White Robed Chief Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Notify

Hesitating for a long time, Jiang Kuai finally made up his mind to go and take a look.

He flew up the mountain and came to a small valley. After that, he tapped twice on the stone wall covered with moss.

"Rumble!" a hole appeared on the stone wall.

He leaned in and soon was in a stone chamber of about twenty square meters.

He had a total of 12 such chambers, hiding the things he had stolen over the years. Some were priceless antiques, some were exquisitely exotic and mighty equipment. Some of these were stolen by him because he wanted to exchange it for money, and some were simply because he liked it.

With peerless levitation, he acted without any scruples, stealing whatever and whenever he wanted and he liked to steal from wealthy people on purpose.

He surveyed the secret chamber. It did not look like someone had touched anything. He turned abruptly and saw that no one followed him.

In the center of the stone chamber was a purple wooden cabinet that looked much like the drug cabinet of a medicine shop with many small drawers. He opened a small drawer in the center and his facial expression changed suddenly.

This drawer that was supposed to contain the Longevity Grass was now empty!

He stared with widened eyes incredulously and opened the rest of the drawers in a hurry. The jewelry was all there, but there was no Longevity Grass in any of the drawers!

Of course, he will never forget about the Longevity Grass. He remembered clearly, it was supposed to be in the central drawer!

He glanced around. There were no traces of anyone being here before. Surely it cannot be that the Longevity Grass grew legs and ran away?

He felt absurd. Suddenly, he found that there was a row of small words at the bottom of the drawer. He quickly channeled his inner energy to his eyes, "Longevity Grass has been taken away, don't worry, Chu."

Jiang Kuai's face turned pale.

To think that he had always believed that his levitation was the world's best, not knowing that there were stronger people among the strong. This Chu Li's levitation was far better than his!

Even more chilling was that nobody knew of this secret chamber except for himself. How did Chu Li know?

Could it be that he had always been at his side and he did not realize it?

Thinking of this, he shouted loudly, "Chu Li, come out!"

His voice thundered in the stone chamber.

"Sneaky! Behaving like a vile person!" Jiang Kuai shouted.

After a long while, there was still no movement.

Jiang Kuai inferred that since Chu Li took the Longevity Grass, he must have gone back to the Public House eagerly to receive his reward as the Longevity Grass was equivalent to sixty years of life.

At that time, He had a sudden impulse when he saw the Ferric Demon Ridge fought with a bunch of people so he joined in on the fun and snatched the item. When he saw the item, he immediately regretted. His hands were too unlucky, it had caused him big trouble!

This was Yi Public House's Longevity Grass. Of course, he knew Second Lady Siao Shi, the most beautiful woman in Great Ji. He also knew that Siao Shi's health was poor. When he saw this Longevity Grass, he immediately understood that it was for Siao Shi.

If he ate the Longevity Grass, the Yi Public House will definitely go crazy. Even the entire Great Ji will go crazy. He will not be able to escape no matter how powerful he was. Therefore, he resisted the temptation and put away the Longevity Grass.

"Humph!" Jiang Kuai threw a jade bowl onto the floor and it broke into pieces. He was very unhappy.

The situation where the Longevity Grass was returned by himself or it was snatched away was completely different. This was his exit strategy, and now it was ruined by Chu Li!

Fear sprouted in his heart towards Chu Li. He remembered Chu Li's last words and his facial expression changed. He quickly flew out of the secret chamber.

The most important thing now was to go somewhere far away. Yi Public House can find him, so Hu Ren Public House may not be unable to find him. Hu Ren Public House was slightly more influential than Yi Public House and they were more difficult to deal with.

He was like a gust of wind as he flew into a small residence in the town and landed inside the courtyard.

It was already late at night and the house was quiet. He heard the soft breathing in the bedroom and sighed softly. He slowly pushed open the door and went in.

"Husband?" a soft voice sounded from the bed.

"Tina, it's okay. Just sleep," Jiang Kuai said softly.

He took off his outer robe and climbed onto the bed. In the darkness, a soft and delicate body with a tint of fragrance hugged him, "Husband, why did you come back so late?"

"I drank a little more than usual," Jiang Kuai patted her on the shoulder and sighed lightly, "Tina, let's move tomorrow."

"Mm," Tina replied softly.

Jiang Kuai listened to her soft answer, she did not ask him why and this made him feel increasingly guilty.

He knew that Tina liked the quietness and a peaceful life. She hated the days when they had to wander from place to place, hated fighting and killing, hiding and running, but it just so happened that he cannot make her wish come true. As a man, he was really ashamed!

Listening to her gentle breathing, Jiang Kuai whispered, "Let's go to the mountains and live there!"

"Mm," Tina replied softly, "As long as I can be together with husband, it does not matter where."

"Hai...," Jiang Kuai felt even more ashamed.

Tina laid in his arms and said softly, "Husband doesn't have to worry, I am fine."

"Someone came to recruit me today," Jiang Kuai sighed and said, "It's Yi Public House. They want me to work for them."

Tina was stunned momentarily, "Why do the Yi Public House recruit husband?"

"They have their eyes on my levitation," Jiang Kuai said.

"Once you enter an influential house, you will get into deep water. Forget it," Tina said.

Jiang Kuai said, "If I join the Public House, you can stay in the Public House so you don't need to be scared and worried all the time. You can live peacefully and safely."

"It is also very dangerous to work for the Public House," Tina said, "You can't disobey their orders, and if you really offended someone, you might die at any time!"

Jiang Kuai shook his head and said, "My levitation is superb, they will not let me die."

"I know husband is used to being free and can't stand to be restrained," Tina said softly, "Don't put yourself through this because of me!"

The more she said, the guiltier Jiang Kuai felt.

"Bon! Bon!" suddenly, the sound of someone knocking on the door outside can be heard.

Jiang Kuai was alarmed, he hugged Tina and flew up, "Who is it?"

"Brother Jiang Kuai, it's me," Chu Li's voice sounded from outside, "I'm here to tell you that your whereabouts have been exposed, and Hu Ren Public House is coming here. It is best to leave now."

Jiang Kuai released the breath that he was holding and said grimly, "Please wait for a moment!"

He went out of the bedroom directly wearing his undergarment, opened the door and saw Chu Li standing quietly at the door, the water-like moonlight shone onto his face.

Jiang Kuai scoffed, "How did you know?"

Chu Li smiled, "The informants of the Public House were resourceful. If you don't go now, you won't be able to get away anymore!"

"They can't stop me!" Jiang Kuai scoffed.

Chu Li shook his head, "I saw them bringing along a few big nets. Most likely to catch you with it."

Jiang Kuai's expression changed slightly.

Chu Li said, "Nobody is invincible in this world. They found a way to restrain your levitation."

Jiang Kuai scoffed, "What is your aim?"

"Just helping you make up your mind," Chu Li smiled. He smiled and nodded to the fully dressed beauty who approached them, "This must be your wife? She is without a doubt a beauty!"

Su Yu Ting was beautiful. She was tall with slender legs, small waist, and big breasts. With her graceful appearance, her beauty was on par with Chen Ying and the girls but of course, not as beautiful as Siao Qi and Xue. She was considered a rare beauty too.

Jiang Kuai frowned at him.

Chu Li said, "Let's leave first. If you do not believe me, we can observe from a distance."

"Fine!" Jiang Kuai said.

He wrapped his arm around Tina and flew up. They landed on a roof not far away, lying on the red tile overlooking the surroundings. Soon, they saw the appearance of eight people in black clothing who came from four directions. They were approaching his residence.

There were two people in each group, holding a roll of silver fishing net in their hands. It was glinting cold lights under the moonlight. It was apparently a specially made fishing net.