White Robed Chief Chapter 149

Chapter 149: The Treasure Sword


Xiao Tieying already stood up and was looking at the entrance of the main hall. He helplessly shook his head. "This Sir Zhao!"

He cursed and called Zhao Qingshan an old rascal who did not dare to take risks.

Unsealing the Vitality Sealing Finger would be a gamble but Zhao Qingshan was the House of the High Duke's worshipped chief master. If he was not the one who took action, then who else would? If he had no certainty, then other people would most likely have no certainty too. For the lowest risk possible, he could only choose Zhao Qingshan.

"Big Brother, let Chu Li do it," Xiao Qi said.

"Chu Li?" Xiao Tieying was stunned and let out a "ha" laugh. "Him?"

"He can unseal the Vitality Sealing Finger," Xiao Qi said with a straight face. "If it wasn't for him in the first place, who would've known that Second Eldest Sister has the Vitality Sealing Finger?"

"He could see it doesn't mean he can unseal it." Xiao Tieying said in an ill manner, "If he wants to unseal it, he should become a Grandmaster first and then we'll talk."

"Although Chu Li is an Innate Master, he has killed Grandmasters," Xiao Qi said coldly. "Furthermore, based on solid inner energy, he's much better than the Grandmasters!"

Xiao Tieying could not help but laugh. "Little sister, what magic potion did Chu Li give you? There's a huge difference between Grandmasters and Innate Masters. Inner energy much better than a Grandmaster? Haha, how dare you even say that?!"

"Big Brother thinks I'm uttering nonsense?" Xiao Qi snorted.

Xiao Tieying looked at her cold expression, opened his mouth but decided to swallow his words.

He coughed softly and said seriously, "Alright then. Even though what you say is true and that he really does have such deep inner energy, but the key to unsealing the Vitality Sealing Finger is the controlled detailed of the inner energy. If there are accidents, Second Younger Sister will lose her life!"

Xiao Qi said, "He could accomplish the Sun Cultivating White Tiger Portrait. Now, do you really think he's just lucky, Big Brother?"

Xiao Tieying became silent.

He had also practiced the Sun Cultivating White Tiger Portrait but he could not find his way in. No doubt, the Sun Cultivating White Tiger Portrait had powerful strength but like the pearl that was at the peak of the towering summit, not everyone could take it.

If Chu Li could get in, he should have a place that was stronger than himself.

Xiao Qi snorted. "The key to entering the Sun Cultivating White Tiger Portrait is the strength of one's primordial spirit. Why can Chu Li see through people's intentions? Why can I see through people's intentions? It's because our primordial spirit is far better than others!"

"You're saying his inner energy control is detailed?" Xiao Tieying asked while frowning.

Xiao Qi said slowly, "Could it be that I take the Second Eldest Sister's life as a joke? Don't take Sir Zhao but take Chu Li because Chu Li is one of my people?"

"That's true too." Xiao Tieying was deep in thought.

He believed Third Younger Sister's feeling for Second Younger Sister, and he also believed that Third Younger Sister was always fair. She would never be biased. Even though she valued Chu Li, he was not a typical talent. It would be good to keep an extra eye on him.

However, he was conservative by nature, and he often would not be able to ignore Chu Li's age. The experience that accumulated with age was too important. The medical effects of a ten-year-herb and a thousand-year-herb were vastly different and manipulation would be impossible, same with humans. Gaining wisdom would also require one to have gone through years of accumulation.

"But..." Xiao Tieying let out a breath.

He could understand it logically but since Third Younger Sister highly recommended him, it must not be without merit. However, he could not seem to feel at ease. He thought Chu Li was very impulsive and was not reliable. On the other hand, Zhao Qingshan had a hundred reasons to evade the issue. No matter what he said, Zhao Qingshan would not agree, yet Chu Li just had to join the fun. It was obvious that he did not do it for himself but no matter what, they had to save Second Younger Sister's life.

Chu Li had good intention but his emotional impulsiveness could be a bad thing. Once an accident happened in between, it would be very difficult to think calmly and carefully as well as find a way to turn back.

Xiao Qi asked, "Big Brother, do we have a better choice now? Sir Zhao won't agree anyway!"

Xiao Tieying stayed silent.

Xiao Qi did not rush him further, but she just stared quietly.

The morning sun brightened the main hall and gave it a soft touch. The birds outside were chirping non-stop and it disturbed Xiao Tieying.

Time slipped past unknowingly as Xiao Qi lightly sipped her tea, and her expression seemed distant.

After a while, Xiao Tieying lifted his head and sighed. "Third Younger Sister, I've decided to take a trip to Fairy's capital!"

"Fairy's Capital?" Xiao Qi frowned and asked, "Big Brother, you intend to beg the Emperor?"

"Well, the safest is to beg the Emperor!" Xiao Tieying slowly nodded his head. "For Second Younger Sister, that's the only way to go!"

"The Emperor will never agree." Xiao Qi shook her head and said, "If he agrees, isn't he going to be exhausted?"

The cultivation of the Enlightened Masters was beyond this world. Enlightened Masters could do things that were impossible for others, and that included bringing the dead back to life.

However, Enlightened Masters would never do such a thing. They weighed the cause and effect between worlds much heavier, and they feared it more.

Enlightened Masters were not invincible. Instead, their opponents were the laws of heaven and earth. If they broke the law, there would be punishment, and there was nowhere to escape to.

If the Emperor agreed to save Second Eldest Sister, it would go without saying that everyone in the High Duke's Public House would beg him too.

Xiao Tieying replied, "If we don't ask, how will we know?"

"Right..." Xiao Qi shook her head and said, "If Father comes out from his Isolation Cultivation, he'll beat you to death!"

"He ? Hmph!" Xiao Tieying snorted. "The reputation of the High Duke's Public House is not that valuable!"

The distinction between the pros and cons of the reputation of the High Duke's Public House or the life of Second Younger Sister was clear. With such an incompetent father, what sensibility would he have to punish Xiao Tieying?

"Alright, trying is good too." Xiao Qi nodded her head slowly.

Of course, she still believed in Chu Li, but he only had sixty percent of certainty. If it was the Emperor, an Enlightened Master, then he could be a hundred percent certain. Indeed, it was best if risks were not involved. Chu Li would understand too.

"I'll leave today. The High Duke's Public House will rely on you while I'm away." Xiao Tieying groaned. "This time, Chu Li wins again in the Phoenix Tree Faction incident so note it down and reward him next time. If it goes on, he'll rise to the second rank very quickly."

Xiao Qi clenched her jaw.

Xiao Tieying sighed. "To have the Phoenix Tree Faction destroyed, he can take a rest for a few days."

Xiao Qi nodded.

By destroying the Phoenix Tree Faction, it must have given the martial art factions, who were waiting to cause trouble, a fright.

All these years, as the High Duke's Public House shrank, the martial arts factions within the border had been causing trouble. They wanted to challenge the dignity of the High Duke's Public House. The Phoenix Tree Faction must have given them a cold shower, a regained consciousness and for them to know better.

She estimated that this would allow these martial arts factions a year.

Xiao Tieying said, "If I leave today and travel day and night for the whole journey, I'll approximately arrive at Fairy's Capital tomorrow. I'm able to return three days later. You'll take care of Second Younger Sister and don't allow Chu Li to do anything stupid!"

The only worry he had was Chu Li's impulsiveness. While he would not be here to hold the fort, these things might just happen.

Xiao Qi said to him unpleasantly, "You can relax. Don't view Chu Li to be such a person!"

Xiao Tieying shook his head and said nothing more.

Those who were blinded by love do not have rational thinking at all. He truly believed that Chu Li had a crush on Second Younger Sister, which was why he was eager and willing to sacrifice himself by unsealing the Vitality Sealing Finger.

When Xiao Qi went back to the Stargazing Tower, Chu Li was waiting there. He sat on the third level drinking tea and chatting with Su Ru.

Seeing her return, Chu Li eagerly looked over.

Xiao Qi shook her head.

Chu Li sighed. "Master Xiao doesn't agree?"

"Big Brother wants to beg the Emperor," Xiao Qi answered.

Chu Li let out a long breath.

Xiao Qi stared at him. "You're not disappointed?"

Chu Li smiled. "If the Emperor takes action, then there's nothing better than that!"

"You care for Second Eldest Sister a lot," Xiao Qi said coldly. "That's hard to find."

Chu Li smiled shyly. "When is it my turn to care for the Second Lady?"

"It's best you understand." Xiao Qi looked at him coldly.

Su Ru was good at taking hints from expressions. She sensed that Lady Xiao was pissed off so she quickly switched the topic. "Lady Xiao, the storehouse has sent a few things from Master Xiao. Apparently, it's for Lady Xiao to play with."

"What's in there?" Xiao Qi asked and sat on the bench.

Su Ru replied, "There are two treasure swords, two treasure knives, and three secret manuals."

"No need the swords, take those back but leave the secret manuals." Xiao Qi lifted her head and looked at Chu Li. "Let Chu Li pick one sword."

"Yes." Su Ru stood up and opened the purple cabinet. She took out two longswords with dark green sheaths and left them on the coffee table.

"They're from the Phoenix Tree Faction," Xiao Qi said, "you can pick one sword and one secret manual."

"Thank you, Lady Xiao." Chu Li gave a fist salute and smile. "Never mind the secret manual but I'll help myself with the sword."