White Robed Chief Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Limelight

Siao Tie Ying scoffed, "Hu Ren Public House has become more and more insolent. This time, if it's not for third younger sister, second younger sister would be in danger. Lu Yu Zhao Lung is really mad!"

"Master, I think that her target is not the Second Lady, the key is our Grandmasters, they sent seven Grandmasters. Apparently, they are trying to get rid of our Grandmasters!" The old man Lin Quan said gravely.

"Well, third younger sister thinks so too," Siao Tie Ying scoffed, "They actually think that we are vulnerable!"

"Master, it's still not the right time to start a war!" Lin Quan reminded softly.

Siao Tie Ying said, "But we still need to teach Lu Yu Zhao Lung a lesson, she is too presumptuous!"

"This time they suffered great loss. They lost a Grandmaster and there will be a significant decrease in their strength. Revenge is sweet!" Lin Quan smiled, "Congratulations to Third Lady, for having such a talented subordinate!"

"Humph, this Chu Li!" Siao Tie Ying frowned.

Lin Quan said, "Master is worried?"

"He is young and lacks composure. Moreover, the duration he entered the Public House is too short," Siao Tie Ying said somberly, "I don't feel assured to use him."

"He sacrificed his life to save Second Lady," Lin Quan smiled, "His faithfulness is unmistakable, as for being composed, he is too young so if he is too mature, it is not a good thing as he will be too gloomy."

"That might be true too," Siao Tie Ying slowly nodded, "It seems that I am too strict. In the end, he did save second younger sister, I need to reward him properly!"

Lin Quan smiled, "Third Lady must have already rewarded him, Master doesn't have to take the trouble to reward him."

"Hai this third younger sister of mine!" Siao Tie Ying said with resignation, "She is beyond my control!"

"Third Lady is just trying to help," Lim said, "Third Lady is sufficiently talented. Master doesn't have to burden yourself with everything, letting Third Lady share some of the burdens is fine too."

"Among us four siblings, third younger sister is the most talented in martial arts training. Although fourth younger brother is good too, he is still not as good as third younger sister. We will be counting on third younger sister in the future but she keeps distracting herself with trivial matters!" Siao Tie Ying shook his head and sighed, "No matter how much I persuade her, it was of no use!"

If one wanted to set foot into the Enlightened Mastery's Boundary, the most vital was one's comprehension and talent. Siao Tie Ying and his fourth younger brother's talent were not bad, but it was far from third younger sister's. They will never reach Enlightened Mastery's Boundary but third younger sister had the chance to reach that boundary.

Once she reached Enlightened Mastery's Boundary, the Public House will be worry-free. No one would dare to provoke them, even if it was the royal house, they would not dare to touch the Xiao Family and this will be a real help to the Public House.

Although he was tired, doing everything by himself, he was still in the prime of his life, he can withstand it. However, third younger sister did not agree with his views and kept distracting herself with trivial matters. He knew that she had good intention so it made him feel frustrated and at the same time, resigned.

Lin Quan smiled and shook his head.

The four siblings' relationships were very good, it may be because the High Duke had always been in Isolated Cultivation and their mother was gone too, thus they supported and helped each other, forming a close relationship.

In addition, there were no disputes of personal interest. The eldest son was the successor of the Public House, the youngest son was a martial arts maniac, second lady was physically weak and third lady had no interest in the secular world. They worked together to pull the Public House up from its weakening state.

"Here it comes!" Siao Tie Ying suddenly cried.

In the distance, a yellow dust cloud was formed on the main road, a group of people slowly arrived, it was Siao Shi, Siao Qi and their entourage.

Siao Tie Ying rushed forward impatiently.

Siao Qi's white robe remained clean without any dust on it, her expression cold, she went in front of Siao Tie Ying and dismounted her horse, she glanced around, "Big Brother, why such a big commotion?"

Siao Tie Ying smiled, "You guys did a good job this time, naturally, I have to give you all a grand welcome!"

Siao Qi knew what he was saying, she just said plainly, "Not really."

Siao Shi pulled open the curtains of the carriage, revealing her face that was covered with a white veil, her eyes lustrous, she yelled unhappily, "Big Brother, what are you trying to do by gathering so many people here, let's go back to the Public House!"

"Fine, fine. Let's go back!" Siao Tie Ying quickly nodded and asked carefully, "Second younger sister, are you fine?"

"Yes, I felt quite good," Siao Shi put down the curtains and sat back inside.

Siao Tie Ying followed beside the carriage, together with Siao Qi, his eagle-like eyes swept across Hai Qing Shan and Chu Li and his gaze stopped on Chu Li for a while.

Chu Li gave him a fist salute.

Siao Tie Ying nodded slightly, turned his head back and talked to Siao Qi.

Xue Ling saw that Chu Li had come back, but her facial expression was cold, she only prepared a few dishes, held a jar of fine wine, and served him more attentively. She did not reveal a happy expression and seemed to feel nothing from his return.

Chu Li swirled the wine gently. The white jade cup reflected the emerald green wine in it and the wine seemed lush and exuberant. He had an impulse to swig it down in one gulp, wanting to drink the lush and vigor together with it.

"In the past few days, anything happened?" Chu Li asked slowly.

The cool wind blew gently, the bright moon sprinkled down its clear moonlight, the small courtyard was scenic, the bamboo forest in the corner of the west wall produced rustling sound and it was like heavenly music.

Xue Ling, in a clean and spotless white gown, had a cold expression, "Nothing major. Oh, right, that friend of Master was in the limelight."

Chu Li cast a sideways glance at her.

Xue Ling said, "Sister Zhao Ying."

"What is it?" Chu Li frowned.

Xue Ling said, "Somebody caused trouble in the Leisure Cloud Pub. Sister Zhao Ying came to aid and broke the legs of a dozen people."

"Who are those people?" Chu Li scoffed and said petulantly, "Tell me everything in one go!"

"It seems that a group of disciples from the Phoenix Faction came to the Leisure Cloud Pub, they teased the maid of the pub and this angered Sister Zhao Ying. Sister Zhao Ying broke their legs and threw them outside, their screams were very frightening it is said that the business of Leisure Cloud Pub is more prosperous now!" Xue Ling told him everything in one go.

Chu Li frowned, "Was it really Sister Zhao Ying?"

"Absolutely, I confirmed it!" Xue Ling nodded firmly, "Master did not believe me?"

Chu Li scoffed, "It seems that group of fellows went overboard!"

Sister Zhao Ying had a soft character, she was not suited to explore the martial arts world, she will not take action that easily. Being able to break someone's legs in anger, this group of people from the Phoenix Tree Faction must be befuddled and really angered Sister Zhao Ying, so she came down hard on them.

Xue Ling said, "Phoenix Tree Faction can also be considered a big faction, they dare to be so presumptuous in the town, certainly their martial arts are not bad. It is said that there were several Innate Masters and in the end, they were still being beaten by Sister Zhao Ying. Sister Zhao Ying must be very famous now."

Chu Li nodded thoughtfully.

Zhao Ying's Swallow Reversal swordsmanship was already exquisite, her comprehension on it was deep too and coupled with her Innate Mastery's Boundary cultivation level, the average Innate Masters would not be able to defeat her.

He gave Xue Ling a sideways glance and smiled, "You are very envious of Sister Zhao Ying, right?"

"Master, when can I be like Sister Zhao Ying?" Xue Ling stared intensely at him.

"For you to break into the Innate Mastery's Boundary is much more difficult than Sister Zhao Ying, so take your time."

Xue Ling was disappointed. She sighed.

"I will help you in channeling after I finish my meal," Chu Li swigged down the wine in one gulp.

Xue Ling filled the wine cup for him, her cold face broke into a smile, "Thank you, Master!"

These days, she had persevered and trained hard, but the result made her despaired. The result of her desperate training these days was not even close to the result during Master's help in one night. The gap between the two people was too wide, a heaven and an earth, God was not being fair!

She complained and trained hard at the same time. Looking at the tiger painting on the wall, her willpower became firmer and she cultivated with more effort.