White Robed Chief Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Phoenix Tree

After Chu Li finished his meal, he helped her with her cultivation for a night.

As his spirit was strong, Xue Ling's advancement was fast. She broke through two acupuncture points in a night, getting one step closer to Innate Mastery's Boundary, this made Xue Ling's cold, impassive face broke into a smile.

The next day, Su Ru in a yellow robe strolled in casually during breakfast, her face clear and bright, her eyes smiling.

She came into the small courtyard and cast a glance at the Glory's Will Tree first. The Glory's Will Tree's height had reached her waist, its growth was impressive, her smile broadened. She walked with a spring in her step towards the pagoda and sat in front of Chu Li.

Chu Li inhaled the fragrant that drifted from her and laughed, "Something good happened to Chief?"

"You got promoted to chief, is this not a joyous occasion?" Su Ru giggled.

Xue Ling brought a white jade teacup into the pagoda, handed it gently to her and looked at Chu Li astonishingly.

Su Ru laughed, "Xue Ling, your Master had distinguished himself. From now on, he is promoted to chief of Glory's Will Courtyard!"

"The chief of Glory's Will Courtyard?" Xue Ling said dubiously, "I feel like I have never heard of Glory's Will Courtyard!"

"Glory's Will Courtyard is actually your courtyard," Su Ru chuckled, "In any case, a chief is a chief Chu Li, you can have 10 Scribes and 20 Protectors, including two Innate Masters!"

Chu Li shook his head and burst out laughing, "I don't need so many people."

"The Protectors you can always go to the Hall of Martial Arts and ask for them," Su Ru said, "As for the Scribes, you can select them anytime, it's up to you whether you want them or not. No matter what, the pay of Glory's Will Courtyard will be given directly to you."

Chu Li smiled, "How much?"

"10,000 taels silver per month."

"That much?" Xue Ling's bright eyes turned round.

The pay for the Protectors and Scribes were given directly by the Public House and the Glory's Will Courtyard did not have to pay for them. This 10,000 taels silver was used as expenses during duties and to reward their subordinates.

"This is not considered much," Su Ru sipped a mouthful of tea, "If you do a deed of merit in the future, it will increase you must have heard about Zhao Ying's matter?"

"I know the gist, Xue Ling did not give me the details."

"That group of fellows from Phoenix Tree Faction!" Su Ru scoffed, "Feng Shicai has a brother, he is an Elder in the Phoenix Tree Faction."

"He has guts!" Chu Li's expression turned dark.

"Probably, he is trying to test the water," Su Ru smiled, "When Zhao Ying took intervened, she scared them until they shrunk back!"

"Phoenix Tree Faction," Chu Li pondered.

"This Phoenix Tree Faction cannot be underestimated," Su Ru said, "In recent years, their power rose sharply and a number of young talents were from this faction. There is a sign of resurgence."

"They dare to challenge the Public House?" Chu Li frowned.

Zhao Ying's identity was not a secret, someone will know who she was with just a slight investigation. Going against Zhao Ying in Chong Ming Town indicated a provocation against the Public House.

Su Ru sneered, "Our Public House has weakened in recent years, people are increasingly irreverent about the Public House. Through provocation against our Public House, the Phoenix Tree Faction will become famous overnight, they had a wishful thinking!"

"They are not afraid that the Public House will take action?"

"They knew the limit and calculated well. The only mistake they made was not knowing that Zhao Ying's martial art is good," Su Ru chuckled, "Who would know that a delicate girl like Zhao Ying will have such skills, all of this is your credit!"

Chu Li waved his hand.

"They turned obedient after that, they now know that not anybody can provoke our Public House!" Su Ru scoffed and then smiled, "As a matter of fact, Zhao Ying did a great job this time!"

"Sister Zhao Ying had worked hard," Chu Li sighed.

Since the start of the business in Leisure Cloud Pub, Zhao Ying had always been guarding the pub, never leaving there for a moment, lest there was someone bullying that group of poor women.

"It's rare that she did not forget to train her martial arts," Su Ru said, "but that place suits her well."

Zhao Ying's character was too soft, not suitable to be a Protector who did duties outside the Public House. Su Ru had given her suggestion to the Hall of Martial Arts, to turn the job of protecting Leisure Cloud Pub into a duty, allowing Zhao Ying to avoid doing other duties and stay in the Leisure Cloud Pub.

Chu Li changed the topic, "Chief, can the Art of White Tiger be taught to others?"

"Who do you want to impart it to?" Su Ru was surprised.

This was an ancient martial art, mysterious and unpredictable, the combination of volume 1 and volume 2, and it was even the world's rare torso tuning technique, but the threshold was a little too high for the average person to practice.

Chu Li said, "The sisters in Leisure Cloud Pub."

"They can practice it?" Su Ru smiled, "Don't joke with me!"

Even Lady Siao Qi could not practice it and they can practice it successfully? It was impossible!

"I have a way."

"What way?"

"Buddhism's Enlightenment Technique."

"No matter what method," Su Ru said disapprovingly, "Didn't you say that practicing forcefully will damage one's spirit?"

"I add the Art of White Tiger into the foundation part and let them practice foundation first. Slowly, they will be able to practice Art of White Tiger."

"There is such a good thing?" Su Ru said, "Then let me try first!"

"Can I teach it to them?"

Su Ru frowned and thought for a while, "I would need to ask Lady Siao Qi."

Chu Li nodded slightly.

It was necessary as the Art of White Tiger's value was inestimable, how can it be taught to others that easily? Not only would it be unfair, there will also be trouble in the future.

Su Ru said, "Enlighten me first to see if your method really works."

Chu Li laughed, "Chief, you really dare to try?"

"Will you harm me?" Su Ru clearly did not think so and she laughed, "When to try it?"

"We can do it now."

"If so, let's do it now!" Su Ru placed the teacup down.

Chu Li stood up, went to sit beside her and smiled, "Chief, calm your mind."

When he said that, his right palm slowly pressed onto Su Ru's head.

Su Ru did not move, smiling while she looked at him. They were very close to each other and Chu Li was able to hear her breath. Her breath was as fresh and fragrant as the orchid, her eyes were as clear as the water on a lake, her delicate skin was smooth, and her facial features beautiful and refined. The closer he was to her, the more beautiful she looked.

"Close your eyes," Chu Li said.

Su Ru closed her eyes and laughed, "That's all?"

Chu Li did not answer, he manifested the Buddhism's Enlightenment Technique and inserted a painting of a fierce tiger into her mind.

By watching the painting of a fierce tiger, he gained great sensibility. After grasping the essence of this painting, he was able to grasp the others' essence as well. When he unfolded the Art of White Tiger, each of the tiger paintings transformed into the Art of White Tiger, but their momentums were either strong or weak and their effects were different too, thus, they were differentiated into different levels.

The White Tiger that was inserted into the mind of Su Ru had a weak momentum, and through this painting, she was able to absorb the invisible force like a gentle breeze from the void. Her body strengthening effect was subtle but when accumulated to a certain level, the effects will be amazing too.

Chu Li let go of his hand. Su Ru opened her bright eyes and closed them again, trying to visualize in her mind, and there was indeed a white tiger jumping and displaying various postures and forms. A faint and weak force entered her body.

"It's really the Art of White Tiger!" she stared at Chu Li astonishingly.

Chu Li smiled, "Practice this for a while first. When your spirit has grown stronger, only then you can practice the following paintings."

"Chu Li, you are awesome!" Su Ru said excitedly.

She had understood Chu Li's intention. He weakened the White Tiger's momentum so the effect might be weak, but it was far better than not being able to practice it at all. The original Art of White Tiger's threshold was too high and the average person could not practice it.

She stood up impatiently, waved her hand at Chu Li and walked out of the small courtyard.

Xue Ling looked at him curiously.

Chu Li said, "You can't practice it."

"Why not?" Xue Ling asked disappointedly.

Chu Li smiled, "Torso tuning technique is best to wait until you reach Innate Mastery's Boundary to attempt it."

The Art of White Tiger was marvelous, but he did not know if it will hinder the breakthrough into Innate Mastery's Boundary. Chen Ying and the girls were different, they were older and there was radical damage done to their body, so he had a different plan for them.

"Innate Mastery's Boundary," Xue Ling's cold and impassive face revealed resignation, it was unattainable.

Su Ru soon came back. She laughed and said, "The Lady agreed, but you can only teach them the first volume, and"

Chu Li was all ears.

Su Ru said, "You are only allowed to teach them using the enlightenment technique. They cannot read the secret manual."

Inheritance through enlightenment was different from reading the secret manual. It can only be sensed, not expressed by words. To draw the white tiger in his mind onto a paper, not to mention how high one's painting skill was required, even if it was seen by others, it would be useless.

"Many thanks to Lady Siao Qi!" Chu Li laughed.

He saw a glimmer of hope, he can train Chen Ying and the girls so that they can help him out in the future.