White Robed Chief Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Assassination

The small courtyard was engulfed in silence, both Siao Qi and Siao Shi were deep in thoughts.

Guo Mulin said, "Young Chu Li, where did you see this Vitality Sealing Finger?"

Chu Li said, "Thaumaturgy Encyclopedia."

"I will look it up when I return," Guo Mulin said, "Is there really such a thing called Vitality Sealing Finger or are you just making things up?"

Chu Li said, "Sir Guo Mulin, I don't have the guts to do that! However, this matter does not have to rush, we can take our time."

Chu Li gave Siao Qi a meaningful glance.

Siao Qi nodded slightly to indicate that she understood.

After dinner, Chu Li went to Siao Qi's room.

The small courtyard had a total of four rooms, one wing room to the east and one to the west as well as the two bedrooms in the main hall.

Siao Qi stayed in the bedroom to the left. When Chu Li went inside, Siao Qi was reading a book under the lights, the tallow candlelight was as bright as day, her face exuded a warm luster like nephrite jade.

Siao Qi put down the book and pointed at the garden stool.

Chu Li gave a fist salute and sat down two steps away.

Siao Qi said, "What do you want to tell me?"

Chu Li sighed, "My Lady, it seems to me that there's not much left of Second Lady's life vitality."

"You are even able to see that?" Siao Qi frowned.

Chu Li nodded slightly, "This is not martial arts, nor is it a medical skill, it's a Buddhism technique."

"How long does my second eldest sister has?" Siao Qi asked.

Chu Li said, "Less than half a year."

"Six months?" Siao Qi furrowed her eyebrows and asked, "She's really affected by Vitality Sealing Finger?"


"Are you sure?"


"If so, why are you still hesitating?"

"My words may not be believed by others, and Second Lady's has honorable status, it is better to let others see first, and look for a Grandmaster."

"You have no confidence in yourself?"

"If you have a low standing, people won't take you seriously, no matter if it's Second Lady or Master Siao Tie Ying, they will not allow me to do it."

"If it's you, are you able to remove it?"

"yes," Chu Li said slowly.

He was very confident as he can see the situation inside her body clearly and his inner energy was strong enough too. With just a palm, it will be enough to remove the Vitality Sealing Finger.

However, this issue was very complex, his status was not high enough. If it was a Grandmaster, the Public House will value and put trust in him, while Chu Li was just an Innate Master, although he had become a chief, he still could not convince others to place their trust in him.

Siao Qi placed the book down and went to push open the window. The night breeze blew into the house and the flame of the tallow candle flickered.

Siao Qi looked at the crescent moon in the sky, her heart still as water, thinking about the stakes in this issue.

She understood Chu Li's concerns, Big Brother was an important hurdle to overcome.

Big Brother will never trust Chu Li so he will not allow him to preside over this matter and he may not believe Chu Li's judgment, he will definitely deny the matter of Vanity Sealing Finger.

"Half a year," Siao Qi muttered.

Chu Li said, "My Lady, it may not necessarily be half a year."

"We will take our time, we can't rush this matter!" Siao Qi stared at him hard, "The stakes of this matter, it is needless for me to tell you."

She trusted Chu Li because this matter had no benefits to Chu Li, it will only bring him great risks.

He was second eldest sister's savior, his credit was big enough, to save her again would be like putting icing on the cake, there would only be limited benefits, but once he failed, it will be life-threatening for him, in accordance with big brother tendencies, he will absolutely vent his anger on Chu Li and it will be impossible for Chu Li to stay alive.

However, she was fully aware of the difficulty of this matter, Big Brother was very anxious about second eldest sister, and he did not believe that Chu Li had such capability, thus he will never let second eldest sister take the risk.

Chu Li sighed, "Maybe there are other methods to resolve the Vitality Sealing Finger, I will check it out."

"Very well, I will find someone to check it out too," Siao Qi said.

Chu Li nodded.

Siao Qi said, "Keep this matter a secret first, and do not disclose it in advance."

Chu Li sighed, "Of course."

Siao Qi waved her hand, "You can leave now."

Chu Li stood up feeling a little disappointed. Sitting in a room with her, being surrounded by her peaceful atmosphere, there was an unexplainable feeling of satisfaction and pleasure, the time passed too quickly and when it was time to leave, he suddenly had the feeling of emptiness and melancholy, he just felt like staying there and not leaving.

He choked back his sadness, gave a fist salute and went out the room.

He reached the middle of the courtyard and sat in the pagoda. He looked at the crescent moon in the night sky. His mind wandered and he was strangely emotional. He felt like drinking wine to erase the sadness in his heart.

All of a sudden, Chu Li's ears jolted and jerked slightly towards one side.

He activated the Omniscient Mirror and saw a dozen of people in black clothing lying prone below the flower trees and hiding in the shadows of the corners, motionlessly, blending in with the surrounding darkness.

His brows lifted, these people from the martial arts world were really impatient. They did not want to let Grand Secretary Kang finish celebrating his birthday.

Increasing the power of Omniscient Mirror, he read their minds and found out that they were from two factions.

He shook his head, Grand Secretary Kang snuffed out two factions at that time and these people were the remnants of the two factions. They had endured many years, they wanted to take revenge in one go and let the whole world know, to give all the imperial court officials a bombshell.

He thought for a while and did not take any action.

Kang Resident was not the Public House. As a guest, he did not have to get involved. If he did, he will invite a lot of trouble for himself, and moreover, there were Grandmasters protecting Grand Secretary Kang so there will be no danger.

He retracted one level of the Omniscient Mirror and only paid attention to their movements.

The night deepened and unknowingly, it was already late at night, the entire Kang Resident was asleep.

Chu Li knew that Siao Qi and Siao Shi were asleep, Guo Mulin was also asleep after tossing and turning restlessly for quite a while, the whole small courtyard was in silence.

Chu Li got to his feet and went out. He stood with his hands behind his back in the small courtyard, motionlessly staring at the bright moon.

The bright moon was shaped like a hook.

After quite a long time, with his Omniscient Mirror, he saw the group of people in black clothing came into action with.

They were arranged into groups of three and there was a total of seven groups, running towards different directions: some went to the main hall of Kang Resident, some went to the back kitchen, some went to the backyard, some went to the guest room, and three people were coming towards their small courtyard.

Chu Li did not want them to disturb Siao Qi's sleep. When they were close to the small courtyard walls and were about to leap up, Chu Li suddenly appeared behind them, his Heart Destroyer Palm broke their heart meridian straight away and they died silently.

Only one person flew into the air and over the walls into the courtyard.

After Chu Li killed the other two, he once again appeared behind the remaining guy and killed him with a palm, caught his corpse in the air and landed quietly outside the walls.

He put the three corpses together, and then, in a flash, went back to the pagoda in the small courtyard.

Kang Resident was thrown into chaos. Soon, the woodshed of the back kitchen was consumed by fire. Some woke up and shouted for help. A lot of people gushed out to put out the fire.

The people in black clothing made use of the confusion created, took out their knife and started killing people.

Chu Li frowned, the Protectors of Kang Resident were not of any help. They failed to detect such situation on time.

His figure flashed twice, he killed three people in black clothing and then disappeared.

Chu Li did not involve himself any further when the rest of the assassins went to the backyard, he only looked at the situation through his mind.

When this four groups of people in black clothing neared the backyard, each of them swallowed a medicine and soon, their eyes turned blood red and their whole bodies were surrounded by a violent and brutal aura.

When they broke into the backyard, a Grandmaster appeared all of a sudden and six of them encircled the Grandmaster, completely disregarding their own safety and paying no heed to the attacks of the Grandmaster. They kept attacking desperately as if they had forgotten about their lives and deaths. They were apparently sacrificial warriors.

The remaining six people broke into the bedroom and lunged at a thin old man.

This was the first time Chu Li saw Grand Secretary Kang. He was skinny and short, with white hair and cauterizing eyes. Although he did not practice martial arts, his spirit was impressive and he was exuding a mighty and imposing aura.

His countenance was inscrutable when facing the six men in black clothing, instead, he scoffed angrily, "Presumptuous!"

An old man in gray robe stood beside him, using both his left and right palms to press against the six people from a distance. The powerful palm energy weighed down on them, making it hard for them to even move an inch.

Blood red completely filled the eyes of these people, they were like monsters. Two of them lunged at the old man in a gray robe, leaving their chest unprotected. They were hit in the chest directly by the palm energy and spat out blood but they still continued to lunge forward.

The remaining four people in black clothing leaped towards Grand Secretary Kang. The Grandmaster saw this critical situation, quickly slipped past the blockage of the two people in black clothing, blocked in front of Grand Secretary Kang and struck out his palm strangely fast. The shadows of his palms filled the space and his palms hit the four people in black clothing.

He originally thought that his palm strikes will send them flying, but he never thought that they will endure his palm attack, spitting out blood but not retreating, instead, they leaned closer. All four people in black clothing dived at him and held onto him.

The other two red-eyed people in black clothing lunged at Grand Secretary Kang with their mouths wide opened, their sharp white teeth aimed at the throat of Grand Secretary Kang.