White Robed Chief Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Trace

As long as he was given enough opportunities, the chances of him entering the Grandmaster's Boundary was very high.

Unfortunately, there were too few opportunities. If he was in the top sects of the martial arts world, he might have already entered the Grandmaster's Boundary by now. As a matter of fact, the Public House was the one who let him down!

She shook her head and sighed.

She ate her meal slowly, taking a small mouthful of porridge each time while immersed in her thoughts.

When she had finished a bowl of porridge and put down the bowl, Chu Li stood up and walked towards her.

"Master...," Xue looked at him carefully.

"I'm fine," Chu Li waved his hand and sat opposite of Siao Qi, "My Lady, Huang Qi's cultivation level was that high?"

"He knows that it's a hopeless situation for him, just like a beast at bay will put up a desperate fight." Siao Qi's expression was impassive. She shook her head lightly, "We underestimated his courage!"

When she thought of the situation now, it was her negligence. She should not let those Grandmasters hide outside the house and thought that Huang Qi would not dare to attack them or that at most, he will try to escape. She did not think that he will raise a notion to kill them.

Chu Li said, "You did not kill him?"

"No matter what, he still made a great contribution before," Siao Qi said plainly, "If we kill him, it will make others feel disappointed."

"Master Siao is fine, right?"

"Big Brother is not hurt."

"My Lady, you need to take care of your health properly. You can't strain your body," Chu Li frowned, "Let me perform Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique on you!"

"Hmm?" Siao Qi frowned and looked at him.

Chu Li shook his head and said, "Huang Qi's inner energy is vicious and toxic. It is the most damaging to the meridians. It is best to not to leave any possible risk that will affect your advancement to Grandmaster's Boundary in the future."

"I think I am almost healed," Siao Qi said.

She felt that her meridians were almost healed.

Chu Li said, "Huang Qi's inner energy can harm others imperceptibly. You are seemingly healed but there are actually hidden threats."

Siao Qi can only vaguely feel the situation of her own meridians and this was based on her feelings, but Chu Li can see it clearly. There were still remnants and traces of it in subtle places. If she let this develop, her meridians will still be damaged and after repeating several times, it will become a chronic illness and it would not be easy to cure.

"Chu Li, Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique is very dangerous!" Su Ru, who was standing behind Siao Qi, said snappily, "In the event that an accident occurs..."

Chu Li smiled and said, "I have already performed Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique 50 times and until now, there's no danger."

Su Ru was stunned momentarily and then she realized suddenly, "You performed it on Chen Ying and the girls?

"Yes, they all wanted to practice martial arts, but they have not built their foundation, so this happens to gratify them."

"They are already this old, and they only build their foundation now...," Su Ru stopped talking. Chu Li was an example. He built his foundation late but he was well prepared instead and entered the Innate Mastery's Boundary before anyone else.

Chu Li said, "They practiced the Art of White Tiger. I don't know if they can be successful."

"Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique...," Siao Qi pondered and slowly nodded, "Very well! ... I'll let you perform it after you have come back."

"Let's do it today," Chu Li shook his head, "Your injury can't be delayed."

Siao Qi frowned.

The matter regarding Jiang Kuai was the most important. If they were a moment late, he might have already swallowed the Longevity Grass. If they were early, maybe there was a chance to regain the herb. This matter was related to second eldest sister's life.

Chu Li said, "It will be very fast."

He was not in a hurry. There was no news from the Public House yet. It was almost impossible for him to find a needle in the sea.

"... Your spirit energy can endure the strain?"

"No problem!"

"Okay." Siao Qi said, "Don't waste time. The matter of Jiang Kuai should be handled as soon as possible... Su Ru, go to big brother's place and urge them."

"Yes, my Lady," Su Ru obeyed and turned to go.

She was anxious to come back and watch Chu Li performed the Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique to prevent any accident. Nine Transformation Meridian Reforming Technique was very dangerous.

Chu Li reached out his hand and said, "Let's go to the study room."

Siao Qi got up and the three of them reached Chu Li's study room. Xue had already brought three boxes of needles, opened them and put them beside Chu Li's hands.

Siao Qi sat in the armchair, "Do I need to take off my clothes?"

"Just the outer garments." Chu Li picked up the wooden needles.

Siao Qi took off her white gown liberally and left on her white undergarments. She looked less transcendental instantly and a little more lifelike.

Chu Li looked at Siao Qi who was so beautiful that nothing can describe her beauty and sighed mentally. She still did not see him as a man.

Chu Li said, "Relax and do not channel your inner energy."

Siao Qi closed her bright eyes.

Chu Li stuck the needles extremely fast. He stuck one hundred and nine needles in one breath with practiced precision.

Siao Qi had just inhaled a few breaths when she felt all the pores on her body were suddenly opened and an invisible force rushed into her body. It was like being in a lake and these invisible forces were like water from the lake that rushed into her through the pores, filling her meridians and strengthening them.

When Su Ru had finally come back, she approached Siao Qi carefully without making any noise and saw that Siao Qi's whole body was covered with needles. The one hundred and nine needles were like wheat blowing in the wind, rising and falling in unison. There was a vague sound of soft howling, like the sound produced when the wind swept over the wheat.

Chu Li said, "Xue, bring a bowl of porridge here. I'm hungry."

Xue quickly obeyed and walked out of the study room slowly.

Su Ru stared at Siao Qi, "Chu Li, there wouldn't be an accident, right?"

"Rest assured," Chu Li said.

Su Ru rolled her eyes at him, "Audacious!"

This secret technique was dangerous to perform. Lady Siao was an important person. How can they take the risk? If it was not for Lady Siao's personal decision, she will not agree on this no matter what.

Xue brought three bowls of white rice porridge. Its mouth-watering aroma assailed his nostrils. Chu Li finished a bowl in a few mouthfuls. He finished three bowls in one go and then nodded with satisfaction.

Xue took the bowl from him and brought it out. There were only three people in the study room.

Chu Li said, "What did Master Siao say?

"No news," Su Ru sighed.

Chu Li frowned, "Seems like we can't count on them!"

"You have a way to find him?" Su Ru looked at Chu Li.

This matter was too difficult to solve. Even Lady Siao had no idea what to do. The Public House's influence was big, but they cannot do anything to a single Celestial Monkey. No one would believe this, but this was the power of martial arts and oftentimes it can overpower authority.

Chu Li said, "We can only try."

He could not think of any ingenious ideas now. He can only rely on Omniscient Mirror and if it did not work, he would put a bounty on Jiang Kuai's head. Under the stimulus of a generous reward, there will definitely be a brave person who would accept this task. He will eventually find a clue and as long as there was a trace of a clue, Jiang Kuai will be unable to escape from him!

The time passed quietly and when it was evening, Chu Li suddenly retrieved the needles and Siao Qi opened her eyes slowly.

Her eyes were emitting blinding gleams and her spirit full and complete. It was as if she never got hurt.

Chu Li smiled, "Congratulations, my Lady!"

Siao Qi nodded slightly, "This is all thanks to you!"

Not only was her meridians' injury cured, her cultivation level improved too. Her base was more profound so it will be easier during her breakthrough to Grandmaster's Boundary. It was indeed a blessing in disguise.

Chu Li smiled, "My Lady still have to be careful with the injury on your left arm."

"I have Bonesetter Ointment. I'll be fine after recuperating for a while." Siao Qi said.

When they were talking, suddenly, there was the sound of someone knocking on the door outside.

Chu Li's face turned solemn. He activated Omniscient Mirror and saw a young Scribe standing outside.

This place was his residence and it was well hidden. Usually, there were only two guestsSiao Qi and Su Ruoutsiders never came here.

"I'll go take a look!" Su Ru said in a hurry.

Siao Qi frowned, "Go quickly!"

Glory's Will Courtyard housed the Glory's Will Tree. Once the Glory's Will Tree was revealed, it will lead to big troubles.

Su Ru went out and soon, she was back, "My Lady, there is news of Celestial Monkey!"

Chu Li became alert.

Su Ru did not keep him guessing, "He was seen in Min State that was beside the Storm State!"

"Min State...," Chu Li pondered and shook his head.

"Chu Li, come with me!" Siao Qi said.

The three quickly left the small courtyard and went straight to the third floor of Tower of Stargazing.

Su Ru took out a map and Chu Li saw where Min State was.

Siao Qi said, "It's more than a thousand miles from here, you have to be fast and depart today. Su Ru, give Chu Li two bottles of Pill of Enhancement!

"Yes." Su Ru complied and took out two bottles of pills from the cabinet and gave them to Chu Li.

"Go there straight away with your levitation!" Siao Qi said.

Chu Li took Pill of Enhancement and gave a fist salute, "I will go now!"