White Robed Chief Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Binding Demon

Chu Li let out a sigh of relief and shook his head. This was a High Official of the imperial house, he had stirred up a hornet's nest.

He shook the Modesty Sword lightly and there was not a drop of blood on the dusky blade of the sword.

He returned the sword into its sheath and turned around, looking at the four yellow-robed monks that had already surrounded him. He shook his head and smiled, "Fa Yuan, you finally came."

He had already used the Omniscient Mirror and saw Fa Yuan with three Grandmasters right before he exited the town. Four Grandmasters were sent against him. It appeared that they were determined to take him down and that was why he dared to kill Zhao Zilai.

Fa Yuan had changed into a yellow robe, his bald head shiny and his ringed scars prominent.

He did an Anjali Mudra, chanted Buddha's name and sighed, "Almsgiver Chu Li, you killed someone again. This is a sin!"

Chu Li smiled and said, "Why don't monk chant to give him salvation and send him to heaven?"

"Almsgiver Chu Li, follow me back to Temple of Tempest," Fa Yuan sighed, "You can't escape anymore."

Chu Li shook his head, "Not necessarily, how will you know without a fight? Be careful, everyone. My flying blade is not as nice as I am."

When he finished his sentence, he shot out both hands.

"Chi!" Two rays of cold glint shot out almost simultaneously.

Fa Yuan's figure sidestepped and avoided the knife barely.

Another young monk's face flashed with a golden light once and he reached out his purple-golden right palm to the approaching flying blade. A mass of purple-golden light appeared from his palm and the light flowed endlessly.

The flying blade penetrated the purple golden light and stopped moving like it was stuck in a stone.

Chu Li was surprised. He turned his head and smiled, "Fa Yuan, what is this martial arts?"

"Binding Demon Sigil," Fa Yuan said plainly, "Brother Fa Ming has extraordinary talent. He has successfully practiced the Binding Demon Sigil. Almsgiver Chu Li, your flying blade is useless."

Chu Li nodded, "What a Binding Demon Sigil!"

His right hand shot out a ray of cold glint.

"Ding..." a flying blade hit the flying blade that was stuck onto the purple-golden light of Fa Ming's palm.

Fa Ming bellowed once and the two flying blades stopped in the air simultaneously, shaking like a snake, as if they were trying to break the shackles of the mass of purple-golden light, to drill forward.

Chu Li smiled and another flying blade shot out from his left hand.

"Ding..." three flying blades were stilled in the void, shaking more vigorously.

Finally, with a "Chi" sound, the flying blades broke the shackles and shot towards Fa Ming.

Fa Yuan pointed out a finger and the other two monks threw a punch. Three different energy struck the three flying blades at the same time.

"Ding..." the flying blades were thwacked away in the air.

Fa Yuan pointed his left index finger at Chu Li.

The other three pointed their fingers at Chu Li too.

The four finger forces blocked Chu Li's way. He could not dodge their attacks.

Chu Li frowned. They sent so many people because they wanted to restrain his levitation.

His face flashed with a purple-golden light. He activated Sentient Menace to block a finger force and shot out.

"Chi!" a bloody hole appeared on his body.

This finger force broke his Sentient Menace and penetrated his flesh with no obstruction, piercing through his body. It was more powerful than his flying blade.

Chu Li frowned. Ignoring the pain, he looked at Fa Yuan, "Worthy to be the Temple of Tempest. What is this martial art?"

"Perishable Touch," Fa Yuan shook his head, "Almsgiver Chu Li, it is useless. Sentient Menace cannot block Perishable Touch."

Chu Li pulled out the sword from its scabbard, using the dusky blade to block in front of him.

The invisible finger forces were like rays of energy pillar in his eyes, clearly visible. As for the finger force previously, he initially thought that his improved Sentient Menace can block it, but he never thought that the Temple of Tempest had a martial art that can inhibit Sentient Menace.

"Ding ding ding ding..." the finger forces hit the blade.

Chu Li's feet moved swiftly and he swung his sword around to block the finger forces.

The four's finger forces become denser and denser. The finger forces filled the sky, forming a vast invisible net, enveloping Chu Li completely. He relied on his swift sword and his ability to see the finger forces so he was able to block them.

"Amitabha Buddha..." Fa Yuan suddenly chanted Buddha's name and a layer of golden glow appeared on his face gradually.

Chu Li realized the abnormality. It was different from the golden glow of Sentient Menace. Fa Yuan's Sentient Menace's boundary was very profound, so it should be a purple-golden glow.

With his face glowing in golden color, Fa Yuan looked more solemn and sacred, like Buddha had come into this world, making others could not help but want to convert to Buddhism.

"Amitabha Buddha..." the other three monks also chanted Buddha's name. Their faces glowing in golden, looking solemn and sacred.

Chu Li frowned. Their aura soared, followed by their cultivation level. An invisible force in the void poured onto them, as if a waterfall appeared in the void, transforming their bodies. It seemed that they were becoming stronger constantly and in the blink of an eye, their cultivation level rose four to five times.

Chu Li saw that the situation had turned disadvantageous. He activated Imminent Skyline and appeared two miles away in a blink.

He let out a sigh of relief and then frowned at the gaping hole in his chest. Blood was gushing out like the spring water. He activated Imminent Skyline just now and had aggravated the injury so the method to stop the bleeding was simply unusable. That finger force had not been cleansed so blood will continue to flow.

"Amitabha Buddha..." four chanting of Buddha's name almost sounded simultaneously.

Chu Li facial expression changed slightly. Four monks stepped out of the void, standing twenty feet away from him in four corners, surrounding him.

The face of the four monks glowed faintly, looking solemn, with compassionate eyes, like four Buddha statues that were looking at him.

Chu Li frowned. There was an invisible force in the void that connected them with the world into a single entity. This invisible force, again, connected the four into a single entity. Chu Li can clearly see that thin layer of energy, an energy that gave him the chills.

He felt like being in a well, but he dared not touch the surrounding of the well, the energy that gave him palpitations must not be touched.

"Chi!" four finger forces shot out simultaneously.

Chu Li swung his sword to block two of them and sidestepped to dodge the other two.

"Ding..." two finger forces were blocked by the sword. They were like lightning that conducted through the blade into his palms and instantly, a tingling sensation swept over his whole body and his body paused involuntarily.

During this pause, four finger forces shot towards him.

He manifested Imminent Skyline desperately and disappeared in a flash again.

The four disappeared at the same time.

Chu Li suddenly appeared two miles away and he looked down at the two bloody holes on his shoulders and chest. These finger forces were more powerful than the previous Perishable Touch. It was devouring his inner energy in his body continuously. If it was not for the Scripture of Life and Death, he would have been unable to move.

Golden glow flashed and the four stepped out of the void again.

Chu Li did not wait for them to shoot their finger forces, he disappeared in a flash again.

He ignored the aggravation of his injuries and kept manifesting Imminent Skyline. The four did not stop looming, like shadows that followed him. When Chu Li appeared in the south gate of Chong Ming Town, they appeared too.

Chu Li was covered in blood. His clothes had become bloodied clothes and his face was pale.

It was not noon yet, the south gate of Chong Ming Town was bustling, and people were coming and going. When they saw Chu Li who was covered in blood suddenly appeared, they were shocked, some screamed and it became chaotic instantly.

Chu Li looked at the four who were glowing in golden faintly and slowly took the white jade waist tag from his waist and held it above his head.

The four stood quietly twenty feet away, looking at him like a compassionate Buddha.

Chu Li smiled and waved his white jade waist tag.

People saw the waist tag on his hand, recognized him as the Public House's guard and made way for him.

Chu Li broke the eye contact with the four monks, kept the waist tag and stumbled into the gates. A pool of blood below his feet aroused discussions from the crowd.

The four monks flashed and disappeared in situ, leaving no traces.

Chu Li entered the town and was assailed by the hustle and bustle atmosphere, his visions blurred and he was slowly slipping into the darkness.

"Brother Chu Li!" he heard somebody called him. He opened his eyes just barely and smiled at the two Protectors of the Public House who were supporting his body and running rapidly.