White Robed Chief Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Assassination

The following few days, Chu Li stayed in the Glory's Will Courtyard and focused on nurturing the Glory's Will Tree.

Every time Glory's Will Tree grew an annual ring, its power became stronger and was able to absorb more Aura of the world. The air of the small courtyard became fresher and the Aura in the courtyard became more abundant, making the growth of the Spirit Herbs become faster too. Staying in the small courtyard had become more comfortable.

In the early morning, when Chu Li finished practicing, Xue Ling had prepared breakfast.

They were sitting in the pagoda and eating their meals together. The meal consisted of four dishes and one soup, acquiring all the factors of a delicious gourmet: color, smell, and taste.

"Master, it's very strange. These two days, I practiced and advanced in my cultivation very quickly," Xue Ling was dressed in a white robe. Her temperament had become more saintly and distant, becoming more and more like Siao Qi's temperament, but Xue Ling's was a little less saintly and more distant.

"Mm," Chu Li drank a mouthful of wine absent-mindedly.

"Did I suddenly become smarter?" Xue Ling tilted her head and looked at him, "Was it because I have a deeper insight into Crescent Cryptic?"

Chu Li smiled.

Xue Ling said reproachfully, "What is the real reason?"

"What do you think?"

"I don't know," Xue Ling shook her head, "I felt awesome. It was as if my five senses have become more sensitive. The air is fresh and my inner energy is more refined. Everything felt right. So the advancement of my cultivation is faster."

Chu Li smiled, "It's because of the Glory's Will Tree."

"Glory's Will Tree?" Xue Ling turned to look at the Glory's Will Tree that had grown taller, "Because of it?"

Chu Li said, "This is where the wonderfulness of Glory's Will Tree is."

"Does that mean, staying near the Glory's Will Tree will make my martial arts advancement faster than others?"


"This Glory's Will Tree is awesome!"

"So shut up and eat properly."

"Does that mean the one in the Tower of Stargazing has the same effect?"

"It's a little less effective, but it also helps in the advancement of one's cultivation."

"We get the greatest benefit?" Xue Ling grinned from ear to ear, as bright as a blooming flower.

"Lady Siao Qi's cultivation has reached the extreme. She doesn't need to rely on Glory's Will Tree," Chu Li said.

Siao Qi's level of Grandmaster's Boundary had reached mastery so her advancement will be limited, just like a cup that was filled with water, adding more water was futile.

His was about to reach mastery too. This time, his Scripture of Life and Death had reached the second level. His constitution became even more powerful, like replacing a small cup with a big cup, so his cultivation had more room for advancement.

Furthermore, he had the Art of White Tiger, which was also constantly improving his physical constitution, so the cup became bigger and bigger and he could not fill it in a short amount of time.

Xue Ling laughed, "I have to catch up as soon as possible!"

"Your spirit is commendable. Continue to work hard," Chu Li nodded and drank a glass of wine.

"Master, I heard from Brother Jack that there is a major case in Desolate Town," Xue Ling's delicate hand took the jade pot and filled his white jade glass for him, "The mayor was assassinated."

Chu Li looked up at her.

Xue Ling put down the jade pot, "Brother Jack took the task and went to investigate it but he did not find out any clue. He just knows that it was done by a Grandmaster. The attack was neat and they mayor was killed in a single blow. The six Protectors were killed too."

"Grandmaster...," Chu Li frowned.

Grandmaster was the world's top-notch master. In the martial arts world, a Grandmaster was a sect's or faction's head. In the imperial court, a Grandmaster was either a High Official of the imperial house or a High Official in the public house.

Such a peerless top-notch master can kill people as easily as drinking water.

Xue Ling pressed her red lips together tightly. Her face was solemn and full of anger. She hated this kind of people the most. It reminded her of her father's death.

Chu Li said, "What did the public house do?"

"Brother Jack and the others had transported the deceased to the public house, to let the High Officials examine their wounds," Xue Ling frowned, "Master, do you want to go and take a look?"

Chu Li nodded, "It will be good to take a look too."

Xue Ling revealed a small smile, "We must not let the murderer off!"

Chu Li nodded.

Killing the officials of the imperial court was a path to death. If the murderer cannot be executed, then the deterrence on the martial arts world will be lost. If the public house failed, the Imperial Household will send someone over. In short, the murderer must be caught.

Chu Li had just finished eating breakfast when Siao Qi and Su Ru came. Xue Ling had a fixed meal preparation time so they can estimate the time and come over.

Siao Qi's clothes were as white as snow and her eyes were clear and cold, "You have heard of that case, right?"

Chu Li said, "The case where the mayor of Desolate Town was assassinated?"

"Let's go. Follow me to see the progress," Siao Qi said, "We have to find that guy."

"What kind of Grandmaster will do this?" Chu Li sighed, "Thinking that he is invincible or having an intense and deep-seated hatred? This is really puzzling."

"The people in the martial arts world are courageous and aggressive as well as reckless," Siao Qi said, "Being hot-headed, they can do anything... that's why an adequate deterrence is needed, to let they have scruples, so the murderer must be found."

The two went out of the small courtyard with Su Ru and Xue Ling following behind.

"Have you persuade Second Lady successfully?" Chu Li asked casually.

The four of them walked through the woods and boarded a small boat.

The boat floated like a leaf on the lake.

The clear surface of the lake was sparkling and the lake breeze blew gently against their faces like a caress.

Chu Li and Siao Qi stood on the bow of the boat while Su Ru and Xue Ling stood on the other end.

"Not yet," Siao Qi said plainly, "But I will eventually persuade her successfully. Big Brother also agreed to let you accompany her."

"Master Siao Tie Ying agreed to let Second Lady marry into the Imperial Residence of Prince An?"

"Even if he disagreed, what can he do?" Siao Qi scoffed, "Second eldest sister has privately sent someone to the Imperial Residence of Prince An. It's most likely that people from the Imperial Residence of Prince An will soon come!"

Chu Li shook his head and sighed.

Siao Qi said, "No one can make second eldest sister change her mind. She was like this since young. I'm used to it already."

Chu Li frowned, "What is Master Siao Tie Ying going to do?"

"Big Brother knows that you want to go and this set half of his heart at rest. He will let more maids and a few more Protectors accompany her," Siao Qi said plainly, "In fact, having more Protectors are useless too."

Chu Li said, "How about a Grandmaster Protector?"

"Impossible," Siao Qi said, "Second eldest sister will not agree to it. Besides, the Protectors of the Imperial Residence are strong enough. No matter how much they fight, it will not be life-threatening."

With the support of the public house, no matter how great the fight was in the harem, Siao Shi's life will not be harmed. Otherwise, the public house will never forgive it and this will inevitably lead to a bad endingperishing together.

Grandmaster Protectors were the pillars of the public house, rather than placing them in the Imperial Residence, it was better to let them stay in the public house. Now, it was during the weakened period of the public house and the number of Grandmaster Protectors had been stretched thin.

Chu Li nodded thoughtfully.

"If you enter the Imperial Residence, you have to act with propriety," Siao Qi said, "You must not take people's lives."

Chu Li said, "What if Second Lady does not agree to let me follow?"

"I have my way. You don't have to worry about it," Siao Qi glanced at him plainly, "You will get what you wished."

Chu Li laughed despite himself, "My Lady, it is not my wish to go there."

Siao Qi looked into the distance and did not speak anymore.

Chu Li shook his head in resignation.

The boat docked at the Hall of Martial Arts and they set foot on the training field. Everyone turned to look at them.

They could never forget the earth-shattering scene of the descending lightning.

They had seen with their own eyes that Chu Li confronted the lighting and was struck by a small lightning and fell to the ground. They did not expect Chu Li to be full of life that quickly. He really deserved to be a legendary person, with such good fortune.

Siao Qi did not take the path that all the Protectors formed by dividing, she took a detour along the edge of the training field and arrived at a basilica next to the Hall of Martial Arts.

The atmosphere in the basilica was somber. Seven corpses were placed on the ground. There were four old men who were turning the dead bodies over and examining them, sometimes frowning and sometimes discussing with the person next to them.

Siao Tie Ying was standing aside with his hands behind his back, his face solemn. Lin Quan was standing behind him.

Seeing the arrival of the four, Siao Tie Ying nodded, "Chu Li, are you healed?"

Chu Li gave a fist salute.

"You guys have a look too. This guy used several kinds of martial arts!" Siao Tie Ying said, "We can't find out exactly what he used."

Siao Qi nodded slightly and squatted next to a corpse. She examined the wound and found out that there was a black fist mark on his heart.

Chu Li did not move. He stood there and used his eyes to sweep across the corpses. The wounds of the seven corpses were clearly visible in his mind. He simulated the killer's moves in his mind and searched for the information on these martial arts.