White Robed Chief Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Task

Siao Qi was a little moved. For second eldest sister, big brother can put aside his own feelings and swallow his pride.

Once Chu Li chased down Jiang Kuai, if he could not show sincerity, he can only force Jiang Kuai, and this will only force Jiang Kuai to struggle to the death. Jiang Kuai will never surrender the Longevity Grass and only by giving him an opportunity, they can get back the Longevity Grass.

Although the chances of this were very slim, they still need to strive for even the slightest opportunity. In fact, the Longevity Grass was found with this mentality.

"Third younger sister, since Chu Li can chase down Jiang Kuai, why didn't you say so earlier!" Siao Tieying grumbled gruffly.

Siao Qi shook her head, "Chu Li's levitation is good, but he is not a God. He may not be able to chase after Jiang Kuai successfully."

"Even if there is only a slim chance, we have to fight for it!" Siao Tieying said, "Now, go and let him depart right away. Promote him to rank four. If he can really find back the Longevity Grass, I will promote him to a rank higher!"

Siao Qi said, "We need the help of Public House to first locate where Jiang Kuai is!"

"We are already searching," Siao Tieying said, "Soon, we will get the news."

"I will go see Chu Li," Siao Qi said.

In her heart, she did not hold any hope of recovering the Longevity Grass.

Jiang Kuai was a Celestial Larcenist, knowledgeable and experienced. How can he not recognize Longevity Grass? Even if he did not think much of it, knowing the Public House's identity, he will be able to guess that it was something precious. With a careful inspection, he will be able to verify it.

This herb can increase 60 years of one's life expectancy, Jiang Kuai most likely had swallowed it directly into his tummy.

Siao Tieying stared at her disgruntledly, "Hurry up and go find Chu Li!"

"There's no hurry," Siao Qi said.

Siao Tieying said snappily, 'It's possible that because of the time we used to say these few words, Jiang Kuai has eaten the Longevity Grass!"

"Fine, I will go now," Siao Qi shook her head. He was now in a state of half insane, it was useless to talk reason with him.

Chu Li was in the small courtyard, taking care of the spirit herbs. He had harvested a stubble and was now sowing new seeds.

The effects of Glory's Will Tree were displayed for the first time. The harvest time was shorter than normal by two-thirds. The spirit herbs, that initially needed a year to grow, only required four months now.

Xue was practicing Dark Yin Palm at a side. Dark Yin Palm's palm energy was not only mystical, its palm technique was also exotic. She needed to practice and comprehend it well as practice makes perfect.

"Bo! Bo!" the door of the small courtyard was knocked.

Chu Li used the Omniscient Mirror to take a look and saw that it was Siao Qi. He waved his hand to tell Xue that he will open the door himself. After dusting off the spirit soil from his hands, he pulled open the door of the small courtyard and greeted with a fist salute, "My Lady."

Siao Qi was in a white gown looking otherworldly while Su Ru was in a light green gown looking beautiful and graceful.

"We'll talk inside," Siao Qi stepped into the small courtyard.

She studied the Glory's Will Tree and the surrounding spirit herbs and nodded in satisfaction. The spirit herbs grew surprisingly fast, although it was only a small spirit land, it was comparable to the Herb Garden.

Furthermore, the value of this small courtyard was immeasurable as there were a lot of herbs here that could not be found in the Herb Garden.

Xue quickly came and greeted them.

The four of them went into the pagoda. The green bamboos swayed and rustled, creating a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

Xue served tea and retreated quietly.

Siao Qi put down the white jade teacup, her cool gaze fell on Chu Li, "Chu Li, you are now rank four."

Chu Li was stunned, but afterward, he laughed, "Thank you, my Lady!"

Advancing from rank five to rank four was a chasm, he initially thought that it will take several years to accumulate enough credits, as rank four was not something that can be reached through time, it all depended on one's credit.

Siao Qi said, "This is what you deservedthere is one more thing."

"Glory's Will Courtyard?" Chu Li laughed, "Master Siao did not agree?"

"Big Brother had agreed," Siao Qi said plainly, "But the Public House faced a problem."

Chu Li looked at her.

Siao Qi said, "Originally, we found a Longevity Grass, but in the end, it was snatched by Celestial Monkey."

"Longevity Grass?" Chu Li was shocked. He said incredulously, "The legendary Longevity Grass?"


"This world truly has Longevity Grass?" Chu Li sighed, "I had no idea, it was said to be able to increase 60 years of one's life vitality. It is indeed a good thing...how can it be snatched?"

To be able to find the Longevity Grass, this showed that the Public House had a strong influence, it should not have been robbed. It was not considered overemphasized no matter how much importance they put into this matter, they must have Grandmasters as escorts, it was supposedly foolproof.

Siao Qi said plainly, "Do you know about the Celestial Monkey?"

Chu Li thought for a short while and nodded.

He found the information on the Celestial Monkey in his mind. Celestial Monkey was an Innate Master, his sublime levitation was unrivaled. Even in the face of a Grandmaster, he can escape uninjured.

Chu Li believed that this was not a false rumor because his own levitation was transcendent, he can definitely escape uninjured in the face of a Grandmaster too.

"Celestial Monkey took advantage of the situation when Ferric Demon Ridge ambushed our Public House's Protectors. He suddenly appeared and stole the Longevity Grass," Siao Qi said plainly, "Now he has gone missing, he might have already recognized the Longevity Grass."

Chu Li let out a sigh, "Maybe he has eaten it!"

"If he has eaten it, kill him. If he has not, take it back. If he hands over the Longevity Grass, we will not blame him for his past mistakes," Siao Qi said, "This will be your task!"

Chu Li was stunned, he pointed at himself unexpectedly.

Siao Qi said, "Your levitation is the best. There is a glimmer of hope that you can chase him down. If you can take back the Longevity Grass, your rank will be increased again."

Chu Li smiled bitterly, "My Lady, I do not have such capability."

Su Ru rolled her eyes at him and scoffed, "Chu Li, how would you know when you have not tried?"

Chu Li sighed, "I believe the Protectors of the Public House have tried?"

"Big Brother sent two batches of manpower, but there is no news yet. Most likely, there is no hope," Siao Qi shook her head and said, "If Celestial Monkey was so easy to catch, he would have died many times already. We still need to count on you."

Chu Li picked up the white jade teacup, sipped the tea and gave a deep sigh, "Finding Celestial Monkey is more difficult than fishing for a pin in the ocean."

Celestial Monkey was the world famous Celestial Larcenist. He had offended countless people, but he was still carefree until now and nobody was able to handle him. This meant that nobody knew his hiding place and he was well versed in the concealment technique. The world was so big and to find his hiding place was like one's wildest fantasy.

After snatching the Longevity Grass, one did not need to think to know that Jiang Kuai definitely went into hiding, and he will be hiding for quite a while.

In this situation, if he wanted to find him, unless a miracle occurred, even though he had Scripture of Life and Death and Omniscient Mirror, he was not a God, he would still be unable to do anything.

"The Public House will mobilize manpower to help you," Siao Qi said.

Chu Li sighed, "My Lady, you know that it would be useless."

Celestial Monkey had not only offended them, he offended all the Public Houses of the 12 Paths, especially Hu Ren Public House who hated him to the core, wanting to get rid of him and celebrate his death. Hu Ren Public House's influence was powerful but they still could not find him, let alone Yi Public House.

Siao Qi said plainly, "Does that mean you don't want to go?"

Chu Li looked at her cold and inscrutable face and sighed, "Since my Lady ordered, of course I will comply!"

"Good," Siao Qi's face softened.

Su Ru said, "What's more to talk about! Hurry up! There's no time to lose, if you are even slightly late, Jiang Kuai might have already devoured the Longevity Grass!"

Siao Qi asked, "Is there anything else you need?"

"This Longevity Grass, who is it for?" Chu Li questioned.

Siao Qi was stunned momentarily, she had never thought that he will ask this question at this time, "For second eldest sister."

Chu Li nodded thoughtfully.

It seems that Master Siao was indeed very affectionate. the temptation of 60-year life vitality was too great, but he can actually hold back and give the Longevity Grass to Siao Shi. He was worthy of his dedication.

Su Ru said, "Do not need my help?"

Chu Li shook his head, "The fewer people the better. It is not easy to catch Celestial Monkey."

"Where do you plan to start?" Siao Qi asked.

Chu Li pondered for a moment and lifted his head, "That batch of Protectors has returned?"

"You suspect that there's an informant?" Siao Qi immediately understood what he meant.

Chu Li said, "Most likely."