White Robed Chief Chapter 164

Chapter 164: In Control

"Master Siao, with all due respect, we still haven't done our jobs so we can't leave" Song Siwen shook his head. "We still need to go to the outskirts and inspect where they fought."

"Do you still suspect Chu Li? I'm starting to believe that you're simply targeting the weak and avoiding the strong. Do you not dare to deal with the Temple of Tempest?" asked Siao Tieying.

"Master Siao, that is far from the truth. If it really was the Temple of Tempest, we'd definitely go for them!" Song Siwen clarified while his face grew sour.

"Go after the Temple? You have a very confident tone. I'm sure you and your men would not dare say the truth" scoffed Siao Tieying with sidelong glances and a cold laugh.

"What are you implying Master Siao?" Song Siwen furrowed his brows.

"Did you really believe that I can't recognize the wound on High Official Zhao Zilai's chest?" asked Siao Tieying.

Song Siwen's expression turned grim. He scoffed, "I don't understand what you're trying to say, Master Siao!"

"You guys came in contact with the monks from the Temple of Tempest so frequently. I don't believe that you can't identify it. The wound was from the Spear Finger Strike," laughed Siao Tieying.

"So Master Siao set us up!" Song Siwen said with a face still grim but he managed to force out a laugh.

"Who knew that you were so naive and stupid. Even obediently walked into his traps. You guys already knew so why did you keep it from us? Are you afraid that I'd find out or did you intend to frame Chu Li? Or maybe you were afraid to anger the Temple of Tempest?" scoffed Siao Tieying.

"Song truths need not be said so clearly, Master Siao," said Song Siwen.

Everybody knew of the Imperial Court's doubts with the Temple of Tempest. If they fought against the Temple, not only would it have been arduous and thankless, they would have suffered heavy casualties as well. They felt hate and fear and the best choice was not to provoke a fight with the Temple of Tempest.

"You guys are really embarrassing. The Imperial Court handle a sect because of useless Protectors like you!" scoffed Siao Tieying.

"Do you not know the true power of the Temple of Tempest and how strong it really is? They chased after one of your Scribes to kill him. Chu Li is going to die but you still want to look for trouble with them?" asked Song Siwen impolitely.

"Who said that Chu Li would die?" Siao Tieying coldly replied. "He'll recover in no time."

"Master Siao, we're all aware of how powerful the Perishable Touch is. He was struck by four fingers, he's definitely going to die. We're going to investigate tomorrow, with or without your consent" Song Siwen said as his mouth twitched.

"Very well, do as you wish. Chu Li can't move so you'll have to do it yourselves," scoffed Siao Tieying.

Song Siwen took a deep breath to calm himself down and subdue his anger. They had made mental preparations before coming over. The twelve Public Houses and the Imperial Court had relatively unique relationships, but they were all on good terms. They were not surprised that Siao Tieying displayed zero respect.

"We want to rest," Song Siwen Said.

"Lin Quan, take them to rest!" scoffed Siao Tieying.

"Understood" Lin Quan smiled with his squinted eyes. He moved forward and fist saluted."Please follow me, everyone. We shall move to the abode."

Song Siwen and his men fist saluted Siao Tieying and quietly left the main hall.

Siao Tieying sat on the armchair and watched as they left. Right after they left, he immediately stood up and paced around. "Anyone out there?!" he yelled.

"Master Siao?" replied a young maid who gently walked past the door.

"Go and get the Third Lady to come over"


Siao Qi came over in her white gown to a very restless Siao Tieying. "Bring brother, what is wrong with the situation?" she asked.

"Chu Li is a daring fellow. He made a false accusation and said that Zhao Zilai had colluded with the Temple of Tempest to ambush him. I thought he was going to push everything off the table and say that he knows nothing, so he could get away," Siao Tieying said with a shake of his head.

"Did they buy it?" asked Siao Qi.

"They're still unconvinced. Those men are really vicious and they're afraid of the Temple. We need not argue irresponsibly because it'll definitely be a mess. I called you over because of the Perishable Touch. They said that Chu Li was going to die for sure, with four strikes of the Perishable Touch on him and I don't think they were giving false information," Siao Tieying said.

The Imperial House and Temple of Tempest had been in contact quite regularly. Many of the Protectors of the Imperial House died at the hand of the Temple of Tempest. Therefore, what they said was still trustworthy in that sense.

"The Perishable Touch," Siao Qi furrowed her brows.

She sat in the armchair and sighed, "It's definitely hard to deal with."

"Can Chu Li hold on?" Siao Tieying hurriedly asked.

"Looking at his condition now, he should be fine. Back when he saved second elder sister, Elder Guo confirmed that he was dead for sure but he was able to pull through and recover very quickly. Elder Guo has also said before that his vitality is much stronger than that of a common folk," muttered Siao Qi

"In that case, he'll be fine," Siao Tieying let out a long sigh of relief. "That man, really" he said as he shook his head.

He was lost for words., Chu Li's abilities were good but his ability in stirring up trouble was even better. He had started a feud with the Temple of Tempest and even killed the High Official of the Imperial House. He was very bold, to say the least.

"Third sister, do you have idea on how to solve this?" asked Siao Tieying.

Siao Qi shook her head.
"He's already cultivated the healing heart technique which makes his boundary deeper than mine. He'll be fine" she said.

"Do you want to assign him a maid?" Siao Tieying asked.

Such an outstanding genius needed to be cared for so he stayed loyal to the Public House.

"Xue has been doing a pretty good job at that" Siao Qi said.

"Why not have Su Ru stay by his side? I recall seeing her treat him well too" asked Siao Tieying.

Siao Qi glared at him.

"It's just a suggestion. It's fine if you disagree" Siao Tieying laughed.

"Don't even think about using Su Ru, Brother" Siao Qi scoffed.

"Why not we let him be the chief of the Guardian of Jade Island? I think he likes second younger sister" Siao Tieying said.

"BigBrother!" Siao Qi's grim expression was shown on her delicate face.

Siao Tieying hurriedly waved off his hand. "Okay okay! Forget what I said."

He clearly knew what Chu Li's abilities were after the incident. He was able to do what others could not and this was just at an Innate Mastery level. If he were to reach Grandmaster's Boundary, it would be a great benefit to the Public House, it would have been like adding wings to a tiger.

Chu Li was in the phase where he was interested in women and what would be a better way to control him other than women?

"If second elder sister overheard that, she'd definitely never want to meet Chu Li again." Siao Qi scoffed. "Don't tell me you plan on marrying second elder sister with him."

"You're quite daring to think that, sister! Of course, it'd be possible if she agreed. Chu Li is definitely not a normal person" Siao Tieying laughed.

"Second elder sister is proud and arrogant. She won't like Chu Li." Siao Qi shook her head.

"But Chu Li was her savior."

"A savior is only a saviour. Chu LI is only a Scribe and no matter what, second elder sister would not take a liking to him. She only sees him as a subordinate, not a man," Siao Qi shook her head and sighed.

"Aren't you the same?" Siao Tieying laughed.

Siao Qi shook her head and said, "The heart technique I cultivate forbids me from falling in love. The circumstances differ from Sister Siao Shi's."

"I don't know if Sister Siao Shi can see past all this" Siao Tieying said with a loud sigh.

After all that, he merely wanted to help his second sister unravel the Vitality Sealing Finger.

Now that the Imperial House's High Official was no longer helpful and there was still no news of the Thunder Guilding Blade, their second younger sister's destiny was full of trouble and misfortune, which made people feel pity.

The Imperial House Protectors left Chong Ming Town immediately after lunch to search for the scene where the battle took place. They hurriedly did their work.

When they returned in the evening, they went to Iron Eagle Island equipped with gloomy faces.

Siao Tieying stood at the hall entrance and fist saluted to welcome them. After they were seated, he took a sip of tea and leisurely asked, "Have you found the place?"

"We met a person. He said he personally saw Chu Li kill Brother Zhao Zilai," Song Siwen put down his teacup as he calmly said.

Siao Tieying furrowed his brows with a grim expression: "In that case, you still intend on blaming it on Chu Li?"

"We've no choice, that person explained it very clearly." Song Siwen coldly affirmed Siao Tieying's question.

Siao Tieying laughed coldly, "I'd like to know who told you that nonsense."

"We've already sent that person to the Fairy's Capital." Song Siwen calmly said.