White Robed Chief Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Healing Wound

"Hopefully Master Siao Tie Ying will take it easy," Chu Li said.

Sadness and disappointment were inevitable. After all, it was a Grandmaster who was entrusted with great responsibilities, who held a transcendent position, and who had almost never been doubted before. However, of all people, it was the Grandmaster that had a problem.

More importantly, losing one Grandmaster had suddenly weakened the strength of the Public House.

Su Ru put on a solemn face and did not speak.

Chu Li looked at her, frowned and said, "Chief, what happened?"

"Nothing," Su Ru shook her head and did not look at him.

Chu Li's mind turned rapidly. He did not activate the Omniscient Mirror in a hurry. He frowned and mused, "Huang Qi attacked, Lady Siao Qi and Master Siao Tie Ying must have been caught in the fight... could it be that Lady Siao Qi was injured?"

Su Ru kept her eyes down and drank her tea, not saying a word.

Chu Li lifted a brow, "She was really hurt? Was the wound serious? ... Grandmaster is not an Innate Master, I will go and take a look!"

"There's nothing you can do!" Su Ru waved her hand and said in a low tone, "Lady Siao Qi is healing herself!"

"Is her injury serious?"

"Humph, almost dead!"

Chu Li was puzzled, "Lady Siao Qi is very close to reaching the Grandmaster's Boundary so she shouldn't be that badly hurt."

The martial arts that Angle practiced was incomparably striking and profound and now, she had grasped a hint of Grandmaster's Boundary, thus, when she faced a Grandmaster, she may not be powerless to fight back. In addition, Huang Qi's cultivation level was not deep or sophisticated so theoretically, she should not be severely injured.

Su Ru scoffed, "Lady Siao Qi was hurt because she was trying to save Master Siao Tie Ying!"

"Huang Qi dared to attack Master Siao Tie Ying?"

"He has gone crazy. He knew that he was exposed and that he would not end up well, so he wanted to kill Master Siao Tie Ying!" Su Ru said coldly, "Human's heart is really unpredictable!"

These Grandmasters had transcendent standings in the Public House and they received excellent treatment. However, he was greedy and insatiable, even wanting to get his hands on the Public House's belongings and when he was exposed, he tried to kill people. He was really an ungrateful and vicious person!

Chu Li said, "Lady Siao Qi blocked an attack for Master Siao Tie Ying?"

"Yes, Huang Qi was talking properly one moment and the next he suddenly attacked," Su Ru shook her head, "Lady was not prepared for it as well. Relying on her fast body movement technique, she blocked in front of Master Siao Tie Ying and took the punch from Huang Qi directly!"

"Where's the injury?" Chu Li asked hurriedly.

"Lady Siao Qi took his punch directly with her own," Su Ru sighed, "On the spur of the moment, she had no time to channel her inner energy so her left arm was broken!"

She said while shaking her head and her face was grim.

Chu Li got up and walked towards the door instantly, "Take me to her!"

"What are you going to do? Lady Siao Qi is channeling to heal her injury. She would not see anybody!" Su Ru waved her hand and scoffed.

Chu Li did not stop walking, "I have some experience in healing. I can give Lady Siao Qi a hand."

"What methods do you have?" Su Ru stood up and followed behind him.

Chu Li laughed, "Last time, I had multiple injuries but didn't I recovered rapidly?"

"...what is the solution?" Su Ru looked at him suspiciously.

She heard about the incident where Chu Li saved Second Lady. He almost lost his life but he recovered really fast.

The two had walked out of the courtyard and into the woods.

Chu Li said, "I practiced a special healing heart technique and its effect is very good."

"Lady Siao Qi also has a special healing heart technique," Su Ru said.

Chu Li sighed, "Chief, do you think I will harm Lady Siao Qi?"

"...of course, you won't," Su Ru chuckled and nodded, "Very well, I supposed you are very loyal but I don't know if Lady Siao Qi will choose to see you. She said to not let anybody disturb her."

Chu Li said, "Let's go quickly!"

As the night deepened, the entire Guardian of Jade Island was brightly lit like it was daytime. Under the lights, the towers and pavilions, as well as carved beams and painted rafters, were like the heavenly palace of God.

The two of them stopped at the second floor of Tower of Stargazing. Su Ru signaled him to stop and wait for her to go in first and request for permission. After that, she went up to the third floor cautiously without making any noise.

Chu Li had long activated the Omniscient Mirror.

On the third floor, Angle, who was as pale as a paper, was sitting cross-legged on the bed and she was channeling her inner energy quietly. Her left arm was supported by a wooden splint wrapped with a white cloth.

Chu Li looked deeper and found out that the bones of her left arm were broken into pieces, all the meridians were destroyed. The other meridians also shriveled and their vitalities almost dried up. This Huang Qi's inner energy was extremely vicious!

When Su Ru started to go up the stairs, he followed her to the third floor too and waved his hand towards Su Ru.

Su Ru's bright eyes widened and glared at him.

Chu Li just sat behind Siao Qi directly and put his palms on her pliable back. Using the Scripture of Life and Death, he absorbed the spiritual energy from the surrounding plants and slowly injected it into her body, nourishing her meridians.

Su Ru was peeved but she can only watch helplessly and did not dare to disturb them.

After about 10 minutes, Siao Qi slowly opened her eyes.

Chu Li did not release his palms and continued to nourish her body with spiritual energy, "My Lady, let's go to my place!"

Siao Qi's complexion had turned ruddier. She can feel that Chu Li's inner energy, which was coming from his palms, were refined and full of vitality. Its effects in repairing her meridians were far better than her healing heart technique. Her injury had stopped worsening.

Siao Qi voice was slightly hoarse, "Go to your place?"

"It helps to heal wound beside the Glory's Will Tree," Chu Li said.

"... okay," Siao Qi said.

Chu Li withdrew his palms and Siao Qi got off the bed slowly.

Su Ru rolled her eyes at Chu Li and said hurriedly, "My Lady, is your injury better?"

"Yes, it's not a big deal," Siao Qi said.

Chu Li shook his head.

Siao Qi glanced at Chu Li, "Let's go."

The three went downstairs and walked to Chu Li's courtyard.

As soon as they entered the courtyard, Siao Qi felt a refreshing air blowing against her face and her whole body relaxed slightly. Before this, she was not hurt so she had no such sensitive senses. Now that she had an injured body, her senses were more sensitive.

Chu Li said, "Xue Ling, take two cattail hassocks out."

"Yes," Xue Ling answered and headed into the living room to take two cattail hassocks. According to the direction that Chu Li pointed with his finger, she placed them next to the Glory's Will Tree.

Siao Qi sat on one cattail hassock while Chu Li sat behind her.

Su Ru and Xue Ling stood at one side and watched quietly.

Chu Li closed his eyes and transferred the spiritual energy from the Glory's Will Tree into Siao Qi's body. At the same time, he circulated Minute Pulse Cleansing Technique in her body.

Siao Qi let Chu Li do as he pleased. She did not help nor did she stop him. She observed the circulation of inner energy and unconsciously went into a state of obliviousness.

When she woke up, she realized that the sky had brightened. The sun that was high up in the sky shone rays of sunlight that felt warm against her skin. The chill and coldness in her body disappeared and a steady stream of spiritual energy entered from her back.

She inspected her body for a moment. Her meridians became full and solid, and her injury was mostly healed. There was still a faint jolt of pain from her left arm but after all, bones could not heal so fast. The bones needed a few days to recuperate but her meridians had become unimpeded. With her meridians recovered, her muscles and bones will recover quickly too.

Chu Li slowly withdrew his palms.

Su Ru and Xue Ling who were sitting at a side quickly busied themselves.

Xue Ling brought over some porridge while Su Ru poured out a pill from the porcelain bottle and gave it to Chu Li.

Both of them had not eaten for one night and a morning so they must be hungry. Moreover, Chu Li had channeled his inner energy for a long time so he must be very tired. Just now, the pill that Su Ru gave Chu Li was the Pill of Enhancement, it was to supplement his essence and to calm his mind.

Siao Qi got up and looked down at Chu Li.

Chu Li had taken the Pill of Enhancement. He had his eyes closed and was meditating.

Su Ru quickly asked, "My Lady, how do you feel?"

Siao Qi nodded and said, "I have recovered mostly... Let's go. Do not bother Chu Li. Let him come over in the evening."

"Yes," Su Ru quickly said.

Xue Ling said, "My Lady, please have a bowl of porridge. If you go back now, you'll need to make one too."

"Might as well," Siao Qi said and went to the pagoda. Xue Ling placed two bowls of porridge and cast a worried look at Chu Li.

Siao Qi said, "Don't worry. He is just tired. He will be fine after a day's rest."

Xue Ling nodded lightly.

Siao Qi drank the porridge and studied Chu Li.

She did not expect that Chu Li's inner energy would be so refined and that his spirit was so powerful. He was able to manipulate the inner energy in her body to circulate the healing heart technique. This powerful spiritual energy was the most needed requirement to step into the Grandmaster's Boundary.