White Robed Chief Chapter 160

Chapter 160: The Rescue

Everyone was shocked at what he did.

They knew how precious the Emerald Sky Pill was. One Spirit Blessing Pill was equivalent to a life. If he had swallowed five pills at the same time, how potent would the effect of the pill be?

Guo Mulin shook the jade bottle and scraped out the jade-green color ointment. He applied a thick layer onto Chu Li's wound.

The thick layer of ointment sealed the wound, and the bleeding stopped very fast.

"Elder Guo, has the bleeding stop?" Sun Jun asked carefully.

"Has it stopped?" Guo Mulin responded snappishly. "Like hell I stopped it! This will be a big problem! ..Alright, for now, you guys can go do whatever you want to do. Don't stay here and cause trouble. Irritates me to no end!"

"We can help," said Sun Jun.

"You want to help? What can you guys even do?" Guo Mulin replied coldly. "Can you die for him?"

Wang Xuanyi was shocked. "Brother Chu's injury? Is there no way to save him?"

"He's hanging between life and death!" Guo Mulin scoffed. "Anyone else would have been dead for sure, but he's tough! If it's him, there's a chance of survival!"

Guo Mulin himself witnessed how vigorous Chu Li's vitality was. Chu Li did not die even after suffering fatal wounds and he even recovered very quickly, for that matter. Guo Mulin believed that Chu Li could survive this.

He turned around and said:"Young Zheng, go inform the Guardian of Jade Island and tell the Third Lady about this!"

"Yes sir!" Young Zheng replied and went away.

Siao Qi and Su Ru were cultivating at the Tower of Stargazing when they were informed of the news.

Upon hearing the news, their faces took on a ghastly expression. Siao Qi stood at the window, her brows knitted as she looked in the direction of the Hall of Martial Arts.

Su Ru hurriedly suggested, "Lady Siao, I'll go over and have a look!"

"Bring him back to the Glory's Will Courtyard!" Siao Qi ordered Su Ru.

"Understood," Su Ru affirmed the order and called for two maids to follow. The boat sailed so fast that they arrived at the Hall of Martial Arts in no time.

There was a crowd outside the Hall of Martial Arts, none of them had the mood to cultivate and they were all talking at once, discussing about Chu Li's injuries.

They stopped talking and the Hall went silent as they saw Su Ru and the two maids' arrival. They gave a fist salute as they walked past the crowd.

Su Ru waved her hand to acknowledge the salutes, and rushed into the Hall of Martial Arts. Seeing Chu Li's body covered in blood, her expression turned grim, and asked, "Elder Guo, what happened?"

Guo Mulin scoffed as he explained. "He was ambushed by the bald donkeys (monks) from the Temple of Tempest! They are a calamity, I tell you!"

Su Ru continued to inquire, "are his injuries serious?"

"it's indiscernible at the moment." Guo Mulin's face was gloomy. He shook his head and continued.

"It's all on him now. He consumed the Spirit Blessing Pill already. The Temple of Tempest's Perishable Touch is very powerful, so much so that they rarely resort to using it. They must have thought very highly of our Young Chu here."

"I'll bring him back," Su Ru clenched her jaws and said coldly. "Let Lady Siao find the way to deal with this."

"Sighgo ahead," Guo Mulin waved his hand.

There's nothing he could do now, the rest now depended on Chu Li's own abilities.

Su Ru did not care about her dress being stained with blood as she helped Chu Li on board the boat and returned to the Guardian of Jade Island.

Everyone watched as the boat slowly left their view, and began to discuss immediately after. The Third Lady surely regarded Chu Li very highly.

Stepping ashore on the Guardian of Jade Island, Su Ru waved her hands signaling the maids to leave. She continued to help Chu Li back to the Glory's Will Courtyard. Xue Ling had already opened the door without Su Ru even had to knock on it.

Siao Qi was in a white gown, standing at the door. She frowned as she looked at Chu Li.

"Lady Siao, his injuries are bad!" Su Ru looked worried. "There's nothing that Elder Guo can do anymore. Chu Li will have to survive this on his own."

Xue Ling was startled, not moving and her face went pale.

Siao Qi left the courtyard as she held onto Chu Li. They entered the Glory's Will Courtyard and she sent him into his room to rest on the couch.

Siao Qi held his wrist. She knitted her brows as she gazed at Chu Li's face. "What a bizarre inner energy!"

"It's the Temple of Tempest's Perishable Touch!" Su Ru explained.

Siao Qi's delicate face turned grim.

She had heard of the Perishable Touch. The Temple of Tempest needed to cultivate their Buddhist austerities first to rid themselves of temptation because all their martial arts were vicious. Perishable Touch was one of them.

Su Ru quickly asked: "Do you know what to do, Lady Siao?"

Siao Qi bit her lower lips and shook her head slowly. "He has cultivated the Sentient Menace. He should be able to survive this."


Chu Li felt like he was in a trance, submerging in a hot spring and his purest spiritual energy was weaving around his inner body. Feeling very comfortable and relieved, he woke up leisurely.

He heaved a long sigh of relief, and opened his eyes slowly.

"Chief," he greeted Su Ru. She was sitting on the side of his couch, staring at him.

Su Ru widened her eyes and shouted out in surprise. "You're awake?!"

"Has Master woken up?" Xue Ling rushed in from outside.

Chu Li tried to get up, Su Ru and Xue Ling hurriedly assisted him, their body fragrance filling his nose.

"How long have I slept?" Chu Li looked out of the bright window. With the shadow cast by the couch from the window, he knew that it was noon.

Su Ru rolled her eyes at him and scoffed. "You've slept for a whole day!"

Chu Li was shocked, "just a day?"

"Is one day too short for you?" Su Ru scoffed again. "The monk from the Temple of Tempest attacked you, is that right?"

Chu Li sighed. "The Temple of Tempest really deserved its name!"

The Temple of Tempest had inherited skilled arts for thousands of years. They had accumulated an obscene amount of experience. They were indeed not your ordinary temple.

He was injured so badly because he purposely walked into a trap that took advantage of the situation; he just did not expect the extent of the power of the Perishable Touch.

It seemed like the Temple of Tempest wants to kill him badly, and they are definitely not showing any signs of mercy for that.

Fa Yuan and the three other monks were extremely skilled with their unique martial arts. It was much more terrifying than the Perishable Touch. His intuition told him that he would not be able to face it head-on. His only choice was to withdraw.

"You almost died this time!" Su Ru said.

"The monks from the Temple of Tempest are really powerful!"

"Your wound needs time to recover. Elder Guo has examined you. There's no way to cure it! You can only depend on your stupid martial arts to heal and recuperate slowly!"

Xue Ling entered the room holding a bowl of porridge, and asked, "Master, do you need me to feed you?"

Chu Li smiled and said, "there's no need to. I'm not that fragile."

"Can you even move your arm?" Su Ru sneered.

Chu Li raised his arm, and sighed. His wound was on his shoulders, and he was not able to exert strength and force.

Xue Ling chuckled and said, "let me do it!"

Seating herself in front of Chu Li, she held up the spoon of porridge and blew it cooler before placing the spoon near Chu Li's mouth.

The smell of food invaded his nose. His stomach rumbled and the long overdue sensation of hunger suddenly hit him.

He opened his mouth and obediently ate the porridge. Xue Ling fed him slowly, spoonful by spoonful.

"You have a good, long rest. Don't bother with anything else. I'll be on my way now," Su Ru said as she walked out the room.

"I'll report to Lady Siao on how you're doing. She is still worried. "

"Tell Lady Siao not to worry. I won't die that easily!" Chu Li smiled as he said.

"You" Su Ru shook her head and left.

Silence befell the room after Su Ru's departure.

Xue Ling's feeding motions began to stiffen and she seemed to be embarrassed by the moment, with her face blushing redder and redder.

Chu Li took a look at her, and smiled. "Who else knows that I am injured?"

"Everyone," Xue Ling said as she blew the spoon of porridge cooler. "You looked quite a sight, albeit a scary one."

Chu Li asked, "who saved me?"

"Two rank seven Protectors, Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi," Xue Ling explained. "They saw your waist tag and carried you all the way to The Hall of Martial Arts. Elder Guo came over immediately to treat you."

"I really need to thank them," Chu Li sighed. "I almost failed miserably at something supposedly easy!"

Xue Ling stopped feeding him and glared at him. When she first saw him being hurt so badly, her body shook in fear.

"Don't worry, I won't die!" Chu Li smiled.

Xue Ling was not happy and warned, "don't say such things!"

Chu Li smiled again and shook his head.

Meanwhile, the sound of Siao Qi's footsteps approached from outside.