White Robed Chief Chapter 167

Chapter 167: A Gift

Chu Li was not actually satisfied.

He was only able to display his skills in presenting ideas if he were able to talk to the High Duke, but now that the witness had been discovered, he was only able to clear himself of suspicion, at most. This did not affect Lu Yurong in anyways and it was such a wasted opportunity.

He did not like to be defensive when he did things. He enjoyed stealing the initiative and striking first and always wanted to make the first move.

Lu Yurong had been thinking about plotting against him and he has been plotting revenge against her. This was a good chance but he did not seize the opportunity in time because he did not expect the Public House to be competent enough to stop the witness. His plans were washed away and there was nothing he could brag about.

It was not that he did not want to tell Master Siao about it but with his personality, he definitely would not have agreed with the course of action Chu Li intended to take. Therefore, he had to work in secret.

The next morning, Chu Li was channeling to cure his injuries under the Glory's Will tree. He was taking his time with the Perishable Touch and was patient.

Xue's footsteps were light and gentle. She happily pushed the door open and walked in. She sat right in front of the couch with a grin that went from ear-to-ear.

"Master, they've left!" she exclaimed

Chu Li opened his eyes and saw Xue's face inches away from his. She was so close that he could smell her breath, which smelt like orchids.

He tilted his body slightly backwards and asked, "They left so quickly?"

"It was too shameful for them to stay here. They came with a rush of grandeur but left with nothing more than defeat. It is somehow really uplifting" Xue scoffed.

"As long as they've left, it's alright. It wouldn't have been worth it if they lived in less appealing ways," he said.

"You didn't see how arrogant they looked!" Xue scoffed. "They'd hate not being able to take you down when they arrived, Master!"

Chu Li shook his head, smiled and said, "They're just loud and want to win through obnoxious means. Ah, that's right. Could you go meet up with Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi? Help me thank them."

"Understood." Xue nodded. "Do you want to reward them with something?" she asked.

"I'll meet them when I've healed." Chu Li said. "I'll see what they want."

"Probably some silver!" Xue twitched her red lips. "These Protectors spend way too much and they never have enough silver."

Protectors earn easily, therefore it was easy for them to spend as well. They usually spent all of their silver after they've completed a mission and rarely ever saved. They bought houses and looked for beautiful ladies, enjoyed wine and good food. It was extremely easy to spend in Chong Ming Town. It was never enough for them no matter how much or little they spent.

"How about this, you go and take two Spirit Blessing Pills for them. Each one gets one" Chu Li muttered.

"Isn't that too much?" Xue asked in hesitation.

The Spirit Blessing PIlls were priceless to the Protectors because they only receive one pill annually. They even needed to ensure that the missions did suffer no mistakes because it would lead to them losing their annual Spirit Blessing Pill.

Missions that required a PUblic House's Protector were not easy and they would not be tasked with going over and doing nothing.

"It's counted as saving my life," Chu Li said.

"Not really, since someone would have ended up saving you anyways," Xue said.

If a random guard from the Public House suddenly collapsed in town, the townspeople would not have left that person alone.

She was still reluctant to give the Spirit Blessing Pills because each of them was equal to an extra life. Her Master was still being pursued by the Temple of Tempest and the Hu Ren Public House who considered him to be a thorn in their flesh. Chu Li was still in perpetual danger and the Spirit Blessing Pills were essential.

Chu Li glared at her.

Xue unwillingly succumbed, "Alright, alright. Each of them gets one Spirit Blessing Pill!"

She stood up and walked into a room, took out two jade bottles, each of them holding one Spirit Blessing Pill. She loudly exclaimed, "I'll be going now."

"Go then," Chu Li waved his hand.

Xue rolled her eyes at him and left the small courtyard. She was better off giving it now before she got any angrier.

The small boat gently disembarked and left the Guardian of Jade Island and arrived at the Hall of Martial Arts.

It was peak hour at the training hall. Xue flew to the side of the training hall in white, her bright gaze darted around the hall. She has been in the Hall quite often recently and the people there were already used to it. No one dared to hit on her and some even pretended that she was not there. To perform well in front of a beauty was the nature of men, so the people there trained harder when she was there.

Xue's eyes lit up as soon as she saw Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi.

Both of them were sparring and they were both very good. Every hit they made was deadly.

She gently approached them and everyone in her way consciously gave space.

Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi and felt her bright gaze and then fought even harder.

Xue did not say a word. She quietly looked at both of them.

They had initially thought that Xue was simply watching. The nature of a youngster it was to display themselves like a peacock displaying its feathers. The spar became even fiercer. Xue watched for a moment and they felt as if something was off. They stopped sparring and fist saluted, "Miss Xue."

"Sun Junior Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi, my Master is badly hurt and is unable to move so he asked me to give you this to show his appreciation," Xue said to the two men.

"We don't deserve this!" Sun Jun quickly declined. "Chief Chu Li is too courteous."

"This is from my Master." Xue pulled out the two white jades from her sleeve and handed it to both of them. "There's no need to be humble. Just keep them!" she said.

Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi wanted to reject, but Xue had her hands out. Her jade-looking hand and the jade bottle reflected one another. It was extremely beautiful, so much so that it forced them to take it.

"Miss Xue, what is this?" Sun Jun asked.

"Just go back and check if you want to know. Master will wait until his wounds are healed to thank you personally," Xue explained.

"Chief Chu Li is far too courteous. It was an easy job for us. We're supposed to do it." Sun Jun said.

Wang Xuanyi nodded in agreement.

"It doesn't matter, the fact is you saved my Master. I shall take my leave now!" Xue said.

She politely bowed and turned to leave.

Sun Jun and Wang Xuanyi looked at each other, then the jade bottle in their hands.

The people from the side walked towards them and said, "Sun Junior Sun Jun, why don't you check what this is? Chief Chu Li is quite generous!"

"Could it be the Pill of Energy?"

Sun Jun was also very curious and was tempted to open the cap.

Wang Xuanyi held onto Sun Jun's hand and fist saluted the people around them.

"All my seniors, it was a simple task. Gratitude from Chu Li is already enough for us."

"It's fine, Young Wang Xuanyi. There's no need to worry. Chief Chu Li is quite tolerant!" one of the men smiled.

Sun Jun realized how rash he was. If it was only the most common pill in the bottle, it would have thrown Chief Chu Li's honor down the drain. Both of them would not have gotten any better, and Chu Li would have had a grudge against them.

Wang Xuanyi said, "We'd like to check what this is in private. I suggest my seniors to not join in the fun!"

"Haha! Look at you, Young Wang Xuanyi!" the crowd shook their head as they broke into laughter.

This caused their curiosity to increase.

They understood that the both of them did not actually save Chu Li's life but they were a help either way, no matter how big or small. Usually, a bagful of silvers was enough as a reward but he gave them pills instead. This must not have been any normal pill and everyone was curious.

"Alright, alright. We'll see what it is," Sun Jun was unable to stop his curiosity as he poured out the pill.

A dark green pill rolled onto his palm. It was shining gently under the sun as if it was a round head carved out of quartz.

"Spirit Blessing Pill?" This took everyone by surprise.

Wang Xuanyi quickly opened the cap and poured the pill out which showed another Spirit Blessing Pill.

"Such a great guy. How generous!" someone praised.

"Sun Junior Sun Jun and Sun Junior Wang Xuanyi, you've earned a lot!" another said in admiration.

If they had put in effort for another year or two, they may have had a chance of earning a Spirit Blessing Pill. However, here they were with an easily obtained Spirit Blessing PIll in their palms. In addition, they would most probably have even more as long as they worked with Chief Chu Li. How was it not admirable?

Sun Jun had an ear-to-ear grin. He had only one Spirit Blessing Pill left and here he was with another which immediately gave him the confidence to take up another dangerous mission.

Wang Xuanyi shook his head, "This is too much."

"Chu Li's position is high and he has some influence so these two pills make no difference to him. Didn't you guys see that he gulped down four just to stop bleeding?" someone nearby patted Wang Xuanyi on his shoulder and smiled. "We're not even sure how Chief Chu Liis doing with his injuries right now."

"Judging by Miss Xue's expression, it doesn't seem to be a problem."

The crowd started discussing again.