White Robed Chief Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Probe

Soon, Su Ru returned. "Master Xiao Tieying would like to welcome High Official Zhao Zilai and he even specifically asked for you. Let's go."

"He wants me to go?" Chu Li frowned.

Su Ru laughed. "You're now a rank 3 Scribe. Other than the few elders who are reluctant to move, you have the highest rank."

Chu Li shook his head while smiling. Coincidently, he wanted to see High Official Zhao Zilai too.

When lanterns were lit up, Chu Li followed Su Ru to Iron Eagle Island.

The island was brightly lit and it was truly lively. Maids were walking around in twos or threes, moving their soft and well-rounded figures. When they saw Chu Li and Su Ru, they stopped and curtsied.

Su Ru waved her hand at them from time to time and brought Chu Li to the main hall in no time.

In the main hall, more than twenty tallow candles were lit and it was as bright as daytime.

Xiao Tieying was talking to a tall old man while Xiao Qi sat on his right.

Before he even entered the main hall, Chu Li, through the Omniscient Mirror, saw that the tall old man had a round face, droopy eyes, always smiling, looked amiable and appeared to be more than 50 years old.

However, he was a Grandmaster, so Chu Li speculated that he must be over a hundred years old.

Seeing Chu Li and Su Ru, Xiao Qi beckoned to them.

Chu Li gave a fist salute.

Xiao Tieying's eyes swept across Chu Li. He pointed to a seat, indicating Chu Li to sit down.

He asked for Chu Li because he wanted to set Chu Li's heart at ease and to prevent a hang-up. Chu Li also genuinely saved Second Younger Sister so he cannot hurt his feelings too much. A rank three Scribe's feelings should be taken care of.

"Elder Zhao Zilai, this is the chief of Glory's Will Courtyard, Chu Li." Xiao Tieying laughed. "He heard about the arrival of Elder Zhao Zilai so he specifically came here to catch a glimpse of Elder Zhao Zilai."

"Hahaha, there's nothing to look at this old man." Zhao Zi Lai waved his hand and laughed heartily. "This little brother who can keep his expressions and manners under control is truly a young talent. I'm far inferior when I was young."

Chu Li gave a fist salute. "Elder Zhao Zilai, you're flattering me."

"Elder Zhao Zilai, do you want to see Xiao Shi first?" Xiao Tieying smiled. "It's good to have a clear idea about Xiao Shi's condition."

"No need." Zhao Zilai smiled. "It's unnecessary to bother Second Lady."

"Elder Zhao Zilai is from Fairy's Capital so you must be very knowledgeable. Have you heard about Vitality Sealing Finger?" Xiao Qi asked plainly.

Zhao Zilai shook his head and sighed. "I've been in the imperial house for quite some time, so I have heard of Vitality Sealing Finger. It's dreaded and it's a taboo in the imperial house."

"Haih..." Xiao Tieying shook his head sighed. "I really don't know who is so vicious. This case is more than a dozen years ago so it's hard to investigate even if I want to."

"Only a few know Vitality Sealing Finger," Zhao Zilai said. "You'll be able to find the culprit eventually."

"This Vitality Sealing Finger is imperceptible." Xiao Tieying sighed. "I don't know who it is with such a vicious heart!"

"Heaven will not spare him even if he's not caught." Zhao Zilai consoled. "Karma will not allow him to go unpunished."

"I hope so." Xiao Tieying sighed.

Chu Li did not say a word and studied Zhao Zilai quietly.

Through the Omniscient Mirror, he found out that Zhao Zilai's cultivation level was indeed refined and deep, even better than Zhao Qingshan, but it was not much higher than Zhao Qingshan's. After all, Zhao Qingshan was already a top-notch Grandmaster.

During the probing, he also looked at Zhao Zilai's thought and what he saw made his heart sank.

Before the welcoming feast, Chu Li asked, "Master, my Lady, don't you want to call Elder Zhao Qingshan over?"

"Elder Zhao Qingshan?" Xiao Qi shot him a glance.

They deliberately did not invite Zhao Qingshan because two kings cannot see each other, otherwise, he would certainly feel unhappy so it was unnecessary to upset him.

Chu Li was experienced in the ways of the world so it was impossible that he did not know of this reason but since he said this, there must be a reason.

Chu Li nodded earnestly. "Elder Zhao Qingshan is also a Grandmaster so he must be able to relate with High Official Zhao Zilai."

Xiao Qi stared at Chu Li hard and turned to look at Xiao Tieying. "Big Brother, please invite Elder Zhao Qingshan over."

"Very well." Xiao Tieying glanced at Chu Li emotionlessly and yelled, "Lin Quan, invite Elder Zhao Qingshan over!"

"Yes, Master." Lin Quan complied and withdrew quietly from the main hall.

"Zhao Qingshan is it?" Zhao Zilai smiled. "In fact, we're old acquaintances. Did he get used to staying in the Public House?"

Chu Li gave a fist salute and smiled. "Thanks to Elder Zhao Qingshan, we can stay undefeated, otherwise, we'll struggle even more under the pressure of Ren Public House."

"Oh?" Zhao Zi Lai smiled and shook his head. "The Yi Public House is not weak too. It can't be as bad as you described. Master Xiao Tieying, you're too humble!"

Zhao Qingshan followed Lin Quan into the main hall. When he stepped in it, he saw Zhao Zilai and was surprised. "How come you're here?"

Zhao Zilai smiled. "Elder Zhao Qingshan, we've not seen each other for a long time!"

"You're not dead yet!" Zhao Qingshan said coldly.

Zhao Zilai laughed heartily. "You're not dead yet so how can I die? We're old friends already so let's have a drink."

"I've no such honor to drink with you!" Zhao Qingshan sneered sarcastically. He gave a fist salute and said, "Master, Third Lady, I'm not on good terms with him. Being together with him is awkward too so I'll take my leave first!"

Xiao Tieying laughed. "Elder Zhao Qingshan, the visitor is a guest, sit down, sit down!"

Xiao Qi's eyes swept across at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled and did not speak, secretly concentrating his mind on the thoughts of the two men.

Zhao Qingshan sat down next to Chu Li and stayed silent.

Zhao Zilai shook his head and laughed at himself. "Master Xiao Tieying, we're old enemies. We became enemies when we're young. So many years have passed and seeing him as healthy as before really brings back a lot of emotions."

"It's nothing." Xiao Tieying laughed. "This time we need to trouble High Official Zhao Zilai."

"Master Xiao Tieying, I really cannot guarantee it." Zhao Zilai shook his head and smiled bitterly. "If we're to talk about cultivation level, I'm not much stronger than Elder Zhao Qingshan. If he does not dare to do it, I'm the same."

Zhao Qingshan put on a gloomy face and stayed silent.

He cursed Zhao Zilai secretly for his sinister as he was obviously sowing dissension.

Xiao Tieying said in resignation, "Anyway, you have to try. I can't watch my sister slowly wait for her death, can I?"

Chu Li once again chipped in, "Master, could it be that it was a plot against Second Lady by the Ren Public House?"

"It can't be, right?" Xiao Tieying frowned.

Xiao Tieying really had no idea what this Chu Li wanted to do!

Chu Li said, "Looking at Lu Yurong's means, this is not unnecessarily the work of the Ren Public House. High Official Zhao Zilai knows Lu Yurong, right?"

"The Lady of the Ren Public House?" Zhao Zi Lai smiled. "I've seen her before."

Chu Li said, "Lu Yurong's means are insidious and sinister, so she can absolutely carry out this kind of plot."

"Hahaha..." Zhao Zilai made no comment.

Xiao Tieying said snappily, "Think about how old Lurong is!"

Chu Li gave a suggestive smile. "She's young but what about her master [1]? High Official Zhao Zilai knows her master, right?"

"Young mister Chu Li's words are interesting." Zhao Zilai chuckled and waved his hand.

Chu Li smiled. "To be able to teach someone like Yu Lurong, her teacher must be a very powerful person. It's unfortunate and a pity that I can't meet her."

Xiao Qi had been watching quietly, not speaking a word.

Chu Li's action was different from his usual composed conduct so there must have been a reason. Now, it appeared that there was a problem with this High Official Zhao Zilai!

However, after that, Chu Li became obedient and spoke no more.

When Zhao Zilai and Zhao Qingshan left, only five people were left in the main hall.

"Chu Li, what's wrong?!" Xiao Qi did not wait for Xiao Tieying to vent his anger and asked directly, "he really has something to do with Yu Lurong?"

Su Ru looked at him curiously too.

Chu Li sighed. "My Lady, I'm afraid so!"

Su Ru quickly asked, "What's their relationship?"

Chu Li said, "Zhao Zilai and Lu Yurong's master's relationship isn't normal."

Xiao Tieying's face turned gloomy.

He knew that Chu Li had a special technique similar to Third Younger Sister and he was even better than Third Younger Sister.

He considered himself open-minded and honorable and he had nothing to hide, so he dared to use Chu Li.

However, Chu Li had a weakness. He was too young. Young people's will and spirit lacked trials and their temperaments were unstable and they were impetuous. Even if he had a special technique, it was difficult to control his nature.

Xiao Tieying scoffed and said, "I don't even know who the master of Yu Lurong is."

Chu Li said, "I don't know who Yu Lurong's master is either, but I do know that her master is close with Zhao Zilai. A slight probe will let us know who it is. My Lady is also aware of his abnormal expression?"

Xiao Qi nodded slightly.

"High Official Zhao Zilai's identity is different. We cannot determine through speculation only!" Xiao Tieying said petulantly.

"This is easy. We'll be able to verify with a little test," Chu Li said.

Translator Notes

[1] The word "master" here refers to her teacher. It is a respectful form of address for a martial arts teacher.