White Robed Chief Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Recommendation

Siao Qi walked into the main hall with light footsteps, and the hall seemed to brighten.

Her cool eyes glanced at the broken pieces of the teacup and the handprint on the sandalwood coffee table. Finally, she looked at Siao Tie Ying's gloomy face and said plainly, "Big Brother, what is the matter?"

Siao Tie Ying clenched his teeth and scoffed, "Longevity Grass got snatched!"

Siao Qi's eyebrows knitted together, her lustrous eyes swept across the middle-aged man, "Uncle Song, what's wrong?"

The middle-aged man said awkwardly, "Third Lady, we got ambushed by the Ferric Demon Ridge on the way. It's probably "Celestial Monkey" who took the opportunity and stole the Longevity Grass."

"It's probably 'Celestial Monkey'?!" Siao Qi's face turned grim.

"To be able to rob right before Elder Huang's eyes, strangely fast body movement technique, and in addition to his scrawny stature, even if he had his face covered, there is an 80% chance that he is the 'Celestial Monkey'!"

Siao Qi said coldly, "He's got some nerve!"

She turned to Siao Tie Ying, her bright eyes flashed, but she did not say anything more than that.

A failure was still a failure even though it was very near to success. This oppressed feeling must have almost tortured big brother until madness. It would be useless to complain about his carelessness, now, it was imperative to get back the Longevity Grass. This was the only opportunity to let second eldest sister recover.

Siao Tie Ying took a deep breath, suppressed his gloominess and said, "Third younger sister, what's the matter?"

"I would like to let Chu Li govern a courtyard," Siao Qi said, "Let him be the chief of a newly built Glory's Will Courtyard."

"Nonsense!" Siao Tie Ying said petulantly, "How old is he? How long has he been in the Public House? Is the position of chief something you can get whenever you want?!"

Siao Qi said plainly, "He is now rank 5. He sacrificed his life to save second eldest sister so his faithfulness is unmistakable, and he is very capable. I plan to let him share some of my burdens and be responsible for disposing of any informants in the Public House."

Siao Tie Ying frowned, "Will he be able to undertake it? Nobody can be as capable as you!"

He knew third younger sister's unique ability to see through people's minds, so she was good at uncovering informants. Others did not have such an ability and would never be as good as her in this regard.

Siao Qi said, "He practiced Buddhist austerities since young and his cultivation of it was very deep, thus he has deep insights into the minds of others. Even though he couldn't be as good as me, it is enough to find out who are the informants."

Siao Tie Ying frowned without saying a word.

He still felt that Chu Li was too young and the period he entered the Public House was too short. His feelings towards the Public House were not as deep as those who had lived in the Public House since young, thus he was not assured to use him. As for when he saved second younger sister, it was likely to be the impulse of a man in the face of an exceedingly beautiful woman, this cannot be attributed to faithfulness.

Siao Qi glanced at him plainly, "Big Brother, you doubt my ability to choose people?"

"...Oh yeah," it dawn on Siao Tie Ying that his third younger sister can see through the minds of people, he did not need to worry about Chu Li's faithfulness.

Siao Qi said, "As for the Glory's Will Courtyard, I plan to give 10,000 taels silver per month."

"10,000 taels was not a big amount too," Siao Tie Ying nodded and sighed, "Can he really do it well?"

"Longevity Grass was snatched by 'Celestial Monkey', most likely we won't be able to get it back anymore," Siao Qi frowned, "The information must have been leaked."

"It's impossible," Siao Tie Ying shook his head and said, "All of them are our most trustworthy people!"

"There can't be such a coincidence!" Siao Qi murmured, "Let's do it this waylet Chu Li investigate."

Siao Tie Ying shook his head, "His rank is not high enough!"

This time, all of those who were responsible for the delivery of Longevity Grass were his confidants, they were faithful and reliable. If it was Siao Qi who did the investigation, she might be able to overpower them, but if it was Chu Li, they will definitely feel dissatisfied, and by that time the one who will have a headache would be Siao Tie Ying.

Siao Qi said, "If so, increase Chu Li's rank."

"Increase his rank again?" Siao Tie Ying burst out laughing, "He is already advancing in his rank sufficiently fast!"

"With his credit for saving second eldest sister's life, could he not be promoted to one rank higher?" Siao Qi said plainly, "If it wasn't for Sir Guo Mulin's medicine, he will surely die at that time! If a merit deed like sacrificing oneself to save second eldest sister is not enough to get promoted, this will be too disappointing!"

At the mention of Siao Shi, Siao Tie Ying's attitude immediately softened, and he pondered without saying a word.

"Big Brother, you have something against Chu Li?" Siao Qi said bluntly.

Siao Tie Ying said, "I felt that he is too young and lacks composure."

"Chu Li is tactful and level-headed in his conduct, he is very composed," Siao Qi scoffed, "Just because he is young, you downplay his merits and do not let him advance a rank?"

"Fine. Fine." Siao Tie Ying said in resignation, "Anyhow, I can never win against you in an argument. Since you insist, I'll let him advance a rank!"

Siao Qi looked askance at him.

Siao Tie Ying said, "Of course, he saved second younger sister, he should indeed be promoted."

Siao Qi took her eyes off him in satisfaction and said plainly, "As for the Longevity Grass, fortunately, we did not let second eldest sister know, or else, she will fall illI think that there is something wrong. This time it's Longevity Grass, what about next time? How can we lose the Longevity Grass for nothing?"

Longevity Grass was very rare, even with the influence of the Public House, they wasted several years in the search for this herb, and when they finally found one, it was snatched by someone else.

Aside from the feeling of frustration, this would bring great harm to second eldest sister, originally, she was able to recover, but now she had lost the opportunity.

Siao Tie Ying gritted his teeth and said coldly, "We must kill Jiang Kuai!"

Siao Qi said, "His levitation is exceptional in this world, who can kill him?"

Siao Tie Ying was speechless. His face turned increasingly grim.

Siao Qi's words hit him where it hurts. Even if the Public House had a big influence, they could not do anything. As long as the "Celestial Monkey" went to any of the rest of the 11 Paths, or even left the Great Ji, he would be free from them.

Siao Qi said, "If we could not kill him, but instead trigger his killing intent, as soon as second eldest sister leave the Public House, what should we do if he gave her a surprise attack?"

Siao Tie Ying's face turned increasingly gloomy.

Siao Qi said, "If Chu Li advance a rank, it will be enough to investigate the Protectors this time."

"Third younger sister, do you really think that they have a problem?"

"Big brother, do you really believe that this is a coincidence?"

"Maybe it's really a coincidence," Siao Tie Ying said hesitantly.

Siao Qi said, "I do not believe in coincidence. Even if it's a coincidence, there is nothing wrong with investigating once, at least it will not be to the extent of doing them wrong! Let Chu Li handle this matter!"

"Humph, you are trying to help him establish his authority!" Siao Tie Ying said gruffly, "That's some painstaking patronage! Very well, I promise you, but I have a condition!"

"Say it."

"You have to investigate too!" Siao Tie Ying said, "Don't let him know, and see if his result was similar to yours. You are not allowed to tell him beforehand!"

Siao Qi nodded slightly, "No problem!"

She had confidence in Chu Li. If there was a problem, he will certainly find out.

Her eyes flashed and she exposed the slightest smile, "If he successfully identified the traitors?"

Siao Tie Ying said, "If he can really identify the traitors, he can have his way in the future, and the responsibility to uproot the informants in the Public House will be delegated to him! But the Public House has already been combed by third younger sister once, there should be no problem!"

Siao Qi gently shook her head and said, "A human's heart is volatile. One moment they are faithful, the next they may not necessarily be faithful. Therefore, we need Glory's Will Courtyard."

"... That's true too," Siao Tie Ying sighed.

He lowered his head, his brows locked together, it was hard to eradicate his gloominess.

Siao Qi said, "Big Brother, since the matter has reached this point, it is useless to think any more about it. You should just pretend that you have never found the Longevity Grass!"

"That damned Jiang Kuai!" Siao Tie Ying gritted his teeth.

"We may not be able to find back the Longevity Grass, but killing the Jiang Kuai may not be impossible," Siao Qi said.

Siao Tie Ying's spirit lifted. He looked up and said, "Who can kill him?"

"Chu Li," Siao Qi said.

"Him?" Siao Tie Ying shook his head and burst out laughing, "Third younger sister, you think too highly of Chu Li. Not even Grandmasters can handle Jiang Kuai, Chu Li can handle him?"

Siao Qi said, "Big Brother, do you think I will deceive you?"

Siao Tie Ying was stunned for a short while and later frowned, "He can really kill Jiang Kuai?"

"After this matter, let him try it," Siao Qi said.

"No, kill Jiang Kuai first!" Siao Tie Ying quickly waved his hand, "Letting Jiang Kuai live a day longer, I will not be able to take it! ... Moreover, what if the Longevity Grass is still in the hands of Jiang Kuai?"

Siao Qi considered.

Siao Tie Ying said, "If Chu Li is able to chase down Jiang Kuai and Jiang Kuai is willing to hand over the Longevity Grass, I can pretend that nothing happened!"