White Robed Chief Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Transport

Xiao Qi's jade face sank and she frowned at him. "It's all a trap?"

Chu Li nodded. "One cycle after the other, the resident martial art masters in Phoenix Tree Faction are suffering losses. You or Master Xiao must go to the married couple and investigate what really happened. They're not prepared so maybe you might get what we want!"

Nobody can alert those two who had just experienced fatal injuries. Moreover, they were victims too.

"Why did I not see that?" Xiao Qi stood up and pushed open the window. A clear breeze blew in, swaying the white mantle in front of the window.

She could also inspect intentions and see through the opponent's thoughts. However, during the interrogation of the murderer, she did not pick up that information she could not see that it was a trap.

Chu Li said, "That bastard whom you just caught was just a piece in the chess, so he did not know this information."

"These are all just your speculation?"


Xiao Qi leaned against the window and pondered. "How confident are you?"

"Eight or nine chances out of ten," Chu Li said. "If I were Lu Yurong, to have done such a thing, she doesn't lose her wisdom to me in terms of intellectual ability. In fact, her tricks might be more treacherous."

After hearing that, Su Ru and Xue Ling rushed over and said, "Lady Xiao, should we notify Master Xiao?"

"There's no time!" Xiao Qi's white jade-like face sank and sighed. "They should've arrived at Phoenix Tree Faction by now."

"Then quickly dispatch aid!" Su Ru said.

Xiao Qi nodded her head lightly. "Chu Li, bring me there first. Let Sir Zhao and the rest follow behind."

Chu Li shook his head. "I'll bring Sir Zhao first."

Xiao Qi's bright eyes slightly narrowed, her glance was ice-cold.

Xiao Qi's spiritual force was cold, giving people a sense of threat and her mental strength far exceeded the commoners. In addition to her long imposing superior force and narrowed eyes, it was as if the air around froze, causing suffocation.

Without a change of expression, Chu Li said, "Estimating that they not only have one Innate Master, if both of us leave first, it'll not help us but it'll be dangerous instead."

"Exactly." Su Ru Shu quickly nodded her head. "Lady Xiao, it's best to let Sir Zhao go first!"

Even the rich man dared not sit under the eaves. Having Lady Xiao's priceless self rashly burst into the Innate Masters' ambush would be too dangerous.

"Sir Zhao can't recall the roads, can he?" Xiao Qi snorted.

Chu Li let out a breath with annoyance. "Lady Xiao, the injury on your right shoulder still hasn't recovered, isn't it?"

To be frank, he did not want to say those words. He knew her temperament as once that had been said, she would be angrier, like pouring fuel into a fire.

"It has healed!" Xiao Qi coldly said.

Su Ru gave Chu Li a meaningful glance, and hurriedly said, "Chu Li should recognize the Phoenix Tree Faction? Lady Xiao, just let Sir Zhao go."

Xiao Qi glanced at Su Ru and shut her mouth.

Chu Li said with a straight face, "Lady Xiao, now's not the time for superiority. Comparing you with Sir Zhao, who's stronger and who's weaker?"

Xiao Qi stared coldly at him.

Naturally, she was as calm as water, indifferent to all things and to trigger her emotions was very difficult. However, Chu Li's words had pissed her off.

Chu Li met her eyes with no change of expression.

He was indeed worried. Xi Wu was the top among the Innate Masters. Although Xiao Qi was amazing, it was by no means she was Xi Wu's opponent. If he could not defeat them, at least he could escape with his Light-body Technique. However, Xiao Qi would not make it. In case he lost even just a slight attention and could not save her in time, her life would be in danger.

Xiao Qi glared at Chu Li and said coldly, "Little Su Ru, go call Sir Zhao and Sir Meng!"

"Yes, Lady Xiao!" Su Ru pardoned herself and quickly went downstairs.

Xue Ling also retreated quietly and gently as she did not want to attract their attention.

"Your guts are getting bigger!" Xiao Qi snorted, pointing at the carved stool across.

Chu Li sat on the carved stool. "I'm afraid that it has now ended."

"Then we have no other ways," Xiao Qi said faintly. "The nature of martial artists are trapped between life and death. This time, you should bring more Spirit Blessing Pill."

Chu Li slowly nodded his head.

Xiao Qi came to a purple cabinet, opened it and took out two white jade bottles, and gave one to Chu Li.

Chu Li kept it and gave a fist salute. "Lady Xiao, get Sir Song and company over. It's impolite not to reciprocate. I... I'll send them over!"

He disappeared in a flash and appeared on the shore of Jade Guardian Island. Zhao Qingshan and Meng Wei, along with Su Ru were rushing to get off the boat.

Zhao Qingshan was the residence's chief Grandmaster and although Meng Wei's stature was thin with a round face and seemed drunk and blurry-eyed, he was one of the best among the Grandmasters. He usually did not like to talk much.

Chu Li gave a fist salute. "Sir Zhao, Sir Meng, let's go."

Zhao Qingshan nodded his head and said calmly, "Let's go."

Meng Wei also added, "We'll leave now?"

Chu Li nodded his head, put his hand on Meng Wei's shoulder, and suddenly disappeared on the spot.

Su Ru saw them disappeared and gave a long sigh and worriedly looked at Stargazing Tower. This time, Chu Li had annoyed Lady Xiao. Moreover, it was uncertain whether they would make it in time to save those ten lives.

Chu Li vanished in the blink of an eye for a few times and appeared in front of Phoenix Tree Faction.

Phoenix Tree Faction was situated on the peak of snow-capped Phoenix Tree Mountain which was 500 meters above sea level.

Previously, Chu Li heard Zhao Ying talk about the Phoenix Tree Faction and it was then immediately etched on his mind. He wanted to find a chance to "take care" of them. Though one incident after another, he still had not taken any action yet.

Then, he built a base for the daughters and was granted the Sun Cultivating White Tiger Portrait which changed the way he thought. Instead, he wanted them to seek revenge on their own.

However, he had already gathered the information on Phoenix Tree Faction and it was etched in his mind.

The mountain peak was filled with snow while the surrounding air was thin. Those who were not masters of the martial arts world would not be able to withstand it. To those who were training, this place would be beneficial for self-cultivation.

The moment Chu Li appeared in front of the main entrance, he immediately dodged and hid behind a snowbank next to the avenue. He said in a low voice, "Sir Meng, Sir Zhao, hold on first. I'll bring the men over, and then we go in together!"

Zhao Qingshan furrowed his brows. "Will we be able to make it in time?"

"Not more than 15 minutes," Chu Li replied.

Through the Omniscient Mirror, he could see the fight happening inside. Five out of ten of the High Duke's Public House's Innate Masters had fallen. The remaining five were attacked by ten others and the situation was critical. There were also a few standing by the side, watching the show.

Among those who were watching the show, there were four Grandmasters. Even if Zhao Qingshan and Meng Wei went in, it would not help the situation.

Then, he disappeared on the spot. Zhao Qingshan looked at Meng Wei and opened up his hands.

He felt that there was nothing wrong with being cautious. Barging in was indeed not the proper way. Not only would they not save anyone, it would put themselves in the same situation as well.

Chu Li continued channeling the Imminent Skyline, vanishing in the blink of an eye without stopping. Luckily, the distance between Phoenix Tree Faction and Chong Ming Town was only a few hundred meters. He would be there with just a few flashes.

He flashed below Stargazing Tower. Downstairs, three Grandmasters were waiting. Without saying a word, Chu Li fist saluted and put his hand on each of their shoulders. Once again with just one flash, they disappeared, bringing two others with him.

Then, he appeared again quickly. This time, Xiao Qi was there but he just looked at her quietly.

Chu Li was annoyed but he could only put his hand on her perfumed shoulder and again, disappeared.

In a moment's effort, he had brought six people to the snow bank outside the Phoenix Tree Faction.

With the snow and cold wind, these Grandmasters and Innate Masters seemed insignificant.

"Third Lady Xiao, should we barge in?" Zhao Qingshan asked with a fist salute.

Xiao Qi's eyes scanned the tall building at the top of the mountain which was connected to the Palace. Standing there, they could see the opening to the Palace and the tall building.

Two blocks of tall buildings and three Palaces entrenched on the peak, overlooking them as if with the snow banks blocked, they would not escape the Palace's eyes.

Chu Li said, "Lady Xiao, barging in will do the job!"

"Let's go!" Xiao Qi said slowly.

Seven of them rushed toward the opened entrance as if seven twisters swept by. They did not wait for the guards of Phoenix Tree Faction to react. By then, they had already rushed to the empty space in front of the basilica where ten of the Yi's Public House's masters laid on the floor.

Ten of Phoenix Tree Faction's followers dressed in dark blue stood quietly by the side without uttering a single word, giving out a murderous spiritual force.

Seven or eight young men were speaking in front of them. Judging by their hand gestures, they were pointing out what was right or wrong, where they had to improve and that they should not repeat those mistakes again in the future.

Ren Public House's chief master was among them, wearing a smile and an amiable expression.