White Robed Chief Chapter 136

Chapter 136: The Bone

"He cultivates the Art of White Tiger, and he needs to fully comprehend the true immense power that comes with it." Siao Qi said.

"He dared to touch the Spirit Tiger's Bone?" Siao Tieying shook his head as he said, "Better not do anything stupid. He's a genius, don't ruin him!"

"He's already had some progress in the Art of White Tiger. If he had the bone, he'd definitely improve. If he stopped because didn't have the bone, it'd be such a pity!"

"That's amazing. He can even cultivate the Art of White Tiger..!"

"He's actually quite lucky. He's already gathered upper and lower part."

Siao Tieying sighed. He had also cultivated the Art of White Tiger before, but he never caught the key to it, so he never completed the cultivation.

So far, Chu Li's innate talent was indeed impressive. It was almost on par with the Third Lady's. He was definitely worth the effort in being trained.

As the eldest son of the Public House, he would of course not be jealous of Chu Li. He instead admired Chu Li, and even thought highly of him. A genius like Chu Li must not be wasted, or else it would have been a big mistake. If the Public House wanted to be rich and powerful, he needed to make good use of these geniuses.

"Big brother" Siao Qi said, "We won't use that Spirit Tiger's bone either way.If it can't be made into medicine and we don't even dare touch it, we might as well give it to him!"

"Does he know how to use it?" Siao Tieying asked, "It has a very ill-omened power. If he touches it, he'll definitely be doomed!"

"He has very deep Buddhist austerities, and he's also sensitive to danger. If it posed any threat, he'd definitely avoid it." Siao Qi said, "Big brother, you're unwilling to give it?"

"Who says I'm unwilling!?" Siao Tieying shook his hand as he impolitely scoffed, "Fine, just give it to him!"

Siao Qi smirked.

Siao Tieying let out a breath. He clenched his teeth to bear his heartache, "But you must tell him clearly that this thing isn't a joke!"

"Of course." Siao Qi pursed her lips and smiled gently, "Big brother, you're truly unwilling to give it out, aren't you?"

Siao Tieying impolitely stared at her, "Insult me as you wish!"

"Where'd the Spirit Tiger's bone come from?"

"Who knows." Siao Tieying shook his head as he sighed, "I asked father about it before. Even he didn't know."

"This might be the only one in the entire world" Siao Qi said.

Siao Tieying laughed, "It could be that one of the Enlightened Masters brought this back from the Mountain. He may have even brought a few of them."

"If he brought back one more piece of it, it'd provoke the Spirit Tigers." Siao Qi said, "Even Enlightened Masters wouldn't dare to do it."

"What if there were a few Enlightened Masters?"

"Stop bringing up irrelevant things, brother."

"That's exactly how hard it was to get the Spirit Tiger's bone." Siao Tieying shook his head and sighed, "But Chu Li retrieved the grass and saved sister Siao Shi's life. That was far more important than the piece of bone!"

Siao Qi gently nodded.

Thre both of them talked while leaving the backyard, and into the main hall.

Before Siao Tieying sat down. He raised his voice and called out for Lin Quan, "Lin Quan! Lin Quan!"

"Master!" The crane haired, baby-faced elder appeared. He smiled as he squinted his eyes, "How may I be of help, Master?"

"Go to the storehouse and bring me the Spirit Tiger's bone!" Siao Tieying said.

"As you wish." Lin Quan turned to get the bone.

Siao Tieying pointed at the armchair, signalingSiao Qi to sit.

Siao Qi muttered for a moment as she sighed, "Big brother, what if what Chu Li said was true?"

"About what?" Siao Tieying was startled and suddenly recalled what Chu Li said. He shook his head and could not control his laughter, "The Vitality Sealing Finger?"

"Chu Li is very confident about his determination." Siao Qi slowly said.

Siao Tieying shook his head, "Seems like you've come to trust him a lot. That isn't a good thing. Besides, he's just a subordinate. You still need to keep your wits about. You can't just always believe him!"

"Understood." Siao Qi nodded.

She was clear of the means of manipulation. Human nature was inherently evil. One could not just always believe people.

"If it really is the Vitality Sealing Finger, then we'll just find someone to undo it. It's not a big deal!" Siao Tieying said.

Siao Qi furrowed her brows and muttered to herself, the Vitality Sealing Finger was not that easy to deal with.

Lin Quan quickly returned to the main hall with both his hands a black box. The box looked quite like a box for jewelry, "Master."

Siao Tieying took it and passed it to Siao Qi, "This is the bone. Remember to tell him clearly. Don't touch it!"

"Understood." Siao Qi replied, "He's not that stupid."

"I'm worried that his arrogance will lead him to his very own death. If he touched it, the ill omen will definitely enter and rip him apart." Siao Tieying scoffed.

Siao Qi smiled, "Big Brother, Chu Li has already invited the Jiang Kuai into the Public House."

"Hmph?" Siao Tieying was startled. His complexion turned grim.

"How should we punish Jiang Kuai?" Siao Qi added.

Siao Tieying took a few deep breaths.

He had the intention of flaying Jake when he had the chance, but since he regained the Longevity grass, his anger was quelled quite a bit. However, as he heard Jiang Kuai's name, his discomfort came back to him. His anger had not completely faded yet.

"Shall we exile him from the Public House?" Siao Qi said.

"Nonsense!" Siao Tieying impolitely gazed at Siao Qi, "His levitation is notable. And since he's in the Public House, we can't possibly let him go."

Siao Qi gently nodded.

"Chu Li is quite competent." Siao Tieying scoffed, "To have invited Jiang Kuai to join the Public House? He's such a prideful and arrogant bastard, surely it must've not been easy!"

"He understands the human heart. He can identify what they want and break their barriers." Siao Qi said.

"There's no need to rush. Let Jiang Kuai take his time with his own decision." Siao Tieying said, "Chu Li will definitely convince Jiang Kuai to join the Glory's Will Courtyard!"

Siao Qi gently smiled, "It might be possible."

Lin Quan served two cups of tea as he bowed and stood to the side.

Siao Qi looked at him, "Lin Quan, you're quite old now, aren't you? Shouldn't you have a good life? You're at least old enough for that. You can be a senior in the Hall of Martial Arts!"

Lin Quan smiled, "I offer my sincerest thanks to your concern, Third Lady. However, I'm just an old man that was born to work and not to enjoy life. I feel uncomfortable while I rest. If my limbs can still move, I'll serve my Master. That's what brings me comfort."

"Haaah" Siao Qi sighed as she shook her head.

Siao Tieying smiled, "I really wouldn't be used to not having Lin Quan around! These maids are clumsy and a real pain in my eyes."

"Those maids don't have Lin Quan's competence! He's smart and careful, a rare find. Maybe you should find a maid over at the Second Lady's place." Siao Qi said.

"With that temper? Who'll she like..?" Siao Tieying helplessly sighed.

Siao Qi shook her head, "How can you not have a personal maid to serve you? Isn't that very inconvenient?"

Siao Shi did not have a personal maid, only had a group of maids to serve her. Her temper was creepy, and she did not like people sticking around her. She liked to be alone. She was free and felt calmed when she was, but this proved to be very inconvenient.

If Siao Shi were like Siao Qi and had someone like Su Ru beside her, a lot of things that she need not worry about would be dealt with. In Siao Qi's case, she was able to concentrate on cultivating and handling the personal matters of the Public House, rather than to deal with trifle matters.

Some small things needed full attention and to be dealt with one by one. It was very tiring, but the Second Lady was happy with it.

"The few maids with her are helpful." Siao Tieying said, "She doesn't like people that stay too close to her. It's useless if we ordered someone to serve her."

Siao Qi gently nodded.

Siao Tieying's eyes suddenly widened, "Third younger sister, don't tell me you want to assign Lin Quan to her?"

"Would you be willing to, big brother?" Siao Qi pursed her lips and smiled.

Siao Tieying hurriedly shook his head, "No, never!"

"Fine." Siao Qi said, "I'll be presenting second eldest sister with the Longevity Grass later this afternoon. I'll be leaving now."

"Very well." Siao Tieying impolitely waved his hand.

His head was in a mess because of what 0Siao Qi said. He took a glance at Lin Quan. In the end, Lin Quan was still a man. He may be old, but he was still male. Second younger sister's personal servant needed to be a woman.0

Chu Li was cultivating in the courtyard, visualizing the Art of White Tiger. Siao Qi and Su Ru pushed the door open and walked in, sitting 0in front of Chu Li and Su Ru put the black box on the stone table.

Chu Li fist saluted and curiously looked at the black box.

"You've been promoted again -third rank now. Inside this little box here is the Spirit Tiger's bone." Siao Qi said, "It has an ill power surrounding it. Make sure not to touch it."

"Spirit Tiger's bone?" Chu Li was shocked.

Siao Qi gently nodded, "This is a reward for the retrieval of the Longevity Grass. It might help you with cultivating the Art of White Tiger."

Chu Li gently opened the black box. The power jumped on him, like a fierce white tiger.

Chu Li happily closed the box, fist saluted and thanked her.