White Robed Chief Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Coming to Aid

Chu Li suddenly appeared behind Grand Secretary Kang and punched the two people in black clothing away. After that, a cold glint flashed from his waist and with a silver stroke, Chu Li cut their heads off and a pillar of blood spurted out like spring water.

Chu Li continued to swing his long sword and two more heads accompanied by a blood pillar were sent flying.

The remaining two people in black clothing were finally killed by the Grandmaster, he directly smashed their heads.

The whole house was filled with the smell of blood.

Grand Secretary Kang frowned, covered his nose and turned pale.

He had a firm and unyielding character. In the face of great difficulty, he can remain calm, but he could not stand such gory scene and the urge to vomit surged up his chest.

Chu Li gave a fist salute and smiled, "Secretary must be startled!"

"Thank you, warrior. I wonder where did a hero like you come from?" Grand Secretary Kang returned the fist salute and asked calmly.

Chu Li said, "I am a guard from the Yi Public House. I will take my leave now."

He disappeared in a flash in front of the two people and was back at the small courtyard.

The small courtyard was quiet and the faint sound of the distant commotion can be heard.

Siao Qi had woke up but she sat on the bed motionlessly. Although Guo Mulin had the cultivation level of an Innate Master, his vigilant was very poor thus he was still asleep.

The whole Secretary Resident was set into motion. Protectors came out one after another, searching for any remaining enemies.

Siao Qi got out of bed, pushed the door and came to the small courtyard. She saw Chu Li sitting in the pagoda and went to join him.

"Grand Secretary Kang's birthday banquet is hard to hold," Siao Qi whispered, "Don't disturb second eldest sister."

Siao Shi's body was weak, she could not sleep well, even a little noise will make her woke up, she will not be able to sleep anymore and her health will deteriorate.

Chu Li said softly, "Too many enemies."

Siao Qi said plainly, "They are the kind of people who bully the weak and fear the strong!"

Chu Li nodded.

Bullying the weak and fear the strong was human's nature. Their enemies were Grand Secretary Kang as well as the Public House. If they dare to go to the public, the Public House will retaliate like the torrential rains and uproot them. Grand Secretary Kang had now retired and thus they dared to be so arrogant, otherwise, they would not endure for so many years.

The sound of footsteps from outside neared but they soon stopped.

Chu Li disappeared in a flash and appeared in front of a team of Protectors, he gave them a fist salute, "These three attempted to do evil, I have already killed them. Please keep it down as my Lady has a weak constitution, she wakes up easily."

"Is it Protector Chu Li?" the leader of the 12 Protectors was a middle-aged man, he lowered his voice, "Master had ordered us to not disturb the Lady, we will leave at once, thank you for your help, Protector Chu Li."

Chu Li gave them a fist salute.

The Protectors picked up the three corpses and left silently.

Chu Li appeared in front of Siao Qi in a flash and Siao Qi looked at him.

Chu Li whispered softly, "There were three guys who attempted to come here, I feared that they will disturb Lady's sleep thus I killed them."

"You," Siao Qi shook her head and said, "This is Secretary Resident, do not be reckless."

In the unlikely event that he killed the wrong person, it will be troublesome. After all, this was not their own residence and others may feel that he had intervened and meddled with other people's affair and felt unhappy with him.

Chu Li promised with a smile.

The next day after taking their meals, Chu Li and Guo Mulin went out of the residence and walked around Zhao Jing Hai Town, while Siao Qi and Siao Shi went to see Grand Secretary Kang.

Although Zhao Jing Hai Town was not big, it was prosperous and bustling. The two ate their lunch before returning to the small courtyard.

Siao Shi was playing zither in the pagoda while Siao Qi was reading, the bamboo forest was rustling in the wind, giving the small courtyard an elegant atmosphere.

Seeing that the two men had returned, Siao Shi pressed the strings on the zither and smiled at Chu Li, "Chu Li, last night you saved Grand Secretary Kang?"

Chu Li smiled, "Yes, just a little help while I'm at it."

"Grand Secretary thanked you. Here, these tiger paintings are for you," Siao Qi pointed to a purple lacquer box on the stone table, "Those are all treasures, they worth a lot."

"Tiger paintings?" Chu Li was overjoyed, he hurriedly opened the box. There was a total of six paintings.

He unfolded them one by one, each tiger paintings had their own uniqueness, looking grandeur and majestic, all of them were fine works of art.

Chu Li finally understood.

When the artists in this world painted a tiger, it was often through their imagination, putting their impressions of the most vicious existence onto the tiger painting, it was their fiercest spirit.

Chu Li benefited a lot from these paintings.

Seeing that Chu Li could not stop grinning, Guo Mulin looked over Chu Li's shoulder and eyed the paintings, he did not think that there was anything great about the paintings. He shook his head and said, "Instead of looking at this, you might as well take a look at a painting of meridians, what is there to see for a Spirit Tiger."

Chu Li laughed, "Look at how mighty and grandeur it is!"

Guo Mulin did not think so but he smiled and said, "Grand Secretary Kang just give this? Isn't he too stingy?"

"What does Sir Guo Mulin wants?" Siao Shi smiled.

"As a Grand Secretary, he must have some valuable ancient codex?" Guo Mulin said, "That's what you call a true treasure!"

"Sir Guo Mulin wanted to look for the records on Vitality Sealing Finger?" Siao Shi said, smiling.

Guo Mulin embarrassingly coughed twice, "Yes."

Siao Shi said, "I have asked Grand Secretary Kang about it, he has also heard about the Vitality Sealing Finger."

Guo Mulin was unimpressed, "Oh, worthy to be a Grand Secretary, he even knew about this."

"Grand Secretary has a wide range of knowledge," Siao Shi smiled, "Not anybody can be called a Grand Secretary. Grand Secretary Kang has a photographic memory, he had gone through the whole Violet Light Library and the imperial court's Violet Light Library has more books than our Public House!"

"If so, does he know the remedy for Vitality Sealing Finger?"

"Well, it's just like what Chu Li said."

"There is no alternative?"

"No," Siao Shi looked at Chu Li, "Chu Li, do you have the courage to help me?"

Chu Li smiled, "What is there to be afraid of?"

Siao Shi said, "If Sir Guo Mulin confirmed that it's really Vitality Sealing Finger, then you will help me remove it!"

"I will go back and try to understand what this Vitality Sealing Finger is, and research about it properly," Guo Mulin said, "Just in case it is not!"

Chu Li looked at the paintings, smiled and shook his head.

Chu Li visualized the Art of White Tiger in his mind, a white tiger leaped into the void of his mind and displayed various postures and forms, attracting the invisible force from the void and poured into his body, strengthening his body. As the white tiger's aura become mightier, the invisible force in the void became increasingly vigorous and intense.

When he looked at the Art of White Tiger now, the invisible force that was initially like the wind blowing gently had become a strong gale, he could clearly feel that every time after cultivation, his body became slightly stronger. If his strength slowly accumulated like this, even he did not know how strong he will become in the future!

The following two days, the Secretary Resident was very lively but no one came to assassinate again. The failure of that group of people had let those who were eager to do the same thing understood that it was not so easy to intrude the Secretary Resident.

North Gate of Chu Ling Lee Yuning Town

All the pedestrians, that came and went, lightened their footsteps, closed their mouth and quietly walked by.

A group of Protectors from the Public House clustered around a handsome middle-aged man, motionlessly. A cold and heavy atmosphere permeated the air, the pedestrians dared not make a sound.

The handsome middle-aged man, with straight eyebrows that slanted upwards, bright and sharp eyes and a Grecian nose, was standing there quietly, exuding an unspoken elegance, making others dared not look him in the eyes. He was the eldest young master of Yi Public House, Siao Tie Ying Xiao.

"Master, let me send someone to take a look again," an old man in blue robe beside Siao Tie Ying said softly.

Siao Tie Ying waved his hand, "No need, we will just wait for a while."

"Yes," the old man with white eyebrows said softly.

This old man's eyebrows were all white and his complexion as ruddy as an infant's, revealing his high cultivation level.

Siao Tie Ying said, "Lin Quan, when will the Longevity Grass be delivered?"

"Master, it's already on the way," Lin Quan muttered, "It's estimated that it will be sent to the Public House in half a month."

"Good, good!" Siao Tie Ying said, "I don't want any accident to happen. After second younger sister eats this, I believe that she will recover!"

Lin Quan with white eyebrows gave a solemn nod.