White Robed Chief Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Informant

"Informant," Siao Qi frowned, "They're all confidants that have been tested, or else big brother will not send them."

"My Lady, you know that people are fickle," Chu Li shrugged.

Siao Qi sighed, "I really hope that your guess is wrong."

"Let's just try," Chu Li laughed, "They came back already, didn't they?"

"They came back yesterday."

"Master Siao should be rewarding them for their hard work now. Let's go take a look."

"Very well." Siao Qi nodded slowly and sighed, "If there is no clue, you wouldn't be able to find Jiang Kuai?"

Chu Li gave a bitter smile, "My Lady, it would be troublesome if that is the case. I would need to investigation little by littleWe'll need to see how Second Lady's luck is!"

Siao Qi sighed softly, "Second eldest sister's fate has many setbacks."

"It is not necessary that we wouldn't find it back. My Lady doesn't have to be discouraged," Chu Li comforted.

He also felt that Second Lady was down on her luck.

Born in a rich and powerful family and acquired unparalleled beautythis can be described as having the nimbus and beauty of the world, but of all things, she did not have a healthy body, so she could not enjoy the beauty of wealth and this was more painful than being reincarnated as an average person.

When they finally found the Longevity Grass and there was hope to restore her health, an accident happened half-way and it was snatched away. No matter how one looked at it, this was bad luck.

However, he knew that relying only on the Longevity Grass would not cure Second Lady. If it was indeed a deficient natural endowment, taking the Longevity Grass can let her gain immediate recovery. Unfortunately, she was affected by the Vitality Sealing Finger. No matter how wonderful the Longevity Grass was, if she never removed the Vitality Sealing Finger, she will still be physically weak and susceptible to illness.

However, regardless of its usefulness to the Second Lady, the Longevity Grass was a legendary spirit herb. It can increase sixty years of life and its value was immeasurable. Since it was robbed, of course, it should be recovered. After the Second Lady consumed it, even if her body cannot be healed due to the Vitality Sealing Finger, its effect was still there. She can still increase sixty years of life as long as the Vitality Sealing Finger was removed.

Siao Qi said: "Be prepared. I'll bring you with me tonight. I had combed the Public House once but there will inevitably be some who slipped through the net. Scour the Public House again when you have time in the future."

"Yes," Chu Li said.

Siao Qi got up and left. Su Ru followed closely beside her.

"Pa!" Siao Tieying threw the teacup hard onto the floor and ceramic chips scattered everywhere.

His face was livid and he said coldly, "They are all trash! Trash!"

The middle-aged man bowed his head and did not speak. His face flushed red.

Lin Quan, who stood in the corner, kept his mouth shut too. Master Siao had an impetuous temper. It was best not to speak when he was furious as he would not listen to anything.

Siao Tieying paced back and forth a dozen times and sat on the armchair. He breathed heavily and scoffed, "Two Grandmasters and twenty Innate Masters could not encircle Jiang Kuai. If he comes to assassinate, do we just stand and watch?"

The middle-aged man said in a low voice, "Master, this guy's levitation is good but his martial art is not that strong. He wouldn't be able to assassinate Master."

"Shut up!" Siao Tieying said coldly, "He can't assassinate me, but what about second younger sister?"

The middle-aged man kept his mouth closed immediately.

Second Lady did not know martial arts and she had a frail body, thus, once Jiang Kuai got near to her, her death would be inevitable.

"I did not ask you guys to seize him or kill him, just follow him and what did you guys do, eh?" Siao Tieying said grimly, "So many people could not even follow him, now what do we do? Where to find him?"

The middle-aged man sighed.

Now, it was really troublesome. They had aroused his suspicion and Jiang Kuai was as cunning as a fox. It would be difficult to find him again. He would find a place to hide for about a year. They would be tired and exhausted from running around looking for Jiang Kuai and they cannot even dream of having an enjoyable life!

He slumped, "Master, it's our fault for getting ahead of ourselves!"

"You guys have spoiled an important matter!" Siao Tieying said coldly, "This time second younger sister has lost all hope. What did I say? To just follow him! If you guys just follow him, I will send someone else to deal with him, and you guys... eh? Look at what you guys did!"

His gaze was cold and there was a raging fire in his chest. He could not wait to give him a slap, to beat these good-for-nothing fellows to half dead!

His remaining rationality stopped him. He was truly disappointed and scoffed coldly, "Do not think that I did not know your intention!"

They were afraid that someone else will successfully catch Jiang Kuai and made them appear incompetent, hence, they wanted to catch Jiang Kuai beforehand and regained the Longevity Grass to compensate for their mistakes but they failed in the end.

The middle-aged man bowed his head in silence.

"Never mind. Since it has reached this point, saying more would do no good!" Siao Tieying waved his hand and took a deep breath, repressing his anger and scoffed, "Tonight, tell everyone to come here. I will pay for everyone's drink. No matter what, everyone has worked hard!"

"Master...," the middle-aged man looked up and said, ashamed, "We are too ashamed to drink."

"Don't be so long-winded!" Siao Tieying snorted, "I'm going to scold them badly!"

"...Yes," the middle-aged man nodded with resignation.

"Now get out!" Siao Tieying waved his hand.

The middle-aged man felt like he was amnestied. He gave a fist salute, turned and hurried away.

Siao Tieying stared coldly at his back and stayed silent.

Lin Quan, who had white hair but a ruddy complexion, whispered, "Master, their minds were muddled temporarily and that's why they did such a stupid thing... I never thought that two Grandmasters wouldn't be able to handle Jiang Kuai!"

"Humph, if Jiang Kuai was so easy to kill, he would have been killed by Hu Ren Public House a long time ago!" Siao Tieying sneered, "They dispatched four Grandmasters before but they still could not do anything to him. With just two Grandmasters, they dreamed to distinguish themselvesfoolish!"

"Towards these guys, Master doesn't need to be angry, lest you harm your body," the old man shook his head and said, "Now, we can only count on Third Lady."

"Originally, they successfully tracked and knew the whereabouts of Jiang Kuai, and there was a glimmer of hope for Chu Li. Now that they lost him, where do Chu Li look for him?!" Siao Tieying snorted, "This is like finding a needle in a haystackit is useless!"

"This young man, Chu Li, is very powerful, maybe he can turn the impossible to possible," The old man smiled and said, "When most people were so seriously injured like he was before, even if they didn't die, their martial arts would be dispelled. In contrast, how long did it take for Chu Li to recover?"

"Fortunately, I did not tell third younger sister that I had someone trailing Jiang Kuai," Siao Tieying shook his head, "Otherwise, she will ridicule me!

He originally wanted to give third younger sister a surprise and gain her admiration. Third younger sister was too proud, she had no sense of worship towards this big brother of hers and this made him feel no sense of accomplishment.

Lin Quan laughed, "Since Third Lady dared to accept this mission, she must be quite confident. Now we just need to see how Chu Li handles this."

"Hopefully he can succeed. If he really regained the Longevity Grass, I will reward him well!" Siao Tieying said.

Lin Quan smiled and nodded, "If he really found it, he would be a real genius."

Chu Li was sitting quietly at a table and behind him was Xue who poured him wine from time to time.

There was a total of seven tables in the main hall.

Siao Tieying and Siao Qi sat at a table, Chu Li and three Grandmasters sat at another table and the remaining five tables were occupied by twenty Innate Masters. Chu Li's presence was very conspicuous.

They did not understandnot only was Chu Li very young, he was also not a Grandmasterwhat qualifications did he have to sit at a table with the three Grandmasters?

However, since Master Siao arranged so, there must be a reason. They were guilty so they did not dare to question.

Siao Tieying soon introduced Chu Li to the crowd, "A new Glory's Will Courtyard has just been set up within the Public House and Chu Li is the Chief of Glory's Will Courtyard. His job is to dispose of any informants in the Public House and he is rank four."

Everyone's face turned serious. A rank four Scribe did qualify to hold that position, moreover, he was also responsible for disposing of any informants in the Public House, and that was a really high status and authority.

Chu Li gave a fist salute to everyone, took a glass of wine and chugged it down. After that, he sat back down without saying a word.

Xue went forward and filled the empty glass.

Everyone returned the courtesy with a fist salute.

From the beginning till the end, Chu Li put on an inscrutable face and did not say a word. Everyone had heard of Chu Li's name, he was very reputable, so they did not dare to give him attitude.

When it was time to leave and only Chu Li, Siao Qi and Siao Tieying remained, Chu Li finally spoke.

"Master Siao, my Lady, there was indeed an informant," Chu Li had a grim face.

"Who?!" Siao Tieying asked in a hurry.

Chu Li looked at Siao Qi and sighed, "Senior Huang."

"Huang Qi?" Siao Tieying asked loudly.

Siao Qi frowned, "Grandmaster Huang Qi?"