White Robed Chief Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Tiger Bone

"What are the benefits of a Protector who holds post?" Jiang Kuai asked.

He believed that most martial artists could not stand being restrained. Taking orders from others would be too indignant so there must be enormous benefits to make others do it.

Chu Li shook his head and smiled, "There are no other benefits!"

"Ah?" Jiang Kuai was surprised.

Chu Li said, "Other than being a little more stable, there are no other benefits."

"This can't be true," Jiang Kuai frowned, "If there was no benefit, who would let others order him around?"

Chu Li smiled, "There may be one benefit: you can be promoted."

"Promoted...," Jiang Kuai pondered.

Chu Li said, "Just like my Glory's Will Courtyard, if you just join, of course, you have to start from the lowest level. If you did well, you will be promoted."

"We don't practice martial arts to become an official!" Jiang Kuai scoffed.

Chu Li laughed, "Like the Glory's Will Courtyard, there are Scribe Commander, Protector Commander, and Deputy Commander. If you become the commander, you can order others around ... Doing everything on your own, or with just a command, other people will do it for you. Which one is more comfortable?"

Jiang Kuai shook his head.

Authority was really a great temptation. How many people can refuse it?

Chu Li said, "Ok, Brother Jiang Kuai, I've talked until my mouth is dry. Now, give me an answer, are you joining the Public House?"

"Can I believe you?" Jiang Kuai said, "Don't tell me you are deceiving me to get me to join."

Chu Li laughed despite himself, "To be honest, if I want to harm you, do I need to waste so much energy to persuade you? There is no need for me to notify you, I can just watch from a side... What's more, I treated Brother Jiang Kuai sincerely, otherwise, I just need to wait until they almost succeeded to come to your aid and by then, wouldn't Brother Jiang Kuai feel grateful towards me? And by that time, do I still need to earnestly persuade you like this?

Jiang Kuai revealed a small smile.

This indeed made him trusted Chu Li more. If Chu Li wanted to scheme against him, he can just wait until he fell into a difficult situation to reach out and help him. Feeling grateful, he would agree to join the Public House readily.

"Husband, why not, let's enter the Public House," Tina said softly.

Jiang Kuai looked at her.

Tina can see that her husband was moved, but he just cannot put aside his pride to admit it, so these words can only be said by her. Even if he will complain in the future, she cannot care about anything else, this was a rare opportunity!

"Tina, if we really enter the Public House, our lives may not be as good as it is now!" Jiang Kuai sighed.

Tina smiled, "As long as we are together, anywhere is the same!"

Chu Li laughed, "Brother Jiang Kuai, the danger of living in the Public House is far lesser than how you are now!"

"Hai...," Jiang Kuai breathed out a long sigh and said slowly, "Very well, I'll join the Public House!"

Chu Li clapped his hands in joy and laughed, "Congratulations Brother Jiang Kuai! Brother Jiang Kuai will not regret it!"

Jiang Kuai shook his head, "Who knows."

"There are numerous people who want to enter the Public House, but how many people can really enter it?" Chu Li smiled, "Brother Jiang Kuai is oblivious to your good fortune! ... Let's move, go back to the Public House straight away!"

"No problem!" Jiang Kuai replied frankly.

In the early hours of the morning, the mist draped over the lake like a veil.

Chu Li breathed in the fresh and moist air and walked into the Tower of Stargazing.

Su Ru was standing in the main hall, wearing an apricot gown that brought out her white jade face. She was smiling when she looked at him, "Was it successful?"

Chu Li smiled, "I was able to accomplish the mission!"

"Good! Good!" Suru beckoned at him, "Hurry up and go to see Lady Siao. Lady Siao has been waiting for you!"

The two went up to the third floor. Siao Qi was sitting cross-legged on the bed meditating. Her left arm's plaster had been removed and one would not be able to see the injury from its outer appearance. She had her eyes closed, solemn and silent, like Guanyin sitting on the lotus.

When Chu Li entered the third floor, her bright eyes opened.

Chu Li took out a jade box and handed it over with both hands, "My Lady, the Longevity Grass!"

Su Ru took it and presented it to Siao Qi.

Siao Qi said, "Open it."

Su Ru opened the box and inside was a green grass. At first glance, it was similar to the usual weed but it was four to five times thicker than weed. Its exuberant green illustrated its abundance of vitality and just by a look, one will know that it was not a normal item.

"Now, second eldest sister can be saved!" Siao Qi sighed softly.

Chu Li shook his head, "It's useless."

Siao Qi gave him an askance look.

Chu Li said, "There's Vitality Sealing Finger so even ten Longevity Grass cannot save Second Lady!"

"Shut up!" Siao Qi said bluntly, "Big Brother do not want to hear these!"

Chu Li sighed and nodded in resignation.

With his low position, his words carried little weight. He learned medical skills from Mulin for only a month, no matter what, he will not be able to win the trust of others.

"My Lady, I recruited Jiang Kuai into the Public House!" Chu Li said.

"Hmm?" Siao Qi's bright eyes widened slightly.

Su Ru laughed, "Really? Someone like Jiang Kuai can be recruited?"

Chu Li nodded with a smile, "He is now different from when he was in the past. He has a wife, so he wants to live a stable life. Moreover, he offended Hu Ren Public House and was almost killed by Hu Ren Public House."

"Jiang Kuai's levitation is peerless. He will be useful," Siao Qi nodded subtly, "You manage to recruit him. You did a great job."

Chu Li smiled, "It would be a pity if I did not take a talented guy like him to work for me."

"Go and take some rest. I will deal with the rest," Siao Qi said.

Chu Li gave a fist salute and turned to leave.

Siao Qi studied the Longevity Grass, feeling the abounding vitality of it. Knowing that it was not fake, she closed the box, got up and went to Iron Eagle Island.

In the early morning hours, the Public House was exceptionally lively and it was livelier than usual. Boats on the lake came and went.

She and Su Ru set foot in the backyard garden of Iron Eagle Island, Siao Tieying was practicing there. His palm energy diffused into the air and a raging purple gas surrounded his whole body. There was no one serving beside him.

When he saw Siao Qi came over, Siao Tieying stopped his training in surprise. She must have something urgent to tell him since she came over during this hour.

"Big Brother, we got back the Longevity Grass," Siao Qi said.

Siao Tieying was stunned momentarily and then, he was overjoyed, "We got it back?!"

Siao Qi glanced at Su Ru. Su Ru presented the jade box before Siao Tieying with both her hands.

Siao Tieying opened the jade box and looked at the content. He laughed instantly, "It really is the Longevity Grass!"

He could not help but caress the jade box, a warm yet cool feeling was felt from his palm and it made him calm down. He sighed, "Heaven would not fail a man. Second younger sister can be saved!

Siao Qi nodded lightly.

"Chu Li found it?"


"Bravo, he is really awesome!"

Siao Qi said, "However, Chu Li insists that second eldest sister is affected by Vitality Sealing Finger and that Longevity Grass is useless to cure her!"

"Humph!" Siao Tieying scoffed coldly, "He is truly stubborn!"

Siao Qi shook her head, "Never mind, ignore him. Let second eldest sister eat it as soon as possible."

"You're right," Siao Tieying revealed a smiling face again, "I will give it to second younger sister in the morning!"

He excitedly closed the jade box and mumbled, "This fellow is really capable, I have to reward him... advancing a rank again is a little bit too fast. Third younger sister, what do you think we should reward him?"

"Before this, you promised to raise his rank. How come you've changed your mind?" Siao Qi frowned.

"If it was someone else, advancing a rank is nothing, but Chu Li is currently rank four and it is shocking enough. If we increase his rank again, it will not be good for him too," Siao Tieying shook his head.

"I think it's fine," Siao Qi said coldly.

"Fine. Fine. Since you insist, then let's increase his rank to a rank higher!" Siao Tieying said in resignation, "What should we reward him?"

"There is a tiger bone in the Public House...," Siao Qi said, "Reward him with this!"

"Spirit Tiger Bone?" Siao Tieying revealed a pained expression, "This..."

"If Big Brother is really reluctant, then let him play with it for a while," Siao Qi said.

"What is the use of Spirit Tiger Bone to him?" Siao Tieying hesitated and asked dubiously, "Could it be that he wants to eat it? But this thing cannot be made into a medicine!"

Spirit Tiger Bone was extremely toxic. If it was made into a medicine and eaten, he will die instantly. He will suffer soaring killing intent and he would need to be sealed in a special item. Just a little touch and he will die in a snap. Killing intent can kill people imperceptibly, it was even more terrifying than a sword.