White Robed Chief Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Persuade Again

Although he was a few hundred meters away, Jiang Kuai still slowed his breathing, for fear that it will alert them to his presence.

He could not see through the cultivation level of these people. Their footsteps were soundless. He will not be able to hear them even if he was lying in the courtyard.

They behaved casually as if they came here to play. They did not show even a slight killing intent.

Jiang Kuai, however, knew that these guys were ruthless. Once they caught him, they will never spare his life. Dealing with them for two years, the cruel means of Hu Ren Public House gave him the chill.

They arrived outside Jiang Kuai's residence without making a sound. Two of them flew and stood on the wall. Towards the direction of the bedroom, they punched in the air lightly.

"Bang! Bang!" Two thuds sounded.

Jiang Kuai saw his bedroom door and windows exploded. These two punches were executed in the air. They were Grandmasters!

He quickly pressed his body against the roof tiles and shook his head at Tina, telling her silently not to say anything or lift her head. The senses of a Grandmaster were too sharp. They can even feel it when someone looked at them.

The moonlight was dim and Tina's martial art was weak so she could only see the gist of it. Hu Ren Public House seemed to have set their minds on killing him. This time, they had sent two Grandmasters.

During the previous chases, they only sent one Grandmaster but now they had sent two. If this continued, when they still cannot chase him down, they were likely to send three or even four.

Together with the two punches, four large silver nets were thrown into the air, falling down slowly and enveloping the entire residence.

The four nets were glimmering cold lights in the moonlight and seeing this gave Jiang Kuai the chills.

If he was really inside the bedroom, he would have become a fish in the net. At a glance, he knew that those nets were specially made and he will need some time to cut them off.

There were two Grandmasters so even a slight delay will cost his life.

He did not matter, but what about Tina? Falling into their hands, he could not even imagine how she would end up!

Thinking of that, he glanced around but he did not see Chu Li.

If it was not for his notification in advance, he would not escape his fate!

"There's no one!"

"He has escaped!"

The four people in black clothing checked the surrounding and saw that there was no one in the residence.

"Damn it! He got away again!"

"He runs faster than a rabbit!"

"How did the news get leaked this time?"

"He is a slippery guy. He must have felt that something was not right and ran away in advance!"

"Damn it, damn it!

"No worries, he can run away this time but he can't run away forever!"

"In my opinion, he did not get far. Mobilize someone to check immediately. We will eventually find him!"

Their discussion drifted into Jiang Kuai's ears. Jiang Kuai did not dare to make a sound.

If Tina was not here, he would have already shown himself, laughed loudly, made some sarcastic remarks and then left casually to anger them. However, Tina was here and bringing along Tina would affect his body movement technique so he was not certain that he will not be caught up by the two Grandmasters.

"Sir Meng, Sir Qi, Sir Zhang, Sir Zhao, this is all our fault!" A man in black clothing lowered his head and apologized, "We came over right after we got the news but we were still too late, letting four seniors came here all for naught!"

Jiang Kuai heard this and was stunned momentarily. They actually dispatched four Grandmasters!

"Hahaha, it does not matter. We'll just take it as having a stroll outside," An old man waved his hand and smiled, "The scenery here is not bad."

"Come on, Elder Meng. You don't even feel embarrassed saying that. The four of us take up this matter personally but we still could not do anything to a mere junior. If this news gets out, we will die of embarrassment!"

"Elder Zhao, the youngsters nowadays can't be compared to the past. We can't underestimate them. Elder Qian was killed in the hands of a young man."

"You are talking about Yi Public House's Chu Li, right? This kid, the Public House suffered quite a lot of losses in his hands!"

"Lady Lu Yurong has given the order to kill him. We must kill him no matter what."

"This kid is trickier to handle than Celestial Monkey. He really should be killed immediately. If he has grown and become even more powerful, our Public House will not end up well!"

"I did not expect that Yi Public House can produce such talent."

"He's a mere junior. He's not a big deal!"

"Elder Zhang, your way of thinking is wrong. If we faced him, we should really be careful in case something goes wrong in this simple task. Elder Qian was not any worse than we are but see what happened to him in the end. Hai..., it was said that Elder Xi is hurt by him too!"

The four of them stood aside and chatted while the remaining four men in black clothing gathered the nets, taking back the silver nets that covered the residence.

When they were done, the four old men also ended their chat and they left leisurely.

Jiang Kuai released a long sigh and turned his head around suddenly. Chu Li was standing behind them with his hands behind his back, quietly watching the direction where the eight people in black clothing left.

Jiang Kuai said, "Just now they were talking about Brother Chu, right?"

"It's me," Chu Li looked away and shook his head, "I have become the eternal enemy of Hu Ren Public House!"

"You killed a Grandmaster before?"

"It was just by luck"

No matter how arrogant Jiang Kuai was, he still knew that he will never be able to kill a Grandmaster, no matter how good his levitation was.

A surprise attack on a Grandmaster was not feasible. He relied on his peerless levitation and successfully escaped from them but he cannot kill them. Grandmaster had a sharp intuition towards danger.

"Brother Jiang Kuai, have you made up your mind?" Chu Li glanced at Tina, "I think tonight's scene will repeat itself!"

Jiang Kuai's face turned gloomy.

Thinking of the scene just now, his heart turned cold.

Chu Li said, "There are two options for you: join the Public House directly and let brother's wife live in the Public House, or not joining the Public House and live in Chong Ming Town, if the Public House has a problem, we will ask for Brother Jiang Kuai's help."

Jiang Kuai frowned at him.

Chu Li said, "No one dared to create chaos in Chong Ming Town. If someone from the martial arts world dared to make a move in Chong Ming Town, the Public House will chase them down to death and so far no one was able to escape. Hu Ren Public House didn't dare to make a move in Chong Ming Town too. The consequences of breaking the rules are unpredictable. It is safe to live in Chong Ming Town. If Brother Jiang Kuai really cannot stand to be bound, you can choose the later."

"There are disadvantages to the later, right?"

"Of course," Chu Li laughed, "Although Chong Ming Town is safe, the world is big and there are always those who are not afraid to die. Every year, they will cause trouble in Chong Ming Town and finally be killed by the Public House. Living in the Public House would be on the safe side."

"Once you enter an influential house, you will get into deep water. The Public House's internal struggle must be very intense, right?" Jiang Kuai frowned, "I'm afraid that Tina will be bullied after living inside."

Chu Li chuckled and shook his head repeatedly, "It seems that Brother Jiang Kuai knows nothing about our Public House."

Jiang Kuai looked at him seriously as this was related to his own destiny.

Chu Li said, "Our Public House is different from the other Public House. Our Public House has the weakest infighting. The Eldest Master in the Public House has the full authority; the Second Lady has frail health and does not manage the Public House; the Third Lady only oversees the matters within the Public House and she is not ambitious, prioritizing her cultivation; Fourth Master focuses on cultivation and does not manage the Public House too. These siblings' relationship is good and deep so there is no infighting. I work under the Third Lady."

"Third Lady?" Jiang Kuai said.

Chu Li said, "Third Lady Siao Qi. She is in charge of the disciplines in the Public House... Moreover, the Public House is enormous. With Brother Jiang Kuai's cultivation level, you can become a rank six Protector and you will have a separate courtyard to live in with no one to disturb you. You will have far more freedom than you think."

"Surely there must be some aspects that you can't do as you please, right?"

"If you are a rank six Protector, you will have six tasks each year. Other than that, as long as you obey the Public House's regulations, there are no other restrictions," Chu Li smiled, "The task can be selected and it will not be forced on you."

"Everyone will pick a safe task, then who would do the dangerous task?" Jiang Kuai was dubious.

Chu Li laughed, "Safe tasks will be given lower rewards while dangerous tasks will be given higher rewards, with a difference of 10 or even 100 times... In the Public House, nobody chooses the safe task. The more dangerous the task, the more people rushed to do it. Some were conceited and think that their martial arts were better so they like to take risks and love high adrenaline activities. Some want to reach their full potential so they cultivate hard. Some desire money and pills... Brother Jiang Kuai, you must understand that it's not that nobody wants to enter the Public House, but the Public House's threshold is much higher than those famous sects. If it is not for Brother Jiang Kuai's peerless levitation, you won't even have the chance to enter the Public House!"

Jiang Kuai hesitated, it was this wonderful?

Chu Li said seriously, "There are two kinds of Protectors in the Public House. One is what I just saidthey hold no post, and the other is a Protector who holds a specific post. The Protectors who hold post will need to obey their boss and would not have as much freedom."