White Robed Chief Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Critical Condition

Chu Li drifted in and out of consciousness, relying on his remaining traces of spirit to maintain the influx of spiritual energy from all directions, stabling the condition of his injury. The power displayed by Fa Yuan and the others this time was beyond his imagination, it was really terrifying.

Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi were rank seven Protectors.

Sun Jun, like his name, was extraordinarily handsome while Wang Xuanyi's looks were average as his pockmarked face affected his looks, but his calm and good-natured character made people trust him.

Both of them had great martial arts talent, reaching Innate Mastery's Boundary at a young age. They picked a task impatiently and took half a month to complete the task of escorting. The pay was good.

With a lot of money that seemed like a large sum even in the past, naturally, they would want to enjoy life.

In the morning, they ate breakfast at the Sky Inn. After finishing their meals leisurely, they became restless again so they wandered around the town for a long time. Finally, they had a sudden interest to go out of the town to enjoy themselves as there were a lot of good scenery in the suburbs at this time of year.

When they had just arrived at the south gate, they suddenly saw the crowd divided to make a way. Amongst the people's screams, a man covered in blood stumbled out of the crowd, and he looked as if he was about to fall at any time.

They were startled momentarily. They looked at each other and then rushed forward to the man.

They were full of vigor and energy at that time. Having nothing else to do, they were actually looking for something to do. See this situation, they immediately came forward.

"He's a guard of the Public House!" when Wang Xuanyi supported Chu Li, he saw the white jade waist tag in Chu Li's hand, "Rank three Scribe!"

Sun Jun's facial expression changed and both of them looked at each other.

A rank three Scribe was absolutely a very important person. They usually did not have the chance to meet one. They had heard of Chu Li's famous name but they did not recognize him.

The two held Chu Li and rushed forward without hesitation, shouting and running at the same time, "Make way! Make way! The Public House has an urgent matter!"

People on the street got out of their way in haste and looked at them curiously.

Looking at the two who ran faster than a horse, they began to discuss curiously.

"Something big is going to happen!" some shook their heads and sighed with emotions.

"Hurting the Public House's people. Someone has got into trouble!"

Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi ran to the south gate of the Public House in a single breath and shouted from afar, "Somebody calls the High Official from the Thousand Herb Courtyard! This is a rank three Scribe!"

Two Protectors stood at the south gate of the Public House.

They were motionless like a statue standing next to the two stone lions, camouflaged by the momentum from the stone lions, it was as if they were standing in the shadows and they were often ignored.

One of the Protector turned and ran into the Public House, with speed like the wind. He ran across the square and stepped onto a small boat. He shot like a released arrow towards the Thousand Herb Courtyard at the distance.

Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi did not stop running. They stepped onto a small boat and rushed to the Hall of Martial Arts.

The training field in front of the Hall of Martial Arts was crowded and lively.

People were practicing blades, swordsmanship, spears, rods and all kinds of weird weapons. Varied martial arts were displayed and the field was buzzing with activities.

"Make way! Make way!" Sun Jun shouted loudly.

Everyone stopped their practices and saw Chu Li who was covered in blood. They quickly got out of the way and looked at Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi curiously, eyeing Chu Li.

Chu Li was covered in blood but his face was clean, only his mouth was stained with blood.

"It's Chu Li!" someone shouted.

"Right, right, it's Chu Li!" then another person followed suit.

"What happened?"

"Brother Sun Jun, what is the matter?"

"I don't know. I saw him at the south gate!" Sun Jun strode through the path that the crowd made with Wang Xuanyi and at the same time, he replied, "He looked badly hurt, so we carried him back!"

"This is the youth champion, Chu Li. Who is so powerful, to be able to hurt him until this state!"

"His injuries were too severe. I fear that his life is in danger!"

"As long as there is still a breath left in him!"

With the existence of Spirit Blessing Pill, as long as there was still a breath left in him, he will not die. However, with such severe injuries, what they worried most was not his life. If his martial arts was dispelled, he will become a useless person even if he was alive and by then, there was no meaning in being alive anymore.

"May Buddha bless him."

"Hai..." the crowd shook their heads and sighed, filled with emotions.

Chu Li was the youth champion, a top-notch master. They wondered who the opponent he met was, for him to be hurt so badly. If it were them, it was most likely that they will lose their lives. As a Protector, no matter how powerful their martial arts were, they will not escape from the danger if they met a Grandmaster.

When the crowd was discussing, a small boat docked suddenly and Guo Mulin rushed over carrying a medical kit at a swift pace.

"High official Guo Mulin came here personally."

"Think about the identity of a rank three Scribe. He is injured, of course, High official Guo Mulin will come personally!"

"If it's High Official Guo Mulin, there should be no problem."

"Not necessarily, our cultivations are weak so our injuries can be healed easily. Imagine how powerful the master who is able to hurt a master like Brother Chu Li, it will not be easy to heal!"

"Come on, talk lesser. People will think that you are gloating!"

"I'm not!"

"I know you don't dare to!"

Guo Mulin rushed into the hall.

Chu Li was lying on the old counter of the Hall of Martial Arts and he was still bleeding. The blood flowed slowly down the counter and the smell of blood assailed one's nostrils.

Guo Mulin kept his composure but after seeing that the one lying on the bed was Chu Li, his expression changed, "Chu Li?"

Sun Jun said, "Sir Guo Mulin, we saw Brother Chu Li at the town gate. Is he going to be alright?"

Wang Xuanyi also stared at Guo Mulin.

Guo Mulin waved his hand at them and pressed a hand onto Chu Li's wrist.

"Rip!" Chu Li's clothes were torn, exposing his chest. Five gaping holes were bleeding profusely, three on his chest and one each on his left and right shoulder. They could even see his ghastly white bones through the wounds.

Everyone drew a sharp breath.

"It's finger force!" Guo Mulin touched the bloody holes and said coldly, "What a vicious finger force!"

"What finger force is that?" Wang Xuanyi asked curiously.

If he was to meet this kind of finger force, he will avoid it as best as he could.

Guo Mulin channeled his inner energy on Chu Li's chest to examine for a moment. He sneered, "Perishable Touch from the Temple of Tempest. Humph!"

"Perishable Touch?" Sun Jun was astonished, "It's the Temple of Tempest?"

"Did you guys see the monks from the Temple of Tempest?"

"Mm, it seems like there were really some monks, but they did not come into the town. They just stood outside the town. There were a total of four monks and their faces were glowing in golden. There should be a lot of people who have seen them," Sun Jun said.

Wang Xuanyi said, "They were probably chasing down Chu Li."

"Damn bald donkeys [1]!" Guo Mulin scoffed coldly.

He opened the wooden box and took out a paste to stop Chu Li's bleeding, but it did not work.

Guo Mulin's face became more and more gloomy, he just knew that it will be like this. This was where the viciousness of Perishable Touch was. The finger force made the wound unable to heal, to bleed continuously until death.

"Young Zheng, bring me the Emerald Sky!" he turned his head to the beautiful girl behind the counter and said, throwing the jade waist tag from his waist to her.

"Yes," the beautiful girl took the jade waist tag and replied respectfully.

If it was a normal doctor from the Thousand Herb Courtyard, she would never take the Emerald Sky. Guo Mulin was the head High Official of the Thousand Herb Courtyard. Since he commanded, of course, she had to comply.

Her figure was charming. She was dressed in a light green gown and her actions were delicate and graceful like the swan. She went into a folding screen of the hall and soon, she returned with a green jade bottle. It looked verdant, delicate and verdure, making one could not help but wanted to take a deep breath and to suck this viridity into one's body.

She held the green jade bottle carefully and even soften her voice, "Sir Guo Mulin, only this half bottle of Emerald Sky is left."

"I know," Guo Mulin waved his hand impatiently. He took the green jade bottle, opened the plug, and pulled out a white jade bottle. He poured out five Spirit Blessing Pills and put all of them into the Emerald Sky.

While he was putting the Spirit Blessing Pills into the jade bottle, he cursed, "Perishable Touch, Perishable Touch! Damn bald donkeys! Bald donkeys!"

Translator Notes

[1] A phrase used to mock a Buddhist monk. It literally means bald donkey.