White Robed Chief Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Performing Enlightenment

Chu Li went to the residence in the town. All the girls were in and they saw him, each gave him a surprised look.

Zhao Ying was glaring at him bitterly.

Chu Li smiled at the girls. They all had their own businesses, they did not idle around, some embroidered, some trimmed the flowers, some were cultivating, some tailored clothes and some were reading. The whole residence was lively.

Zhao Ying was in a green robe. With light footsteps, she came to welcome him, "Brother!"

Chu Li smiled, "Sister, you have worked hard. How are you recently?"

"This time you won't go out anymore?" Zhao Ying scoffed.

"I can rest for a while," Chu Li smiled, "What is the matter with Phoenix Tree Faction?"

Zhao Ying face suddenly turned dark, she scoffed, "Do not mention them! Playboys! Scums!"

Chu Li laughed, "Need me to teach them a lesson?"

Zhao Ying tightened her lips together, she thought for a while and nodded, "It's good to teach them a lesson too. These people are very bad, they are all scoundrels, and the Phoenix Tree Faction is not any better!"

She got angry when she thought of the situation at the time.

These scoundrels wanted all the women in the Leisure Cloud Pub to fool around with them, if not, they will come every day and cause trouble, so that Leisure Cloud Pub could not do their business and when the girls did not have the money to buy their meals anymore, they will seek them on their own.

Listening to these obscene words, she could not bear it anymore and in a fit of anger, she broke their legs.

Thinking about it afterward, she felt that her heart was too soft. Towards these villains and bastards, she should just dispel their martial arts so that they could not do evil anymore!

Chu Li said, "Leave it to me."

"Brother, did everything go well?" Zhao Ying said, "You shouldn't have gone out of the Public House!"

She was aware that both Temple of Tempest and Hu Ren Public House wanted to kill him.

"Yes," Chu Li promised with a smile and waved his hand at Chen Ying who was trimming the flowers.

Chen Ying was in a white gown, her slender and bright eyes were lovely. She pointed at herself and Chu Li nodded.

Chen Ying put down the scissors and walked towards him, looking at him curiously.

Chu Li said, "Sister Zhao Ying, you and Chen Ying follow me."

He took the girl into a quiet room.

This quiet room was used for his cultivation. The arrangement of this room was very simple, with just a bed, a table and a painting of the character "Quiet" that was hung on the wall. There was nothing else.

Zhao Ying asked, "Brothers, what is it?"

Chu Li hesitated, "I learned an acupuncture technique that can build one's foundation, but there is a risk."

"How long do you need to build a foundation?"

"One night."

"Really? What acupuncture technique is that?

"Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique," Chu Li smiled, "You must not have heard about it. I learned it from Senior Guo Mulin."

"Oh, it's High Official Guo Mulin," Zhao Ying said in a sudden realization.

Guo Mulin had a transcendent standing in the Public House. His medical skill was outstanding and he was responsible for conditioning the Second Lady's body.

Chu Li looked at Chen Ying who stayed quiet, "Chen Ying, Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique can allow you to build a foundation overnight, but it has high risk and you might die from it. You need to think carefully."

Chen Ying said without hesitation, "Young master, I want to try it!"

Chu Li sighed and nodded.

He was well aware of the girls' thoughts, they hated their weakness the most. As long as there was a slight opportunity to become stronger, they will grasp it, even if they had to put their lives on the line.

"Sit down on the bed," Chu Li said, "I will first transfer something to you. Remember that you cannot teach it to others!"

"Yes," Chen Ying took off her boots and sat down on the bed cross-legged and her back straight.

Chu Li turned his head to glance at Zhao Ying.

Zhao Ying quickly said, "I understand, I will be quiet."

Chu Li gave a satisfactory nod and took out a box. There was a total of three layers, and they each held wooden needles, silver needles, and gold needles.

Zhao Ying stared curiously with widened eyes, unblinking.

Chu Li lifted his right palm and placed onto Chen Ying's Baihui acupuncture point and stayed there motionlessly.

Chen Ying slowly closed her eyes as if she had gone asleep.

Zhao Ying looked at Chu Li dubiously, she did not understand what he was doing. She saw Chen Ying eyelids trembled rapidly and this made her even more curious.

Soon, Chu Li released his hand and said, "Keep visualizing, don't become distracted."

Both his hands picked up a wooden needle each and jabbed them into Chen Ying's body quickly, followed by another two needles. He stuck 109 needles onto Chen Ying in one breath and Chen Ying became like a hedgehog.

Zhao Ying's eyes widened even more. Chen Ying was calm as if she felt nothing but Zhao Ying had pins and needles when she watched her.

All of a sudden, a gust of wind formed in the room and the gentle breeze continuously blew onto their cheeks.

Zhao Ying looked left and right in puzzlement. The window was not opened. Where did the wind come from?

The cool wind blew past, Chen Ying's clothes were pinned by the needles so her clothes did not flutter, it only blew her raven black hair.

Zhao Ying looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled and indicated her not to speak.

As time went by slowly, the wind slowly built up and the gentle breeze had become a strong wind.

Zhao Ying's clothes were blown by the wind, making a fluttering sound, as if a gale was blowing.

Since noon, it had been like this, but in the evening, the blowing of the wind slowly became weaker.

Sunlight from the sunset shone through the window, dyeing the room red.

Chu Li suddenly withdrew all the needles and Chen Ying slowly opened her eyes.

Zhao Ying saw that her eyes were brighter and her spirit energy was stronger. Although there was no sign of someone who had martial arts training, she did not appear as weak as before.

"Young master," Chen Ying clenched her fist, feeling the turbulent energy in her body and looked at Chu Li astonishingly.

Chu Li said, "From now on, you can practice martial arts, but do not practice heart techniques of martial arts, only practice the white tiger art I taught you."

"Yes," Chen Ying promised without hesitation, "Young master, why can't I practice heart technique?"

Chu Li said, "The white tiger art I taught you is very abstruse, you can practice at any time. The other heart technique may not be as effective as white tiger art."

"Yes," Chen Ying did not ask any more questions.

She knew that she started late. Practicing now was already very late, Chu Li must have thought of this situation, therefore he imparted her the white tiger art.

She hesitated for a moment, "Young master wants to perform acupuncture for each of the girls?"

"Whoever wants to practice martial arts, I will perform it on her."

"Everyone wants to practice martial arts."

"I will take my time and do it one by one."

"Sorry to trouble young master," Chen Ying said, "Please have your dinner here!"

"Okay," Chu Li nodded, "Let Chen Xue Ling come here, you girls can go now."

"Yes," Chen Ying complied and went out.

Chen Xue Ling soon came in casually.

Chu Li enlightened her the Art of White Tiger first and then performed acupuncture, only finishing in the middle of the night.

All the girls came back to the residence and it became increasingly lively.

Chu Li did not return to the Public House altogether, he stayed and rested in the residence. After that, he went on enlightening the girls with the Art of White Tiger the next morning and performed the Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique.

He prepared ten sets of needles, relied on his strong spiritual power and performed acupuncture on 10 people at one time.

Three days flew by in a blink, all the girls had successfully built a foundation and started cultivating the Art of White Tiger.

Chu Li had not decided which martial arts to teach them. To display the power of the Art of White Tiger, palm technique would not do, thus, he planned to teach them claw techniques or fist techniques, he even prepared to let them practice flying blades.

When he pushed open the door and entered the small courtyard, a rich refined spiritual energy entered his body and it felt so comfortable that Chu Li sighed.

Xue Ling was practicing. She saw him came back and eyed him for a while, "Master, what is the matter?"

Chu Li waved his hand and sat back to the pagoda.

Xue Ling brewed tea and brought it to him. She studied his face, "Why do you look so worn out?"

Chu Li, in these three days, performed enlightenment and Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique without stopping. Even though his spirit was powerful, he still could not bear it. He looked like he did not sleep for two days and exhaustion was clearly written between his brows.

Chu Li said, "Nothing."

"Master, could it be that you went to New Moon Brothel?" Xue Ling scoffed.

Chu Li gave her an askance glare.

Xue Ling curled her red lips and changed the topic, "Master, I heard that the Public House has run into trouble!"

Chu Li lifted a single eyebrow.

Xue Ling knew that he was urging her to say it quickly so she whispered, "It seems that someone robbed our things."

"Who has such guts?" Chu Li frowned, "Hu Ren Public House? It must be something valuable right?"

"It wasn't Hu Ren Public House," Xue Ling said, "It's done by someone from Ferric Demon Ridge, what they robbed I do not know, but it must be very valuable. I heard that Master Siao Tie Ying went into a rage and he had already sent someone!"