White Robed Chief Chapter 151

Chapter 151: High Official

The pagoda was brightly lit. Chu Li and Jiang Kuai sat facing each other while Su Yuting and Xue Ling each sat beside them. Xue Ling, using her fair and tender hands, poured wine for them from time to time.

"Brother Jiang Kuai, this time the Public House rewards you ten thousand taels of silver and a Spirit Blessing Pill," Chu Li said. "You did a good job on your first task. This is a good start. Congratulations!"

"It's just by luck." Jiang Kuai laughed heartily.

He was very excited. Ten thousand taels of silver was a lot of money and more importantly, there was a Spirit Blessing Pill.

Spirit Blessing Pill was a priceless treasure. It was equivalent to a life. It cannot be bought with money no matter how much money you have. With a Spirit Blessing Pill, he can be bolder and more courageous. Instantly, his heart was set at ease as he no longer had to fear danger.

"Truthfully, Brother Chu Li, I need to thank you." Jiang Kuai raised his silver cup and chugged the wine in one gulp. He sighed. "If it's not for Brother Chu Li, I'm unable to enter the Public House!"

After entering the Public House, he understood now that with his advanced age, even if with his superb Light-body Technique, he would still be unable to enter the Public House. To enter the Public House, one would need a referral and the ordinary guards of the Public House did not have the qualifications to recommend someone as it needed someone with rank four or higher.

Only Grandmaster can reach rank four as a Protector and to be a rank four Scribe was even more difficult. The case of someone like Chu Li who established merit deeds frequently and ascending his rank rapidly was a first.

Being introduced into the Public House, the referrer acted as the guarantor. If something went wrong, the referrer would be punished as well.

At that time, the way Chu Li recruited him can be described as exhaustive and earnest. Come to think of it now, he was too unappreciative. Otherwise, if he knew that being a Protector in the Public House could be so carefree, he would have agreed to it a long time ago.

Chu Li laughed. "Brother Jiang Kuai doesn't need to thank me. I have selfish motives too. At present, the Public House needs to increase its strength so with more martial arts masters, we'll be more at ease too."

"This can be described as having the public interest in mind." Jiang Kuai laughed.

Chu Li shook his head. "There's still one more selfishness of mine. I'd like to have Brother Jiang Kuai to help me but you don't have to enter the Glory's Will Courtyard. You can just help me privately."

He had seen through Jiang Kuai thoughts. He did not want to enter the Glory's Will Courtyard because he did not want to offend too many people.

Chu Li understood Jiang Kuai's worry. Jiang Kuai had just joined the Public House so if he offended too many people and even with Chu Li's support, he would struggle and have a hard time to move forward.

"No problem!" Jiang Kuai was relieved. He laughed heartily. "There's no problem at all if it's helping privately. Call me anytime and I'll be there!"

He was in a dilemma all this while, fearing that Chu Li would ask him to enter Glory's Will Courtyard. He really did not want to enter Glory's Will Courtyard but he owed Chu Li a huge debt of gratitude, so it was difficult for him to refuse Chu Li.

He did not expect Chu Li to only ask for help privately and he did not have to enter Glory's Will Courtyard. Apart from feeling relieved, he felt a little guilty and grateful.

Chu Li sighed inwardly.

It appeared that the operation of Glory's Will Courtyard would not be easy. He was better off applying the non-interference governance.

The Public House was combed by Lady Xiao Qi from top to bottom and those who slipped past the net could be only one or two. Glory's Will Courtyard did not have to operate openly. He could just take action occasionally and inform Lady Xiao Qi.

Jiang Kuai changed the topic. He gave a toast and laughed. "Brother Chu Li, everyone in the Martial Arts Hall today is very excited for annihilating the Phoenix Tree Faction and this increases the morale in the Public House greatly."

Chu Li nodded.

Jiang Kuai said, "However, I think that there're inside stories, right?"

Chu Li smiled. "Why did Brother Jiang Kuai feel so?"

"That couple is abnormal!" Jiang Kuai said, "So it's not so simple."

Chu Li thought for a moment and sighed. "There's indeed some inside story."

Jiang Kuai put down the silver cup quickly and was all ears.

Chu Li looked at Su Yuting.

Xue Ling said hurriedly, "Sister Su Yuting, let's go take a look at the Moonlight Orchid and let them talk."

Su Yuting nodded, curtsied toward Chu Li and went out of the pagoda with Xue Ling.

Chu Li waited until Su Yuting was far enough only then he told Jiang Kuai about the whole incident.

Jiang Kuai's facial expression changed a few times.

He was a veteran of the Triad Underworld so he knew how vicious people can be. He met a lot of conspiracies and plots before but even so, after hearing Chu Li's recount, he still became speechless. Lu Yurong was too frightening, and the Ren Public House was too terrifying!

Jiang Kuai glanced at Su Yuting who was at a distance away. Luckily Chu Li indicated her to go away. If she listened to these, she would definitely be afraid and fearful, and unable to sleep well. This time, they almost sacrificed ten Protectors of the Public House.

Chu Li said, "When you're out doing tasks, you must be alert and be careful at all times."

"Yes." Jiang Kuai nodded quickly.

He did a meritorious deed and he felt proud of himself originally but now, he sobered up instantly and regained his wariness.

Chu Li saw this and knew that he had achieved his purpose, so he laughed. "Speaking of which, besides congratulating you for your meritorious service, there's a private matter that needed Brother Jiang Kuai's help."

"You don't have to be so polite, just tell me!" Jiang Kuai said.

Chu Li took out a white jade bottle and handed it to Jiang Kuai. "Please help me send a Spirit Blessing Pill to a friend."

"No problem. Where is it?" Jiang Kuai took the white jade bottle.

"Startling Cloud Association of Cloud State Town," Chu Li said, "look for the Association Leader of the Startling Could Association Chen Siyu. Tell her that it's from Lay. She'll understand."

"Cloud State Town is not far. I can send it by tomorrow," Jiang Kuai said.

To send a Spirit Blessing Pill, this Chen Siyu must be a very important person to Chu Li. A Spirit Blessing Pill was equivalent to a life so if it was not someone important, how would he be willing?

Chu Li smiled. "Sorry to trouble Brother Jiang Kuai."

"If there're such errands in the future, just leave them to me." Jiang Kuai patted his own chest and laughed.

In the evening three days later, Chu Li was practicing the Sun Cultivating White Tiger Portrait in the pagoda when Su Ru, dressed in an apricot gown that accentuated her flawless face came. She went into the pagoda and said, "Master Xiao Tieying is back!"

Chu Li closed the tiger bone box. "The Emperor agreed?"

"No." Su Ru shook her head and entered the pagoda. "The Emperor would not see any outsiders so Master Xiao Tieying brought back a High Official from the imperial house."

Xue Ling said, "It seems like Second Lady can be saved."

Chu Li frowned. "Do you know his background?"

He sighed to himself. As expected, they could not invite the Emperor!

Su Ru laughed. "Are you afraid that the High Officials from the imperial house will harm the Second Lady?"

Chu Li said, "We should still find out about his cultivation level. After all, this matter is about Second Lady's life."

Su Ru said, "Rest assured. Master Xiao Tieying is very thoughtful in his conduct and he's very anxious about Second Lady. This person's name is Zhao Zilai. He's a Grandmaster and his cultivation level is one of the best in the imperial house!"

Chu Li nodded slowly. "How much certainty does he have on this matter?"

"Only half." Su Ru sighed. "It can be seen that he's quite reluctant but he has no choice since it's the Empress' order so he has to come even if he doesn't want to."

Chu Li frowned. "Half..."

"Are you thinking that his certainty is not as high as yours?" Su Ru said, "Chu Li, you should just give up. Of course, Master Xiao Tieying trusts the High Official from the imperial house more."

Chu Li nodded slowly. If he was in the shoes of Master Xiao Tieying, he would choose to believe the High Official from the imperial house more than himself. The cultivation level of this High Official from the imperial house was much higher than his so of course, the High Official was more credible.

Su Ru waved her hand. "I'll get going!"

Without waiting for Chu Li to say anything, she went out of the pagoda, waved her hand behind and disappeared from the door of the small courtyard.

Chu Li's finger tapped gently on the stone table. Thoughts flooded his mind and he could not calm down.

As expected, the Emperor did not agree after all. To send a martial arts master, the Empress had tried her best to help.

He did not have to worry about the cultivation level of this High Official. Master Xiao Tieying was not a fool.

Xue Ling went closer and whispered, "Master, are you worried?"

Chu Li shook his head.

Xue Ling said, "He's a High Official from the imperial house."

Chu Li smiled and sighed again.

He was far more confident in himself than any other person. He knew that his spiritual force and his manipulation of inner energy was far superior to that of an ordinary person. If he said that he had sixty percent certainty, then others would not even have thirty percent.