you really happy? Your Temple of Tempest can't wait to see me had my martial arts dispelled and get rid of me straight away!"

"Almsgiver Chu Li, you are wrong," Fa Yuan shook his head and said seriously, "I'm under the abbot's decree to subdue Almsgiver Chu Li but if Almsgiver Chu Li convert to my temple, the whole temple will be overjoyed!"

Chu Li waved his hand, "Monk, forget it, we are not birds of a feather. I have not enjoyed enough of wealth and glory nor have I see through the emptiness of the material world!"

In the first place, he left the temple and joined the Public House because he wanted to experience the secular world, to enjoy wealth and glory. The Buddhist austerity was full of subtleties and esoteric, if he did not experience the secular world, no matter how intelligent he was, he will still not be able to comprehend the uniqueness of the Buddhist austerities thoroughly even if he can see through the emptiness of the material world.

It was just like telling someone who had not eaten meat that eating meat in excess will make you get tired of it so eating meat was not enjoyable. If that person had not eaten enough meat, no matter how much one explained or how good that person's comprehension was, that person will never experience the feeling of getting bored of eating meat.

"Amitabha Buddha," Fa Yuan sighed, "That's a pity!"

Chu Li smiled, "Why must you kill me?"

"To subdue demons, it is my duty!" Fa Yuan shook his head and said, "Almsgiver Chu Li, this can be avoided!"

Chu Li said, "Monk, if that is the case, I won't go easy on you!"

Fa Yuan pointed out a finger, a soundless and traceless force shot out.

Chu Li dodged to the side by one step, "Monk, you are really sinister, what is this finger force!"

"Formless Finger," Fa Yuan said blandly, "Almsgiver Chu Li, please!"

Chu Li disappeared in a flash in situ.

Fa Yuan's figure also moved, his figure blurry like mist, sometimes appearing in front and sometimes behind, preventing Chu Li from getting behind him and at the same time, he shot out rays after rays of finger force, forming a large net to shield his surrounding, not letting Chu Li get close to him silently.

Chu Li appeared a hundred feet away and laughed, "You are really afraid to die, a monk who has not seen through life and death, your boundary is still lacking!"

Fa Yuan was unperturbed, did the Anjali Mudra and muttered Buddha's name. He sighed, "Almsgiver Chu Li, your levitation is good!"

Chu Li said, "Fa Yuan, you can't keep following me. You can't break my levitation, nor can you take someone else's life to threaten me. Why don't we stop fighting?"

Fa Yuan said plainly, "I will continue to follow Almsgiver Chu Li and look for openings."

"How long do you intend to follow me?"

"If I'm not successful in one month, I will follow you for one year. If I'm not successful in one year, I will follow you for 10 years," Fa Yuan said, "Almsgiver Chu Li is my inner demon, you must be eliminated!"

Chu Li roared out in laughter, "I became your inner demon, that's interesting. This means I can only get rid of you!"

He disappeared in a flash in situ.

Fa Yuan moved too and his figure became blurry like smoke. Chu Li did not appear.

Fa Yuan did not dare to stop moving but after a quarter of an hour, there was still nothing.

His dashing eyebrows moved slightly and he suddenly stopped. After concentrating his mind, he had gathered his finger force, ready to strike and ready to evade the other party's surprise attack.

The cool breeze blew gently through the treetops and the breeze felt warm against his face. The forest was empty and quiet, no movements can be detected again.

He did not dare to relax and stayed wary.

Chu Li suddenly appeared in front of Fa Yuan. Fa Yuan had been paying attention to his back, he had never thought that Chu Li would appear before him.

"Chi!" a ray of cold glint shot at Fa Yuan's throat.

Fa Yuan desperately traversed, relying on his last-gasp foretelling and intuition, he evaded it narrowly. The left side of his neck was raked by the blade, if it was not for his Sentient Menace, he would have been injured by this.

Chu Li shook his head, with Sentient Menace shielding his body, it will not be easy to kill Fa Yuan.

"Monk, again!" Chu Li chuckled once and disappeared again.

Fa Yuan abruptly sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes, did the Anjali Mudra while chanting and manifested his Sentient Menace to the extreme, his body was engulfed in golden light, his face solemn.

Chu Li stood 20 meters away and studied him.

Fa Yuan was already in the fourth level of Sentient Menace, he was indeed an inborn prodigy, even better than Chu Li. A monk this young in the Temple of Tempest was able to reach Grandmaster's Boundary, this made one wonder how many Grandmasters were hidden in the temple, it was truly frightening.

Time went by slowly, Fa Yuan took out a porcelain vase, ate a pill and continued chanting.

Sentient Menace used up a lot of inner energy, each time one advanced a level, the power used increased. Chu Li estimated that no matter how much inner energy Fa Yuan had, his inner energy would not last long, after all, he could not use Scripture of Life and Death to absorb the spiritual energy of the surrounding trees for personal use.

Chu Li disappeared in a flash in situ and went back to the carriage.

Siao Qi was talking beside Siao Shi's carriage, she felt Chu Li's presence and glanced over at him, her eyes like spring water.

Chu Li smiled and nodded. He flicked and swung the horsewhip lightly.

During the journey after that, Chu Li will appear, from time to time, in front of Fa Yuan for a surprise attack. Although Fa Yuan was flustered when he tried to cope with Chu Li's attack, he was not injured. Sentient Menace helped him stayed undefeated, he could not do anything to Chu Li, and Chu Li could not do anything to him as well.

Kang Resident, Zhao Jing Hai Town.

Chu Li changed into a studious blue robe and took a folding fan. Instantly, he had masked his grand heroic spirit and appeared to be a scholar. Behind Siao Shi and Siao Qi, he walked beside Guo Mulin and they entered the lively Kang Resident.

Grand Secretary Kang was a high-ranking official in the imperial court, although he had resigned from his post, he had students from all over the world and many were in the upper positions.

Those who came to celebrate his birthday were mostly officials of the imperial court, it was rare to see people from the martial arts world.

Everyone knew that Grand Secretary Kang detested people from the martial arts world. He felt that they committed crimes with martial arts and treated the laws of the imperial court as if it was nonexistence, they were unscrupulous and should be given a lesson, it would be best if they were all wiped out and it would be a peaceful world.

Ever since he was in power, he had repressed a lot of sects of the martial arts world, even wiping out two factions because their disciples were committing crimes and violating the laws but the two factions were bent on covering it up for them. He used a firm and forceful approach to eliminate the two factions, and it was a major case that shocked the world.

Chu Li had found out about Grand Secretary Kang before he came, Grand Secretary Kang can be considered a benign and uncontentious person in the imperial court, he was gentle and kind but in the face of the people from the martial arts world, he would change his attitude right away. However, his articles and the poems were world-famous and it gained much support from the people in the intellectual circle.

Leading scholars were the common enemies of those in the martial arts world.

The doorman led the four people to the front yard of the Secretary's Resident, Siao Shi and Siao Qi were led to the main hall while Chu Li and Guo Mulin were led to the side hall, the two of them had no qualifications to see Grand Secretary Kang.

The side hall was also very lively, most of them were assistants of the officials but there were also Protectors with eyes that radiated sharp and brilliant light. The entrance of the two attracted no attention.

Chu Li and Guo Mulin sat down at the armchairs, both of them were discussing medical skills during the whole journey. Chu Li consulted Guo Mulin about the problems he met on the medical books while Guo Mulin explained them patiently from elementary to the profound. This benefited Chu Li a lot and he finally understood the basics of medical knowledge.

He was gifted with an extraordinarily retentive memory so he can memorize classic ancient prescriptions and medicinal herbs. This made Guo Mulin envy but also has great hopes for him, Guo Mulin felt that Chu Li was a would-be genius doctor, with a little training, he will be able to conquer the medical field.

They chatted for a while and were led out again. They passed through several Moonlight Gates and reached a quiet small courtyard. In the courtyard, there was a green bamboo forest, Siao Qi and Siao Shi had been sitting in the pagoda appreciating the bamboo, beside them was a pretty maid.

"Thanks to second eldest sister, we get to live here for two days," Siao Qi said, "Sir Guo Mulin and Chu Li also stay."

Chu Li smiled, "Grand Secretary Kang detests people from the martial arts world so much, and he can still enlist Grandmasters as Protectors?"

During the short trip just now, he had used Omniscient Mirror and looked at the whole Kang Resident, he found two Grandmasters.

He was a little dubious, when did Grandmasters become so common?