White Robed Chief Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Joining the Public House

Siao Qi smileddiscreetly.

She had only wanted Su Ru to go, but she was worried and wanted to remind Chu Li personally, so that he did not take any unnecessary risks.

After they left, Chu Li returned to the courtyard and slowly opened the box. The mentioned ill-omen rushed toward him, like a fierce tiger pouncing on its prey. The sheer intensity would have made many people turn and run as far as they could.

Chu Li stretched out his hand, slowly getting closer to the Spirit Tiger's bone and stopped one foot away. A cold air went into his body, his meridians and muscles felt like they were getting stabbed by numerous cold needles. Pain numbed his body.

He pulled back his hand from the Spirit Tiger's bone, and felt the inauspicious power within.

It was only a bone, but it had so much might and ill will. He roughly guessed how terrifying a real Spirit Tiger was.

The Art of White Tiger needed this sort of might. The mightier the tiger visualized, the more immense the power passed out from the void, which would lead to a purer, more powerful Art of White Tiger.

Xue was given the command by Chu Li. She needed to assist Jiang Kuai's family in settling down, and had to let Tina stay in the guest house first, bringing Jiang Kuai to deal with the procedures of the Public House.

She was wearing a white gown. Her character was like ice as she rowed the boat, bringing Jiang Kuai to the Hall of Martial Arts.

There was a crowd of Protectors sparring with each other or cultivating alone on the training hall in the Hall of Martial Arts. All sorts of disciplines were being cultivated such as knives, swords, palms, and fists. The hall was very crowded.

Lin gently entered the shore. The busy training hall quieted down. Everyone made way for Xue.

Xue's delicate face looked serious. She gently nodded as a greeting to everyone.

Jiang Kuai followed beside her, attracting the gaze of hundreds of people. The many unfriendly gazes made him uncomfortable.

After he squeezed through the pressuring gazes of the crowd, Jiang Kuai silently let out a sigh.

"Miss Xue, why are they like that?"

"My Master is referred to as the youth champion." Xue calmly replied.

"He's that prestigious..?" Jiang Kuai was shocked.

Xue proudly scoffed at him, "Master received the title from battles. They can't exactly refuse to accept it."

"Impressive indeed." Jiang Kuai sighed.

He was able to tell that there were a number of Innate Masters in the crowd. The Public House had quite the high capabilities.

Xue gently walked and brought him to the Hall of Martial Arts. She went over and explained his presence, giving Jiang Kuai his waist tag in the meantime.

"This is the lowest rank of the Scribes. If you want to become a Protector, you'll have to challenge the Tower of Ranking." Xue said, "Let's go, follow me."

"Tower of Ranking?" Jiang Kuai asked.

"Becoming a Protector is all about martial arts. Nobody else matters. After you challenge a few ranks in the Tower of Ranking, you'll be granted that rank of Protector. This is based on one's ability. Master Jiang Kuai doesn't need to restrain himself. The higher the rank, the more the salary. A promotion of one rank increases your salary by the multiples!" Xue explained.

"Okay." Jiang Kuai slowly nodded.

When he first entered the Public House, he wanted to be stable. Of course, he wanted to show his abilities but when he saw so many Innate Masters in the training hall, he began to feel stressed.

The both of them went to the front of the Tower of Ranking's silver building, and the towering Bronze Tower was shining with the cold breeze, under the rays of light coming from the sun. The grandeur was stunning.

"This is the Tower of Ranking." Xue raised her head and looked up. Every time she went to the tower, she felt small and low in status, "Master Jiang Kuai, you can enter by presenting the waist tag."

"Miss Xue, please wait for me. It won't take too long." Jiang Kuai stepped into the Tower of Ranking in large strides.

Xue quietly stood in front of the Tower of Ranking. The bright and beautiful sun shined on her body warmly, but she still had the coldness to her that could not be dispersed.

Her personality was cold. She even cultivated the Crescent Cryptic. The coldness was always present.

As the Crescent Cryptic became more and more cultivated, her body's cold aura become richer and more powerful. Everyone around her was able to feel as if they were immersed in a cold spring. They could not have brought themselves to think anything blasphemous of her.

Her personality was also affected by Crescent Cryptic; she had been getting more and more cold and detached. She no longer cared about anything around her, and she only focused on the courtyard. Only the courtyard made her feel relaxed enough to show her emotions. When she was outside, it was like her heart had been covered by a layer of thick ice. She lacked any feelings when she was not at home.

One hour quickly passed. She raised her head and saw Jiang Kuai slowly step out of the bronze gate, His complexion was pale and he had difficulty walking.

Xue took out a bottle of pills. She took out a pill and passed it to him. "Were you hurt?"

"Just tired." Jiang Kuai forced a smile.

"This is the Pill of Energy. It recovers inner energy." Xue said.

"Thank you." Jiang Kuai took it and ate it immediately. He shook his head and forced another smile, "It's indeed powerful!"

"How many ranks has Master Jiang Kuai challenged?"

"I didn't pass the fifth rank."

"Which means you challenged four ranks and now you're in the sixth rank. Very impressive, Xue complimented him, "The sixth rank in one challenge is rare. You'll have a bright future."

"I can't possibly have passed the fifth floor so quickly." Jiang Kuai consumed the Pill of Energy. He felt the heat all over his body immediately, and he He suddenly regained his vitality. The feeling of weakness was dispelled.

He sighed to himself. The pill he consumed was way more powerful than the one he was before. The Public House had a well-deserved popularity.

Xue smiled, "Sixth Rank is already very respectable! Eight hundred taels every month!"

"But Brother Chu is rank four." Jiang Kuai said.

Xue shook her head, "Master is a Scribe. The salary of one is completely different from that of a Protector's"

"Fourth rank Scribe, Brother Chu is indeed impressive." Jiang Kuai said.

"Master's achievements are uncountable. Let's go, Master Jiang Kuai. We'll be on our way to the courtyard you'll be staying in."

They brought Tina, who was at the guest house. Xue rowed the boat and sent Jiang Kuai and Tina to an island.

The small island was full of greenery. Willows surrounded the horizon and the branches were shaking. The vitality of the place welcomed their admiration and wonder.

The three of them left the boat and stepped on a path surrounded by fresh flowers and arrived at a delicate courtyard.

Xue pushed the gates open.

"Master Jiang Kuai and Madam Tina, this will be your residence. The both of you may enter and inspect it. If you aren't satisfied with this one, we can change to another."

Jiang Kuai smiled, "We can even choose which courtyard to stay in?"

"We have a lot of courtyards in the Public House. Even if we simply chose a courtyard, there'll still be plenty. Both of you have no need to be so rushed. Just stay for some time. If you feel unsatisfied with it, you can change any time." Xue explained.

"There are that many courtyards in the Public House?" Jiang Kuai curiously asked.

"There are many courtyards built in the Public House. Many Protectors don't bother staying in the Public House, so there are many that have no occupants." Xue replied.

"They don't need to stay in the Public House?"

Xue nodded, "Protectors are quite free in that regard. They just need to obey the rules and succeed in their missions. They can stay wherever they wish."

"The Public House isn't afraid that" Jiang Kuai furrowed his brows.

With a system like that, there were too many openings. It was like the Public House did not even set up their defenses. Their security felt incredibly lax.

"Are you worried about the safety in the Public House, Master Jiang Kuai?" Xue asked.

"Yes, I am." Jiang Kuai nodded.

"There's no need to. Our Public House is quite different from the others. We built it on the lake on a small island, and every island is unique and has their own traits. If someone wanted to attack us, they won't leave alive." She reassured him.

Jiang Kuai was still in doubt.

Xue showed traces of a smile. "Since our Public House was built, a lot of other Public Houses tried to attack us, but none of them have ever succeeded."

"Why so?" Jiang Kuai asked, "Are there Masters on every island?"

"Of course there are. The only difference is that they are shuffled randomly. Only the Third Lady knows of the real order. The information is top secret." Xue added.

"If it's like his" Jiang Kuai slowly nodded.

Tina entered the courtyard and took a look around.

There was a parterre, a bamboo forest, and a gazebo. It was quiet and peaceful. The place was delicately decorated.

The furniture in the residence gave off an antique vibe. The style was simple and natural, and one could tell that the wood was expensive, and made by a top craftsman. There was a feeling of luxury in the antique and plain.

Tina liked the place as soon as she laid eyes upon it. She had an ear-to-ear grin on her face.

Xue saw their satisfaction and went to search for a maid to be in charge of their everyday life. Jiang Kuai was now officially a Protector of the Public House. He was able to go to the Hall of Martial Arts to train and get to know people.

When Xue made it back to her courtyard, it was already sunset. The sun shone and painted the courtyard a deep orange. Chu Li was looking at a black box in the pagoda.