White Robed Chief Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Wang Brothers

Siao Qi did not shy away from the corpse. She examined all the wounds carefully once more, even pressing them. Her eyebrows knitted together and she pondered in silence.

Chu Li analyzed the scene of the seven people's death in his mind, making a careful comparison of every injury, changes of the muscles and depth of the inner energy.

The fist marks, palm marks and finger marks on these seven people shown that they were killed by seven different martial arts. At first glance, it seemed to be from the hands of seven people, but this cannot hide from the eyes of an expert as he can feel that the style was from the same person.

Siao Tie Ying said, "Elder Gui, what can you tell from their injuries?"

An old man with a tall and strong stature, white eyebrows and a ruddy complexion looked up and sighed, "This guy's inner energy was very strange. His martial arts were miscellaneous but he can still grasp all of its essences. He can be described as a martial arts genius!"

"Someone who mastered many kinds of fist techniques and palm techniques," Siao Tie Ying thought for a while and shook his head, "There are many such individuals in the martial arts world."

Elder Gui continued, "His inner energy is Yin and supple. Although he tried to imitate it into extreme Yang and just, deep within it reveals Yin and supple."

"Yin and supple...," Siao Tie Ying frowned, "There are a lot of Grandmasters in this world who has Yin and supple inner energy, in addition to knowing several martial arts. These clues are not enough to determine who the murderer is."

Elder Gui shook his head, "I can only find out these. They were too fast and they did not use all of their strength. These did not give away many clues."

Siao Tie Ying turned to Siao Qi, "Third younger sister, did you discover anything?"

Siao Qi stood up and dusted her hands. She took out her handkerchief to wipe her hands and said, "I got the same conclusion as Elder Gui. This murderer is very cunning. It was a pity that the Protestors are too weak. They could not force him to reveal his real abilities."

Siao Tie Ying sighed, "This will be troublesome!"

He turned to Chu Li who was pondering in silence all this time and laughed, "Chu Li, what do you think?"

Chu Li said, "The murderers are two people."

Siao Tie Ying was stunned for a while and then he asked hurriedly, "Two people?"

Chu Li nodded slowly, "They are two people. They practiced the same heart technique and their cultivation level is quite similar."

"How is that possible?" Elder Gui frowned and looked at Chu Li, "Chief Chu Li, although they used different martial arts skills, the same inner energy was used for these martial arts, so it should be the same person!"

Chu Li said, "Elder Gui, these two are likely to be twin brothers, having exactly the same inner energy and their cultivation levels are also similar, but there are subtle differences ...Among the Grandmasters, there should be a pair of twin brothers, right?"

"Chu Li, you mean Wang Zheng Zong and Wang Zi Xu brothers?" Siao Qi said thoughtfully, "The martial art that the Wang brothers practiced is the Vernal Water Tactic."

Siao Tie Ying's eyes lit up, "This accords with all the clues!... As far as I know, the Wang brothers are proficient in fighting barehanded!"

Elder Gui frowned, "Chief Chu Li, how can you tell that it was two people?"

Chu Li pointed at the first, third and fourth corpses, "These were all killed by one person, and the remaining four were killed by another person. Elder Gui, look at them closely and you will be able to tell the differences."

Elder Gui was skeptical. He examined the corpses again.

The remaining three old men also started to examine the corpses again. Finally, they got up and looked at Chu Li with puzzlement.

"How is it, Elder Gui? Did Chu Li get it right?" Siao Tie Ying asked.

Elder Gui stared at Chu Li and gave a bitter smile, "I'm ashamed. It was indeed as Chief Chu Li said, there are two people! ... I wonder how Chief Chu Li find out about it?"

Since Chu Li entered the room, he did not bend down to examine the corpses. He just swept his eyes across the corpses once casually and was able to see the flaws that were difficult to see with one's naked eyes. This made them who were usually proud of themselves find it hard to accept.

"It is only my gut feeling," Chu Li shook his head, "Based on the energy from their bodies, not their wounds... Are the Wang brothers insane? Why would they do such a thing?"

"Hai...," Siao Tie Ying sighed, "This matter is very troublesome!"

The Wang Brothers were not from the martial arts world. They were the High Officials of Huay Public House. The two were twins so they minds were in sync. Their joint attacks were peerless in the world. Two of them can be equivalent to four Grandmasters.

If they were from the martial arts world, even if they were Grandmasters and were equivalent to four Grandmasters, Siao Tie Ying will not show them mercy. They needed to be subjugated no matter how big the price he needed to pay.

However, the Wang brothers were the High Officials of Huay Public House. This will be troublesome as killing them was tantamount to going against the Huay Public House. If he was in their shoes and there were some people who were trying to cause trouble for Khing and the others, the public house will never stand by and watch.

Siao Qi frowned too, "It was really them?"

"The Wang brothers have bad tempers," Elder Gui mused, "Wang Zheng Zong is still okay but Wang Zi Xu is a reckless and hot-headed person. He cannot stand even the slightest provocation. Maybe the mayor of Desolate Town provoked them."

"It is also possible that there is something sordid in Desolate Town and the Wang brothers saw it," Siao Qi said plainly, "The Wang brothers have upright characters."

"Hai...," Siao Tie Ying shook his head, "They are High Officials of Huay Public House so they should know the rules. If the mayor of Desolate Town made a mistake, they should just report it to the imperial court. Why would they need to use the means of the people from the martial arts world and give themselves trouble?"

Elder Gui pondered, "Could it be that someone was pretending to be the Wang brothers?"

"That's possible too," Chu Li said.

He looked at Siao Qi and she shook her head lightly.

No matter how cunning and evil Lu Yu Rong was, she will not do such a thing. This was like playing with fire. It was unwise. Someone as smart as Lu Yu Rong will not do such silly things.

"Now it seems that we can only search for clues," Siao Tie Ying shook his head, "After that, we need to talk to Huay Public House and ask High Duke Song to give us an explanation."

"High Duke Song might ignore us," Siao Qi said.

Siao Tie Ying pondered and said, "We need someone of importance to talk with Huay Public House. Humph, what they did was a slap in the face for us!... Chu Li, you go!"

"Bigbrother!" Siao Qi frowned.

Siao Tie Ying laughed, "Chu Li is rank two Scribe. His status is high enough. Moreover, his levitation is good enough too. If something goes wrong, he can just run."

Chu Li nodded with a smile.

He would like to visit Huay Public House.

Yi Public House was located at the easternmost of Great Ji Dynasty. To their west was Ren Public House, to their north was the Fairy's Capital and to their south was Huay Public House, so they can be considered as neighbors with Huay Public House. Their relationship was very good too and this was because the High Duke of Yi and the High Duke of Huay were friends.

Huay Public House was very powerful, even more powerful than Ren Public House. Even if there was evidence, it will most likely be as Siao Qi said, they will simply ignore it.

This task was an unenviable task where he will need to act in accordance with the will of others and be bullied.

Siao Tie Ying revealed a smile, "We have evidence so no matter what, they cannot go overboard."

Siao Qi scoffed, "High Duke Song will reason with you?"

"If he was really being unreasonable, we can take this to the imperial court!" Siao Tie Ying scoffed.

Siao Qi cast an askance glance at him without saying a word.

If they really take the matter to the imperial court, they will become the public enemy of the 11 public houses. No matter how big the fight was between the public houses, they will not let the imperial court intervene. This was a consensus among the public houses. If they disobey this, they will become the public enemy.

Siao Tie Ying said, "Of course, it is best to make him submit."

"Wishful thinking!" Siao Qi said, "How can we find evidence?"

"Check the brother's whereabouts," Siao Tie Ying said, "Do not get it wrong anymore."

Siao Qi beckoned at Chu Li, "Chu Li, let's go."

Siao Tie Ying said, "Chu Li, make preparations. It will be during these few days!"

Chu Li gave a fist salute and left the basilica with Siao Qi.

Siao Qi and Chu Li walked in front while Su Ru and Xue Ling followed behind them.

When they were on the boat, Siao Qi said, "High Duke Song is arrogant and he places the greatest importance on someone's identity so you might not be able to meet him."

Chu Li lifted a brow.

Siao Qi said, "He also honored people with talents the most. If you want to impress him and meet him, you will need to cause a commotion and showcase your skills."

Chu Li laughed, "No wonder Master Siao Tie Ying wants me to go."

"Humph, Big Brother wants to grind your spirit," Siao Qi shook her head, "He is trying to train you."

"Then I would have to thank Master Siao Tie Ying," Chu Li laughed.

Why would Master Siao Tie Ying want to grind his spirit? It was so that Master Siao Tie Ying can entrust more tasks to him in the future. Thus, he was not angry. Master Siao Tie Ying's talent was not good enough but he had a good heart.