White Robed Chief Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Contributions Done

"Is it that magical?" Jiang Kuai asked in surprise.

Hu Ziwen explained, "As long as there's still breathing, the Spirit Blessing Pill will be able to save lives! Luckily, I still have some with me, otherwise, we'll be in deep trouble!"

Jiang Kuai looked at the two people in the pool of blood and asked, "They're not dead?"

"After consuming the pill? They're not able to die even if they wanted to!" Hu Ziwen laughed. "Luckily you caught one of the murderers. Two of the pills will be wasted if you didn't!"

"We can still retrieve it?"

"If we didn't catch the guy, the Public House will only return one to me. Since we did, I'm getting back four!" Hu Ziwen laughed gleefully.

He further explained, "Only one is issued every year. You can't get it anywhere else!"

"The Public House issues it?" Jiang Huai asked again in surprise.

A pill that could save lives issued by the Public House truly deserving of its name and prestige.

"As long as we complete our missions and make no blunders, they'll issue one pill to each of us by the end of the year," Hu Ziwen explained.

"We can't buy it from other people?"

"Money is never more important than lives! We as Protectors are always in danger. Who knows when will death fall upon us? During critical moments, which is more important money or lives?"

"You're right." Jiang Kuai nodded in agreement. He looked at the man in black on the ground.

"Shall we interrogate him?"

"Don't!" Hu Ziwen hurriedly shook his hand.

"Don't do anything. Just hand this guy over to the Public House."

Jiang Kuai frowned. "What if things are delayed? If we interrogate him now, we might still be able to find the other guy. If we delay this further, we may never find him!"

"I'd rather not be able to find him than taking things into my own hands," Hu Ziwen said while shaking his head. "We're not professionals. What if we accidentally kill the guy during interrogation? Don't worry, somebody will be here soon!"

Just as he finished his sentence, two shadows flew in.

"Brother Hu, what happened?" two men asked as they entered and gave a fist salute.

Jiang Kuai noted that these two men were in their twenties, eyes bright and shining. They were also Innate Masters. It seemed like there were as many Innate Masters as there were many dogs in the Public House.

If any martial arts sect had a few Innate Masters, they would have already been considered a high-class threat!

Hu Ziwen responded to the two men in a serious tone.

"This guy is a murderer bring him back to the Public House. There's one more who managed to escape. The victims have been saved, please send somebody over for medication. It's none of our business now," he said.

The two young Protectors gave him a fist salute and smiled. "Congratulations, Brother Hu!"

Nobody died, and they even caught one of the perpetrators. This was considered meritorious, attracting a handsome reward which would have earned everyone's envy.

A meritorious act was worth as much as a year's worth of missions, and this definitely stirred envy in others.

Hu Ziwen smiled with his mouth wide open and laughed. He returned a fist salute.

Both the Protectors grabbed the man in black and left.

Slightly after they left, an elderly man carrying a purple wooden box entered the room. Hu Ziwen hurriedly gave him a fist salute.

"Elder Sheng," Hu Ziwen greeted.

Elder Sheng was clad in a blue robe. He was tall and had an imposing stature like a huge tower. He had white hair and a youthful complexion, looking like an immortal.

He waved a hand to both Jiang Kuai and Hu Ziwen and looked down at the two victims.

"Get them up on the table," he told Hu Ziwen and Jiang Kuai.

"Yes," Hu Ziwen replied respectfully. Together with Jiang Kuai, they gently carried the two victims and put them on the table.

Elder Sheng opened his purple wooden box and took out silver needles and a medicine bottle. He first applied some ointment on their chests and then poked a few needles into their bodies.

"Elder Sheng, will they be alright?" Hu Ziwen asked.

"Yes, thanks to your Spirit Blessing Pill." Elder Sheng nodded his head as he stroked his white beard. "They'll survive but it'll be difficult for them to recover to as before. Their bodies will be weaker after they recuperate."

"They're already lucky to have their lives back," Hu Ziwen said in relief.

"Go do your thing, I'll take over from here." Elder Sheng waved them away.


Hu Zhiwen and Jiang Kuai both left the residence and continued to patrol the town.

The alley was quiet as usual. The residents around seemed to not realize anything amiss and that there was an attempted familicide.

Basking under the gentle, lantern light, Jiang Kuai heaved a long sigh and said, "They're incredibly lucky to be alive!"

He was also secretly impressed with the Public House's competency and power. Seeing how they managed the town's affairs, how could the people not be loyal to them?

"They're indeed lucky!" Hu Ziwen agreed and believed it to be so. "If we're slightly late, they'll definitely be dead. When that happens, we'll be persecuted and be in a big trouble. Don't even mention about losing the Spirit Blessing Pills, we'll also be fined!"

"Did anything like this happen before?"

"Of course." Hu Ziwen sighed. "Some of them were not as lucky. Their allocated Spirit Blessing Pill for the year was forfeited. They got no rewards and were fined 10,000 silver taels."

Jiang Kuai was shocked. "Such a heavy punishment?"

10,000 silver taels was not a small amount, and the Spirit Blessing Pill was priceless.

Hu Ziwen explained to Jiang Kuai. "These are the rules. Regardless of how handsome the reward is for the mission, the punishment equals its value accordingly. Do you think you can fail a mission and just go home without having to bear responsibility and all?"

Jiang Kuai shook his head. He really did not expect the punishment to be that heavy.

"But Young Jiang, your Light-body Technique is really good!" Hu Ziwen praised. "No wonder you're able to join the Public House halfway and not use any shortcuts!"

Jiang Kuai was embarrassed by the compliment.

Hu Ziwen patted Jiang Kuai on his shoulder. "Thanks to your Light-body Technique, otherwise, the murderer will not be caught and our Spirit Blessing Pills will be retained too!"

Jiang Kuai smiled again shyly. "I'm just lucky, like a blind cat catching a dead rat."

"You're too humble!" Hu Ziwen laughed, shaking his head.


Chu Li had his breakfast and went for a morning stroll. Once he was back, he cultivated a round of Sentient Menace and walked into the gazebo as usual. He took out the Spirit Tiger Bone and sat down to visualize the Art of White Tiger.

He found the effects multiplied when he visualized the Art of White Tiger near the Spirit Tiger Bone. The mystical power of the void was strong, surging into his body like a tidal wave. It washed over his body, alternating his blood, flesh, bones, and meridians as if it wanted to swallow him.

Xue Ling watched as Chu Li cultivated the Art of White Tiger. She knew she was of no help in the courtyard and left for Martial Arts Hall to do some reading. She did not have a photographic memory hence for interesting secret manuals and cultivation notes, she would have to read it a few more times before remembering it.

Chu Li started his visualization and was just opening his eyes when Xue Ling hurriedly pushed the door open and entered.

He looked at her as she walked up the gazebo smelling fragrant, and asked, "What is it?"

Xue Ling replied, "Master, Jiang Kuai accepted a town patrol mission last night and a family was almost killed!"

"A familicide?"

"'Luckily, he and the other Protector got there on time and scare off the perpetrators. They used Spirit Blessing Pills to save two people. Jiang Kuai caught one but the other escaped!"

Chu Li closed the box that contained the Spirit Tiger's bone.

"It's fortunate that nobody died. The Public House will deal with arresting the perpetrators, it's none of our business," he said casually.

"Jiang Kuai performed exceptionally well and solidified his status!" Xue Ling added.

Chu Li nodded.

Xue Ling smiled. "You're the one who recommended him to join the Public House. His meritorious service also meant that you've performed well too!"

Chu Li nodded again and said, "If it's considered that way, then be it. This is not a big deal, now go do your own things!"

Xue Ling scoffed and rolled her eyes at him. "There're still a bunch of idiots who are not afraid of death who dare to kill people in town! They're truly audacious!"

Chong Ming Town was like the Public House's backyard. Killing people in Chong Ming Town was akin to provoking them, and they would not tolerate it and will investigate thoroughly. This was common sense to all but the fact that there were actually people who still dare to challenge the Public House frustrated and confused her.

Chu Li asked, "Have they found out who did it?"

"It seems like it was the Phoenix Tree Faction!" Xue Ling replied.