White Robed Chief Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Modesty

"Phoenix Tree Faction doesn't have any great secret manual, so pick a treasure sword instead," Xiao Qi said plainly, "it's time for you to change swords anyways."

His Light-body Technique was commendable and if combined with a treasure sword, the power of his surprise attack would be even more astounding.

Chu Li picked up the sword on the left. The dark green scabbard felt heavy in his hand. The practical feeling from his hands transmitted to his body and integrated with him. Chu Li liked it instantly.

He pulled out the sword slowly and the dusky sword blade displayed itself. It was as if the blade was smeared with a layer of ash. It was dull and looked more like a wooden sword, giving others the impression that it was very light but it actually felt heavy in his hand, steady and pragmatic. It looked simple but it was not.

He focused his eyesight and saw the small word inscribed on the sword - "Modesty."

'Tone down the glory, unifies with the mundane [1]?' Chu Li pondered.

Su Ru glanced at the long sword and smiled. "This sword is a little strange. It's like it has no cutting edge at all."

No matter how one looked at it, it was like a wooden sword. Could it be that they took the wrong one?

Chu Li smiled and said, "It's a good sword. May I borrow a hair, Chief?"

Su Ru rolled her eyes at him and snorted. "You want to try to see if it's sharp enough?"

She said while pulling out a strand of her shiny black hair and held it one meter above the Modesty Sword. She suddenly let go of the strand of hair and the hair fell gently.

Chu Li turned the sword so that its edge was facing upward. The hair fell onto the edge and it was cut into two without a sound.

"It's indeed a treasure sword!" Su Ru laughed. "Although its appearance was a little strange, it's sharp enough. Let's look at the other one!"

Chu Li put the sword back into its sheath and picked up the other longsword.

Once the scabbard was in his hand, it felt light like there was nothing in it.

Chu Li felt like he was holding a feather. He slowly pulled the sword out. The blade of the sword which was as clear as the ice reflected light. The blade was light and thin, showing its full luster like spring water glistening in the bright sunlight.

"Good sword!" Su Ru could not help but let out a praise.

Its blade was totally crystal and ice clear, and flawless, like an ice sculpture.

The light reflected on the sword was bright yet gentle, not imposingly cold and not showing its razor-sharp blade.

When he was holding the sword, Chu Li felt like he was probing spring water with his hand. A chill can be felt from his palm. It seemed that this sword was by no means ordinary, light as if it weighed nothing, and having a mind-clearing effect too.

He concentrated his mind and pondered. He had a vague guess that it might be a sword made of Ice Essence.

Ice Essence was a rare material that was used to make a sword. It was formed by millennium-old ice, light as if it weighed nothing, harder than Cold Iron, and it had the wonderful effect of mind-clearing.

"This is what you call a good sword. Chu Li, do you want to pick this sword?" Su Ru asked.

Chu Li focused his eyesight. A small word was engraved on the blade of the sword - "Flawless."

He shook his head and said, "I still prefer the Modesty Sword."

"The sword that was dull like a wooden sword?" Su Ru widened her bright eyes incredulously. "Isn't this sword more beautiful?"

Chu Li said, "I don't like something that's eye-catching."

"I see." Su Ru nodded with a smile. "From your choice of sword, one will know that you're a sinister person who likes to plot against people in the dark."

"Thank you for your praise!" Chu Li gave a forced smile.

Su Ru laughed. "Am I wrong?"

Chu Li sighed. "Chief, I'm innocent!"

"Su Ru is right." Xiao Qi revealed a small charming smile. "This Modesty Sword really suits you."

"Then I'll accept it gladly." Chu Li smiled while he hung the Modesty Sword on his waist.

He usually did not bring a sword around in the Public House as fighting was disallowed. Even if he wanted a sword, he can return to the courtyard in a flash to take it.

"Where's the secret manual, Su Ru?" Xiao Qi asked.

Su Ru put the Flawless Sword back into the cabinet, took out a box and put it on the coffee table.

Chu Li opened it and glanced at its content. One secret manual was a palm technique and the other was a fist technique. Both were exceptional martial arts. He flipped the pages and branded the content into his mind but he did not want to practice them because these two sets of martial arts were of no use to him.

Xiao Qi saw that he was not very interested in them so she said, "Jiang Kuai is very good. You did a good job."

Chu Li laughed. "His Light-body Technique is magnificent and he's seasoned so he can distinguish himself easily."

"This time, I'll reward him ten thousand taels of silver and a Spirit Blessing Pill," Xiao Qi said.

"Thank you, my Lady."

"This is according to the standard reward system." Xiao Qi waved her hand. "You have to advise him to not follow in his old footsteps. The Public House's rules and regulations will not let him off easy."

Chu Li nodded.

In the evening, the sunset dyed the lake and island red.

On the rose-colored lake, Xue Ling was carrying a pot of flower while riding a boat. She was dressed in a snow-white gown which was also dyed red by the residual radiance of the sunset.

She came to an island, walked through the woods and knocked on the door of a small courtyard. Su Yuting's voice echoed from the small courtyard, "Who is it?"

"Sister Su Yuting, it's me, Xue Ling," Xue Ling yelled.

The door of the courtyard opened and Su Yuting, who was dressed in a light green gown, stood at the door. She was smiling like a flower. "Xue Ling, come in please."

Xue Ling carried the pot of flower and went inside. She smiled and said, "I've got you a Moonlight Orchid."

"Moonlight Orchid?" Su Yuting studied the orchid in the pot with amazement. "This is a Moonlight Orchid?"

She liked plants and flowers too so she had heard of the famous Moonlight Orchid.

"It'll be able to glow in a few days,=." Xue Ling said, "By that time, it'll be very beautiful."

"This is too expensive!" Su Yuting studied it and sighed in amazement while shaking her head.

They entered the pagoda. Su Yuting lit the charcoal in the small red stove and continued to stare at the Moonlight Orchid.

Xue Ling said, "The Moonlight Orchids in the Public House are all planted by Master. After three months, it'll not be as valuable anymore. Master is responsible for the East Garden so moving over a Moonlight Orchid is not a big deal."

"It's not against the Public House's regulations, right?" Su Yuting asked.

"This is a small matter. Third Lady will not punish Master." Xue Ling laughed. "Moonlight Orchid is really beautiful especially at night!"

"I've long heard of its name. It's just that I've never seen it," Su Yuting said excitedly, "it's something that cannot be bought with money."

Xue Ling nodded.

"How do I plant it?" Su Yuting looked at the flower pot carefully.

"It's easy," Xue Ling said, "dig some mud from the lake, dry it under the sun, and then dig a hole. Put the mud from the lake into the bottom of the hole, put the Moonlight Orchid on the lake mud, and then fill it with some soil."

"Xue Ling, please help me," Su Yuting said.

She was afraid that she would kill the Moonlight Orchid accidentally. If so, it would be her sin.

"No problem. Let's go to the East Garden to ask for some lake mud from Brother Li Yue and come back and plant it."

"Am I allowed to go to the East Garden?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Very well." Su Yuting was moved.

Jiang Kuai had inquired about the grudges between Chu Li and Gu Litong and he told her about it when he came back so she knew the East Garden and West Garden and that they were top-notch gardens.

"Then, let's go now," Xue Ling said.

They went out of the small courtyard and arrived at the East Garden. When they reached the shore, Xue Ling hit the Ancient Jade Xylophone.

Li Yue's bear-like figure soon appeared. He saw them and laughed enthusiastically. "Xue Ling, I haven't seen this missy before."

"Madame Jiang." Xue Ling introduced and said, "Brother Li Yue, I'd like to take Madame Jiang around the East Garden."

"Welcome!" Li Yue grinned. "Take a look around as you please!"

"Brother Li Yue, please help me prepare some lake mud. I'll take it back later. We want to plant the Moonlight Orchid."

"Leave it to me!"

Xue Ling took Su Yuting around the East Garden and Su Yuting looked around with eager eyes and sang praises of the place.

They walked around for more than two hours, and when they returned to Jiang Kuai's small courtyard, Xue Ling said casually that Master would like to visit.

Su Yuting began to busy herself. The two moved the Moonlight Orchid out of the pot and planted it properly, and then they began to prepare dinner.

When lanterns were lit up, Chu Li and Jiang Kuai returned to the small courtyard.

Translator Notes

[1] A Chinese idiom that refers to the attitude of being modest, not distinguishing oneself and not competing with others. The name of the sword was taken from this idiom.