White Robed Chief Chapter 143

Chapter 143: The Trap

Chu Li's eyebrows twitched.

He had some recollection of the Phoenix Tree Faction it was when the bunch of provocative bastards got their legs broken by Zhao Ying in Leisure Cloud Pub.

Since then, rumors spread that they had never shown up at Leisure Cloud Pub again. Maybe it was because their ego was ruined. Although in congenial wise, Zhao Ying's cultivation level was not considered the top but not a single Innate Master could beat his masterly swordsmanship.

Xue Ling asked, "Young Master should remember this Phoenix Tree Faction, right?"

Chu Li let out a "mm" sound and said, "Of course, I remember!"

"It seems like we'll have to settle the bill with the Phoenix Tree Faction." Xue Ling wrinkled her nose and snorted. "They really don't know their limits. We should punish them for once!"

The recent rise of Phoenix Tree Faction seemed like it had produced quite a number of Innate Masters. Arrogance would not last forever they did not even have the High Duke's Public House in their eyes and they dared to provoke them.

The last time, it was the Leisure Cloud Pub, and this time, it was killing people in town! Their guts had gotten bigger and bigger!

Chu Li's finger lightly knocked on the tiger bone's casket and a strange feeling spread from his belly. His mood became calmer. In an instant, many ideas vanished from his brain which was filled with thoughts.

He could faintly sense that something was not right.

Everyone within the martial arts world knew the strength of the High Duke's Public House, and the Phoenix Tree Faction was not a fool. No matter how much they provoked them, they still had to know their limits. Even if they wanted to spread their name, they absolutely could not do it this way. Killing people in the town was a complete annihilation!

The High Duke's Public House would immediately show up at their door, capturing those who did it. If they handed them over, Phoenix tree Faction would lose their power but if not, the High Duke's Public House would immediately destroy the Phoenix Tree Faction without holding back.

However, this might not be a frame-up. Third Lady Xiao saw through the hearts of people and nobody could hide it.

"I'll go take a look!" Chu Li got up and held the tiger bone casket in his arms.

For a moment, both of Xue Ling's eyes lit up. "Alright."

Both of them reached Stargazing Tower. Su Ru was downstairs with her fluttering apricot gown.

"Chu Li, is there anything wrong?" She pointed at the armchair, indicating for them to sit down and talk. "The Lady is resting."

Chu Li sat in the armchair while Xue Ling stood behind him.

"Chief, a murder happened in town last night."

"Mmm, Lady Xiao has already sorted it out." Su Ru rubbed her eyebrows.

"One murderer was already caught. Where is he?"

"Locked in the Thunder God Island."

"I like to see this person."

Su Ru put her hand down, frowned and stared at him. "What fight do you want to join? Lady Xiao has already done the interrogation and it is Phoenix Tree Faction's follower."

"Can't you feel that something is not right, Chief?" Xue Ling shook her head. "A follower of the Phoenix Tree Faction really has such huge guts, huh?"

"Once the impulse in these bastards have been activated, what else can they not do?"

"I like to know the reason why they'd do such a thing. My heart can't seem to calm down."

"If they dared to kill those people in town, then they should be killed," Su Ru disagreed, "no matter what reason!"

"Chief, accompany me on the trip to Thunder God Island!" Chu Li said.

Su Ru let out a breath, looked at his calm expression and said in annoyance, "Master Xiao has already dispatched the Protectors. At this very moment, who knows, they might have already caught another murderer. What else is left to investigate?"

Chu Li held his fist and said nothing more.

"Okay then." Su Ru saw his determination and sighed. "You're now on the third rank, so I'll listen to you!"

Chu Li smiled.

Speaking of rank, Su Ru was not on the same level as him but no one in the resident discussed their ranking with her at all. No matter how high her rank was, nobody could order her around as a respect to Lady Xiao.

Su Ru let out another breath. "I'll inform Lady Xiao."

Chu Li nodded.

She went up and came down quickly. It was obvious that Xiao Qi did not understand Chu Li's meaning.

The three of them stepped on the small boat. It moved like an arrow which was shot out from the bow, heading toward the west for a quarter of an hour and came to an evergreen small island Thunder God Island.

It seemed like only pine trees were planted across Thunder God Island where they were green all year round.

Even from afar, Chu Li could feel the deep fierce energy and although the Thunder God Island was not as guarded as Jade Island Guardian, it was very strict. It would be very difficult for ordinary martial arts master to get in.

Su Ru held her waist tag forward and shouted, "Su Ru of Jade Guardian Island requesting to see Thunder God Island's Leader!"

"Haha..." A long laugh rang out as if a series of muffled thunder rolled in.

Chu Li frowned. It must be a Grandmaster with a deep and rich cultivation!

The boat was on the shore, and on the side stood five short, chubby young adults.

One of them had a round and lotus-red face with a pair of small yet bright-looking eyes. He was Thunder God Island's Leader, Lei Zheng.

"Miss Su Ru, welcome! What can I do for you?" Lei Zheng laughed, his voice as deep as the sound of cannons that could shake human spirits until they were lifted up.

Su Ru gave a fist salute and replied, "Thunder Island Leader, I would like to see the murderer whom we brought in last night!"

"That young one from Phoenix Tree Faction?" Lei Zheng asked.

"Indeed," Su Ru answered.

Lei Zheng replied, "Come with me!"

He swept his eyes to Chu Li and Xue Ling and did not ask much. Chu Li also held his fist without saying much either.

Chu Li had already looked around with his Omniscient Mirror. The small island was filled with fresh flowers, green trees, and the view was amazing.

Lei Zheng brought them down to an entrance and arrived 30 meters deep underground. Inside, there were many wide stone rooms, every one of them about a hundred square meters. Most of the stone walls were filled with potholes as if they were training rooms.

Along the way, Chu Li saw that five rooms were occupied. All occupants were young, buffed, and were training they looked no different from everyone, not mistreated or any kind.

They came to a stop in front of a stone room. Lei Zheng took out the key to open the lock, pushed opened the chained door and went in.

A young man with a black shirt was laying on the stone bed, not moving.

Lei Zheng said, "This bastard wanted to kill himself so we could only lock him up in this cave."

Su Ru nodded her head and said to Chu Li, "This is the bastard. Now, ask away!"

Chu Li eyed the black shirt youth, shook his head and said, "This doomed man is still loyal!"

The black shirt youth had a long body. He had handsome features with a pair of hatred eyes that stared at Su Ru. His resentment within could make people shudder.

Su Ru turned a blind eye to his expression, turned her head and said, "He's from the Phoenix Tree Faction, right?"

Chu Li slowly nodded his head and waved his hand.

Su Ru sighed. "Alright then! Thunder Island Leader, we'll wait outside."

Lei Zheng looked at Chu Li then looked at the black shirt youth, smiled and said, "Great, let's go out!"

He was uneasy about it and worried that Chu Li might kill him. If so, then his responsibility would be heavier. Luckily, Su Ru was here.

When everyone had left, Chu Li was the only one remained in the room. He absent-mindedly glanced at the black shirt youth. "Are you with the Phoenix Tree Faction since you're young?"

"You've got an enmity with the High Duke's Public House?"

"Then have you seen your Faction Leader before?"

"There are quite a lot of martial art masters in the faction, I suppose?"

"Then why kill those two people?"

"Hey, that's quite interesting? What kind of martial arts masters are there in the faction?"

The black shirt youth did not make a single move. Instead, he cast a glance of contemptuous look over.

As Chu Li asked more questions where his face was overcast with sadness, and he immediately left the stone room to find Su Ru waiting outside, along with the rest.

Chu Li gave a fist salute. "Thank you, Thunder Island Leader. Chief, let's go!"

"Come along." Su Ru turned around and walked toward the exit.

She knew that Chu Li had the ability like Lady Xiao he could gain insight and see through people's intentions.

Chu Li's footsteps were in haste. Su Ru saw that his expression was unusual and immediately quicken her footsteps too. As she stepped on the small boat, Chu Li's stature disappeared, and his shadow was gone.

"Seems like he's really in a rush." Su Ru shook her head.

Su Ru and Xue Ling drove the small boat together. Under combined efforts, the small boat was traveling as fast as the wind. The journey to the island was a quarter of an hour but the journey back was around five minutes.

Chu Li appeared on the third floor of Stargazing Tower whereas Xiao Qi, who was exercising on the couch, opened her bright eyes.

Chu Li presented a fist salute and said, "Lady Xiao, the Phoenix Tree Faction is a trap!"

"Hm ---?" Xiao Qi looked at him calmly.

Chu Li answered, "Ren Public House has Grandmasters and there are more in the Phoenix Tree Faction. How many from the Resident went to the Phoenix Tree Faction?"

"Ten Innate Masters." Xiao Qi frowned.

"Ren Public House's Xi Wu is in the Phoenix Tree Faction!" Chu Li shook his head and sighed. "Yesterday's case was all planned in advance and that married couple is assassins."

Ren Public House's tricks were really inevitable. If it wasn't for his Omniscient Mirror, he definitely would not have thought of this as a trap. From the mind of the black-shirt youth, he saw Xi Wu and knew that it wasn't good.