White Robed Chief Chapter 148

Chapter 148: The Request

In the huge and desolate garden, only Xiao Shi was alone in the pagoda stroking the guzheng. Under the bright light, she wore a wide white robe but it could not cover her cool yet lonely and graceful shadow.

Chu Li felt pity and he could not restrain himself.

As the faint sound of the guzheng echoed, Chu Li stepped into the pagoda to join Xiao Qi and stood behind her.

"Second Eldest Sister," Xiao Qi cried out.

Xiao Shi turned around. The guzheng sound paused for a moment.

"Greetings, Second Lady." Chu Li saluted with his fist.

Xiao Shi pushed the guzheng away and supported herself up with it. Her movements were weak but graceful.

Chu Li looked around; the pagoda was cold and quiet with only two palace lanterns lit. With the lamplights lit in the surrounding, it was as if it illuminated the two worlds.

"Chu Li, what happened? Why do you need to see me?" Xiao Shi pointed and reached her hand out.

Chu Li sat down across her. "I'd like to examine Lady Xiao Shi's illness."

Xiao Qi put the guzheng aside and sat beside her.

"My illness..." Xiao Shi smiled. "What's there to examine? Why will it matter if you do examine or not?"

Chu Li answered, "What about Sir Guo?"

"Sir Guo deduces that it's the Vitality Sealing Finger." Xiao Shi smiled. "Even if it's the Vitality Sealing Finger, then what? You can't heal it."

Chu Li became silent.

The Vitality Sealing Finger was the world's most evil blindsiding tactic. It was also the hardest to diagnose and unseal.

The evilest part was that it was impossible to blindside adults where it only worked with infants. However, even if the infant had the Vitality Sealing Finger, it would not be noticeable. It would seem normal and the difference would only show when the infant grew up.

To unseal the Vitality Sealing Finger, one would need a strong inner energy that would enter from the Baihui acupuncture point and exit from the Yong Quan Point. Then, he or she would need to realign their body for an instance, like water flowing down the riverbed, washing away all obstructions in a swirl and empty them.

This strong inner energy must open all the body's meridians and acupuncture points. Other than that, one would also need to master the precision of their inner energy. If they were not careful, they could lose their lives.

The survival rate of unsealing the Vitality Sealing Finger would usually result in nine deaths out of ten lives.

Chu Li estimated that based on the High Duke's Public House's abundant library. They would definitely find the Vitality Sealing Finger and would unseal its risk. Over the last thousands of years, the number of times the Vitality Sealing Finger was unsealed could be counted with one hand; not one of them was not from the toughest and most extreme generation of all time.

Just because it was diagnosed as Vitality Sealing Finger, nobody dared to take any action. Although she was weak and still alive, once the Vitality Sealing Finger was unsealed, her life would immediately be at risk.

Xiao Shi asked, "Chu Li, you have a way to unseal it?"

Chu Li slowly nodded his head.

"There's really a chance?" Xiao Qi asked.

Chu Li answered, "Sixty percent."

Xiao Qi frowned while flashing her bright eyes.

Xiao Shi smiled. "It won't work. Big Brother will never agree with Chu Li treating me."

"Master Xiao..." Chu Li helplessly shook his head.

Master Xiao was conservative by nature. Moreover, he valued this sister too much which is why losing her would be too much to bear for him. If it was other matters, his brilliance would allow him to make quick decisions. However, if it involved his own family, it was as if he was another person weak-hearted and indecisive.

The conclusion was that he was too emotional; as long as he cared, his state of mind would be disturbed.

Xiao Qi said, "I'll convince Big Brother!"

"Little Sister, you think that you can convince Big Brother?" Xiao Shi lightly laughed and shook her head. "It's because Father is not in the picture, that's why nothing can convince Big Brother!"

"I can try!" Xiao Qi said.

Xiao Shi's eyes turned toward Chu Li and looked at him. "Chu Li, you're so brave. If something happens to me, Big Brother will never let you go alive."

Chu Li said, "It's just death."

"Your dharma base is truly profound." Xiao Shi laughed lightly. "You've seen through life and death, huh?"

Chu Li smiled. "To be honest, I'm afraid of death too."

He had experienced reincarnation before so death did not fear him much. However, death must not necessarily be a downward journey. There was also a possibility to be reborn in another world.

"Death... might not be a way to unseal it." Xiao Shi faintly let out a breath.

"Second Eldest Sister, rest well. The wind at night is colder, please be careful." Xiao Qi broke her thought process. "I'll look for Big Brother tomorrow!"

Xiao Shi revealed a smile. "It's all down to your skills!"

She was now indifferent to life and death, so it did not matter who would unseal the Vitality Sealing Finger.

"Sir Zhao, you try!" Xiao Tieying sat in the old-fashioned armchair and was facing Zhao Qingshan. "In our resident, you have the most profound cultivation level. My Second Younger Sister can only rely on you!"

The morning sun shone in, illuminating the clean and bright main hall.

There were only three people in the hall Xiao Tieying, Zhao Qingshan, and Lin Quan who was standing by the side.

Lin Quan, with white hair and a youthful complexion, stood behind Xiao Tieying. His eyelids were drooping like he just woke up, as Xiao Tieying and Zhao Qingshan were conversing.

"Master Xiao." Zhao Qingshan saluted with his fist and helplessly sighed. "I really have no guarantee!"

"Speaking about guarantee, you're the eldest in our resident. The rest will definitely have no chance." Zhao Qingshan stood up to lift the teapot and personally poured him some water.

Zhao Qingshan quickly got up, held the teacup with both hands and smiled forcefully. He said, "Master Xiao, I really can't do it. Why don't you keep looking? Even Sir Guo is much stronger than me. At least he's a doctor, he knows the Vitality Sealing Finger better."

Xiao Tieying sat back in his old-fashioned armchair, shook his head and sighed. "Sir Guo's medical skills are definitely the best but the crux unsealing the Vitality Sealing Finger is not medical skills. Instead, it's the inner energy a deep and precise controlled inner energy."

Zhao Qingshan sighed too. "I really can't guarantee it."

"No worries." Xiao Tieying smiled. "If anything happens, I won't blame Sir Zhao. After all, Sir Zhao, you're the strongest in our resident. This is Second Younger Sister's life. Fate would have it so."

"I don't fear the blame." Zhao Qingshan shook his head. "I really dare not harm the Second Lady."

He secretly curled his lips it would definitely be strange if he did not blame him for that mistake.

Second Lady was the apple in Master Xiao's eyes. Although they were siblings, they seemed no different than father and daughter.

The High Duke had put them in isolation cultivation for training since they were very young. They had not seen each other for more than ten years so nobody knew if they were dead or alive. Even their mother had passed away after a difficult pregnancy. As they grew up, Master Xiao took care of both his younger sisters and a younger brother. He was their elder brother, but moreover, he was more like their Father.

"Sir Zhao, do you really want me to kneel and beg you?" Xiao Tieying cried out.

Zhao Qingshan gave a bitter smile. "Master Xiao, I'll kneel to beg you then. I really don't have the confidence. If not, beg the King. His martial arts skills are beyond cultivation. Saving Second Lady will not be tough for him."

"The King?" Xiao Tieying laughed helplessly.

The King had nothing to do with the High Duke's Public House's deterioration.

It was as if Father and the King had a fallout because of a woman. As a result, the King did not want to see the High Duke's Public House ever again. Due to that, the Ren Public House dared to act so recklessly and unconstrained.

If the High Duke's Public House was valued by the King, Ren Public House would not have dared to take it that far.

Zhao Qingshan said, "With respect to Master Xiao, the King will definitely agree."

"Chances are slim." Xiao Tieying sighed once more. "The King has thousands of affairs a day, where does he have the time nor energy for such small matter?"

"What about the High Duke?" Zhao Qingshan asked quickly. "Let the High Duke do it. It'll definitely work!"

"Hah!" Xiao Tieying gave a cold laugh.

Zhao Qingshan immediately shut his mouth and really wanted to give himself a slap. He should not have mentioned High Duke.

Master Xiao was not very impressed with High Duke. With only one mention and he would flip out.

If it was him, he would also be angry because when his wife was having difficulties in labor, he went directly into Isolated Cultivation, and threw the entire High Duke's Public House to a fifteen-year-old child. He also did not care about whether the rest of his children were dead or alive. The High Duke was indeed an irresponsible father.

Suddenly, a notice came from outside. "Master Xiao, Third Lady is here!"

Xiao Qi was in a white robe. She moved swiftly in, bringing a scent of clear fragrance with her.

"Sir Meng, Big Brother, what are you guys talking about?" Xiao Qi sat down next to Xiao Tieying.

Xiao Tieying sighed. "I am begging Sir Meng to help Second Younger Sister to unseal the Vitality Sealing Finger."

Xiao Qi's bright eyes looked toward Zhao Qingshan.

Zhao Qingshan incessantly waved his hands. "I don't agree!"

Xiao Qi looked back at Xiao Tieying.

Xiao Tieying let out a sigh. "Except Sir Zhao, who else can we expect?"

Zhao Qingshan quickly got up and gave a fist salute. "Master Xiao, Third Lady, I'll not disturb you now. Please excuse me for leaving!"

He strode out of the main hall and left in a hurry, not giving Xiao Tieying a chance to persuade him.